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Gamification: The stakes for content design


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Guest Blog post at Adobe TechComm Central, presing aligning skill-building and community engagement. Full text at:

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Gamification: The stakes for content design

  1. 1. Gamification The stakes for content design [guest blog] A kitten chasing a ball of yarn; a beach tourist at a pinball machine; a bored train-traveller, killing Angry Birds on a smartphone… what do they have in common? Gamification is useful to improve: • Outcomes and content assessment. Gamification can provide quantitative metrics via scoring (e.g. “likes”) and other collective data gathering tools. • Procedural development and organization process. Gaming strategies can help compare usage, content design preferences, or procedural rules in a social community or informational environment. • Attitudinal conduct or behaviour. Social gaming can promote employee engagement and increase users’ participation and fidelity, by activating playful competition. • Resilience and Personal Development. Learning to succeed (winning), and more importantly, learning to fail (losing) are useful skills for life-long professional training. Full article at TechComm Central by Adobe By Neus Lorenzo @NewsNeus