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GreekQuest Student Sample


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GreekQuest Student Sample
Ss. Peter & Paul School

Published in: Education
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GreekQuest Student Sample

  1. 1. Welcome to our 6th grade Greek Quest! Each group worked to complete 1 of 7 tasks resulting in a differentiated learning study of Ancient Greece. Click here to see the project overview. Take a look around at the Ancient Greek World, explore the places and meet the people through each task….Task Task Task Task 1 3 5 7 Task Task Task 2 4 6
  2. 2. We used to develop our onlinegames. Please click onthe images to see our games and click “Play”!
  3. 3. This eruption is about what the townspeople felt like and what they did. One of them is also based on Greek comedy, so we added a clown to represent that aspect.Mt. Thera volcano erupted in the mid- secondmillennium, and erupted several times over thousandsof years. The volcano destroyed the Minoan Civilizationon the island of Thera and some of the Crete.
  4. 4. We used a template to design our Wanted Posters and translated them into Greek.We also created online stories using
  5. 5. We used to create digital posters. Our posters explain how the Ancient Greeks lived. We included information on the Olympics, the food anddrink, the agora, and entertainment. Please click on the images to see the online posters.
  6. 6. We createdposters with Microsoft Publisherand 3D CAD drawings using Google Sketchup.
  7. 7. Travelbrochures weredesigned usingMicrosoftPublisher. We also created videos and quizzes using Photopeach. Please click on the images to see the videos.
  8. 8. Please click on our Animoto presentation on the Greek Olympic Games.