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Thrilliant embed list_org

  1. 1. GSM BASED PROJECTS LIST TH1.1. Theft Tracking Using GSM Modem TH1.2. Prepaid Energy Meter Using GSM TH1.3. Wireless Heart Attack Detector Using GSM TH1.4. A Wireless Vending Machine System Based On GSM TH1.5. Automatic Meter Reading System Using GSM TH1.6. GSM Controlled Robot Using DTMF Technology By Voice Call TH1.7. Industrial automation with feedback control system using DTMF GSM . . . technology TH1.8. Students Enquiry System Based On GSM TH1.9. GSM Based Fantasy House TH1.10. Body Temperature And Electrocardiogram Monitoring Using An SMS Base Telemedicine System. TH1.11. Home security and automation using GSM. TH1.12. SMS based AC Control. TH1.13. SD card Device driver for mobile platform. TH1.14. Intrusion Detection Using RFID with password by GSM TH1.15. Vehicle Position Tracking Using GSM Modem TH1.16. GSM Based IVRS System TH1.17. Intelligent quiz server based on GSM Technology. TH1.18. Construction of Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features. TH1.19. Microcontroller and GSM based Automatic irrigation control. TH1.20. GSM based wireless substation Fuse blown indicator TH1.21. SMS based irrigation system TH1.22. GSM mobile based device monitoring and control system TH1.23. Railway accident tracking system TH1.24. Multi user digital remainder TH1.25. Multi purpose security system using GSM. TH1.26. GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very Useful for traffic police. TH1.27. Home appliances monitoring and controlling system using GSM with fencing Auto alerts. TH1.28. Automated Electric Billing System TH1.29. Cell phone operated land rover with cam. TH1.30. Embedded and GSM based IA marks monitoring system.No. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  2. 2. TH1.31. Embedded and GSM Based intelligence irrigation system. TH1.32. Home appliance control with security system. TH1.33. GSM based patient tracking system. TH1.34. Automatic taxi Trip Sensing and Indicating System through GSM. TH1.35. Gas leakage detection system using GSM. TH1.36. Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector. TH1.37. SMS based weather monitoring system. TH1.38. Interactive voice response(IVR) system TH1.39. GSM based school children security system based on RFID. TH1.40. Real-time home automation based on GSM and wireless ZigBee. TH1.41. Credit card security in real time application using GSM technology TH1.42. GSM based digital Notice board with display on GLCD display. TH1.43. GSM based digital Notice board with display on PC Monitor. TH1.44. GSM/GPRS based digital Notice board with display on Scrolling LED Display. TH1.45. SMS based SCADA implementation for industrial applications with fencing security system TH1.46. Dual GSM Modems based irrigation water pump controller for illiterates. TH1.47. SMS based notice board using GSM & LCD with period bell. TH1.48. Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial Applications with SMS alert system using GSM modem TH1.49. Phase irrigation motor monitoring and Auto-controlling based on GSM Technology TH1.50. GSM based pre-paid Energy Meter with low balance alert. TH1.51. Temperature based Fan Speed Controller and SMS alerts using GSM modem. TH1.52. UPS battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability Systems (Banking/finance/medical etc). TH1.53. Smart card and GSM based advanced security system.No. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  3. 3. TH1.54. Advanced Real time Remote LED scrolling notice board using GSM with SMS. TH1.55. Voice operated Home appliance control System. TH1.56. GSM and GPS interface for human tracking system TH1.57. Omni Directional Robot with GSM Connectivity for Remote Access TH1.58. Sms based home security system. TH1.59. Military persons training system that monitors the speed at which they move and Records the calculated traveled distance with the time. TH1.60. Quick Rescue Supporting Information System Based On 3G Technology for Efficient Handling of Injuries by Accident TH1.61. GSM and MMC/SD Memory Card based Remote Message Storage Device. TH1.62. GSM based automatic street light control using LDR TH1.63. Confirming Order Through SMS Printer TH1.64. Automatic geo-positioning and SMS alerts on road traffic density. TH1.65. SMS Based DC Motor Speed Controller with password protection. TH1.66. ECG data transferring through GSM network. TH1.67. SMS based remote SIM card’s address book access system. TH1.68. Voice enables device switching for physically challenged and emergency alerts through SMS TH1.69. Home security System based on LPG gas, Smoke and Fire Sensors with SMS Based alerts. TH1.70. Digital Fuel level Indicator with vehicle tracking system using GSM TH1.71. Automatic 3- Phase alert message with Micro controller based irrigation system TH1.72. Design Of Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System Based On ARM7 TH1.73. Automated Electricity Billing System TH1.74. Biometric enabled ration shop. TH1.75. SMS Based AC Motor Speed Control. TH1.76. Coin based sms sender and mobile phone chargerNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  4. 4. TH1.77. Humidity And Temperature Based Irrigation Control And Photosynthesis TH1.78. Centralized Accident Monitoring System TH1.79. Control of dam gate using mobile phone by DTMF digits through voice call. TH1.80. GSM mobile phone based automobile security system TH1.81. Sms based home Automation system. TH1.82. GSM based speed control of single phase induction motor TH1.83. GSM based speed control of three phase induction motor TH1.84. Sms based security system TH1.85. GSM controlled industrial monitor/controller TH1.86. Call based home appliance controller TH1.87. Security breach information for unauthorized entry based on mobile TH1.88. Mobile and smart card based voting system TH1.89. Post paid Energy mater using GSM. TH1.90. Solar based cell phone charger with coin pay system TH1.91. Statistical analysis of weather forecasting in outdoor game stadiums TH1.92. Development of remote monitoring system for cold storage (ieee) TH1.93. Wind power generation monitoring system based on wireless sensor network TH1.94. Railway anti collision system using gps TH1.95. GSM Based Industrial Fault Diagnose TH1.96. Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft control and Accident Notification. TH1.97. Daily SMS report based prepaid energy meter TH1.98. Accident detection system TH1.99. Microcontroller based embedded closed loop feedback control system using gsm technology GPS PROJECT LIST TH2.1. Position Communicator for Military Operation. TH2.2. Event Management Monitoring System TH2.3. Design of vehicle positioning system based on ARM [ieee] TH2.4. Intelligent fleet management system with concurrent GPS & GSM real time positioning technology TH2.5. Travel Time Prediction Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions Using Global positioning System Data from Buses. TH2.6. Construction of Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features.No. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  5. 5. TH2.7. GPS based Blind stick system TH2.8. GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation management TH2.9. Smart Card and GPS based automatic bus ticketing system for traveled distance TH2.10. GPS and GSM based Real-time Human Health Monitoring and Alert system for Cardiac patients. TH2.11. GPS based vehicle travel location data logger with 2GB MMC/SD Memory card. TH2.12. Anti theft control mechanism using Google earth. TH2.13. Construction of Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features. TH2.14. GPS Based Station Name Display And Door Control TH2.15. GPS and GSM based office cab monitoring, alerting and logging system. TH2.16. GPS based navigator with location display on Graphical LCD. This provides user to have the location information displayed in any language TH2.17. Advanced GPS based navigator for illiterates TH2.18. GPS based train location tracking system with SMS facility. TH2.19. Virtual distance measuring tape with GPS and GLCD. TH2.20. Wireless Google Earth control system at Railway/Bus Stations for tourist’s route map guidance. TH2.21. GPS based vehicle travel location data logger with 2GB MMC/SD memory card. TH2.22. GPS based data logger and real time vehicle tracking with GSM. TH2.23. GPS and GSM based office cab monitoring, alerting and logging system. TH2.24. GPS Data Logger with Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Time, Number of satellites Into fat16/fat32 file system on 2GB memory card TH2.25. Embedded and GSM Based Vehicle Tracing system TH2.26. Vehicular networking and traffic congestion system. TH2.27. Advanced GPS based navigator for illiteratesNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  6. 6. TH2.28. GPS-GSM Integration for Enhancing Public Transportation management services. TH2.29. GSM and GPS vehicle tracker and accident identifier system. TH2.30. Global Positioning System For Tracking Objects TH2.31. Cell Phone-Operated Land Rover TH2.32. GPS based location indicating system for unmanned automobile TH2.33. Human tracking system using GPS TH2.34. Animals tracking system using GPS TH2.35. Intelligent fleet management system with concurrent GPS & GSM real-time positioning technology TH2.36. Travel Time Prediction Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions Using Global Positioning System Data From Buses TH2.37. Smart Card and GPS based automatic bus ticketing system for traveled distance. TH2.38. Wireless Google Earth control system at Railway/Bus Stations for tourist’s route map guidance. TH2.39. Design of intelligent mobile vehicle checking system based on ARM7 [ieee] TH2.40. Intelligent work supervisor TH2.41. Automatic object identifier TH2.42. Real time Bus monitoring system using GSM and GPS TH2.43. PC based GPS. GPRS PROJECT LIST TH3.1. The Mobile ECG Tele monitoring System Based On GPRS. TH3.2. High Power LED based intelligent streetlight controlling system with GSM based Vehicle Counter. TH3.3. Advance Remote LED scrolling Notice Board updation using SMS and GPRS TH3.4. GPRS based SCADA implementation with fencing security and SMS alerts. TH3.5. GPRS based real-time Home/Industrial critical devices status information logger into 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  7. 7. TH3.6. Online data logging of device status and temperature using GPRS. TH3.7. GPRS based real-time data logger onto live website ( with SMS based real time device control. TH3.8. The GPRS Mobile Payment System Based on RFID-2009. TH3.9. Design and Implementation of A Novel Remote Metering system using USB GPRS Modem. TH3.10. Design and Implementation of Secure Low Cost AMR system using GPRS Technology. TH3.11. Industrial automation with feedback control system using GPRS technology. RFID PROJECT LIST TH4.1. RFID And Zigbee Based Library Management TH4.2. Automatic Energy Conservation Using Wireless Backbone (RFID) TH4.3. RFID Based Railway Management TH4.4. RFID Based Library Database Management And Theft Control TH4.5. RFID Based Door Access Control. TH4.6. RF Based Temperature And Humidity Monitoring System TH4.7. Rfid based employee database management using rtc TH4.8. Using RFID technology to develop an attendance system and avoid traffic congestion around kindergartens TH4.9. Shopping path analysis and transaction mining based on RFID technology TH4.10. The electronic passport and the future of government issued RFID based Identification. TH4.11. RFID based licence plate registration TH4.12. Railway ticket booking TH4.13. Design of auto-guard system based on RFID and network [ieee] TH4.14. RFID Based Check post Using Controller TH4.15. Tracking Police Man Using RF Proximity Card TH4.16. Rfid based ATM system TH4.17. RFID and GSM based Advanced Vehicle parking slot booking system. TH4.18. RFID and GSM based intelligent courier mailbox system with automatic delivery notification. TH4.19. Automatic multistory parking system TH4.20. Online library book catalog with RFID technology.No. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  8. 8. TH4.21. An RFID communication system for medical applications. TH4.22. Automatic control of students’ attendance in classrooms using RFID TH4.23. RFID based vehicle tracking and accident notification.. TH4.24. RFID-based Autonomous Mobile Car. TH4.25. RFID Warehouse Robot. TH4.26. RFID based bus identification system for blind with voice. TH4.27. RFID based Highway toll collection. TH4.28. RFID based employee login system and identification display on pc. TH4.29. RFID based prepaid card for petrol station. TH4.30. RF based industrial fault diagnosis system. TH4.31. Rfid based vehicle security for car and mobile based locking system TH4.32. Speed monitoring and snapping system through microcontroller and RFID TH4.33. Password Protected Remote Gate Control System Using RFID TH4.34. RF & Embedded Based Industrial Machine Controller TH4.35. Industrial Fault Diagnose With RF Module Cum Security System TH4.36. Rfid based voting machine TH4.37. Rfid based shopping trolley. TH4.38. Rfid based reservation system TH4.39. Rfid based production security system TH4.40. Rfid based animal tracking system TH4.41. Rfid based automatic car parking system TH4.42. Rfid based banking system TH4.43. Rfid based Hospital Automation System TH4.44. Rfid based library management system TH4.45. Rfid based security system TH4.46. Rfid based door opening and closing system TH4.47. Rfid based attendance cum security system TH4.48. Rfid based ration card TH4.49. Rfid r/w based prepaid energy meter TH4.50. Rfid r/w based health card TH4.51. Rfid r/w based score card for industries TH4.52. RFID Based Chalan System TH4.53. RFID based inventory tracking system TH4.54. Rfid based railway platform to display the exact position of coach. TH4.55. Rfid based events tracking system for sports TH4.56. Rfid based electronic road pricing system TH4.57. Assist – automated system for surgical instrumental and sponge tracking. TH4.58. RFID based student security system EMBEDDED SYSTEM PROJECT LIST TH5.1. Alive Human Being Detector In War Field TH5.2. A Low-Cost Solution For An Integrated Multisensory Lane Departure WarningNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  9. 9. System. TH5.3. Wire Less Data Logger Using Radio Frequency. TH5.4. Microcontroller Based Counting Device TH5.5. Haptic Communication In Real Time Environment TH5.6. Accelerometer operated wheel chair. TH5.7. Automatic door opening using pir TH5.8. Solar panel controller and power optimization TH5.9. Microcontroller based Power conversion. TH5.10. Distance measurement using ultrasonic technology TH5.11. Design and deployment of a robust remote river level sensor network [ieee] TH5.12. Design and implementation of a home embedded surveillance system with ultra- low alert power[ieee] TH5.13. Design and development of microcontroller based electronic queue control systems [ieee] TH5.14. A microcontroller-based multi-function solar tracking system [ieee] TH5.15. An intelligent lighting system for exhibition applications [ieee] TH5.16. High-voltage pulse power supply controller based on ARM7 [ieee] TH5.17. Electro mechanical door control with digital code lock security TH5.18. Evidence collection from car black boxes using smart phone’s [ieee] TH5.19. Electronic Counter with Player Jam Keys TH5.20. Industrial cooling system TH5.21. Implementing peripherals using 8051 uc TH5.22. RTC Based Device Control with Start and End Time Set TH5.23. Industrial Batch Counter for Packing Automation TH5.24. Industrial Robot With Image Monitoring Using CCTVNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  10. 10. TH5.25. Microcontroller Based Drip Irrigation System_1 TH5.26. Touch Screen And ARM Based Robot Motion Control TH5.27. Software-hardware co-design of a vehicle trajectory monitoring system TH5.28. Proximity Card And Video Camera Based Fool Proof Access Control TH5.29. Microcontroller based camera controlled high speed photograph TH5.30. RTC based digital countdown timer TH5.31. Density Based Traffic Signal Control with Power Saver Street Light TH5.32. Automatic lightning and cooling system TH5.33. IR based obstacle detector TH5.34. IR based walking stick for blind TH5.35. Automatic room light controller with visitor counter TH5.36. RTC based digital calender. TH5.37. Development of pedestrian to vehicle communication system prototype for pedestrian safety using both wide area and direct communication TH5.38. Intelligent energy saving system in libraries TH5.39. Street light power saver TH5.40. Bluetooth Based Motor Control Using PWM With Over Heat Protection TH5.41. Bluetooth Data Acquisition System Based On ARM. TH5.42. Density based traffic signal control with power saver street light. TH5.43. Flex Sensors Operated Robotic Arm. TH5.44. High tech protection for cars with co TH5.45. Embedded Railway Gate Control And Alarm System TH5.46. Intelligent contactor for high power motors TH5.47. Advanced multipurpose home security system with home automation TH5.48. Railway ticket booking using smart card and touch screen TH5.49. Embedded Based Intelligence Irrigation TH5.50. Server rock management consule TH5.51. Speed drive for single phase induction motor (ieee 2004) TH5.52. Controls with micro controller for PWM single phase inverter (ieee 2003) TH5.53. Micro controller performance for dc motor speed control system (ieee) TH5.54. Microcontroller based password based door controlling systemNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  11. 11. TH5.55. Fingerprint based attendance system TH5.56. Finger print based voting machine TH5.57. Finger print based production security system TH5.58. Finger print based medical information system TH5.59. Finger print based banking system TH5.60. Finger print based library management system TH5.61. Finger print based door opening &closing system TH5.62. Finger print based lift operating system TH5.63. Coin based toll gate system TH5.64. Air pollution monitor TH5.65. PIR motion detector TH5.66. Ethernet Implementation on Microcontroller TH5.67. Automatic street light controllers with rtc TH5.68. Solar based traffic light controller TH5.69. Density based traffic controller TH5.70. Traffic controller with real time clock TH5.71. Prepaid card for petrol bunk/ shopping/ browsing / internet / television. TH5.72. IR based remote control TH5.73. Power theft indicator TH5.74. PWM based three phase induction motor speed controller TH5.75. Automated Vehicles For Physically and Visually Challenged. TH5.76. Voice operated home appliances controller TH5.77. Electronic voting machine TH5.78. Finger print based security system TH5.79. Coin based electronic bus conductor TH5.80. Metal detector TH5.81. Digital IC tester TH5.82. Wireless motor monitor system TH5.83. PWM based solar tracking and sine wave inverter TH5.84. PWM based single phase induction motor speed control TH5.85. Design of vehicle positioning system based on ARM[ieee] TH5.86. The plant moisture meter TH5.87. Assurance evaluations for test of communication TH5.88. Fingerprinting authentication TH5.89. Intelligent voice controlled wheel chair automation TH5.90. Server rock management console TH5.91. Transparent connectivity for embedded system design TH5.92. Axis stepper motor control for solar panel with power optimization TH5.93. Touch screen based robot using speech. TH5.94. Microcontroller based neural network controlled low cost autonomous vehicle. TH5.95. Microcontroller Based Low Cost Controlled Rectifiers Training Module for . . PowerTH5.96. Microcontroller-Based Two-Axis Solar Tracking System.TH5.97. A Biometric-Secure e-Voting System for Election Processes.TH5.98. Microcontroller based digital clock with alarm.TH5.99. Microcontroller based time operated appliance control.TH5.100. Pc based appliances controllerNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  12. 12. TH5.101. Telephone Controlled Motor.TH5.102. Telephone controlled remote switchTH5.103. Bluetooth Based Speed Control System for DC Motor.TH5.104. Distributed sensor for steering wheel grip force measurement in driver fatigue. detectionTH5.105. The integrated unit for MEMs based pressure measurement.TH5.106. Microcontroller based standalone PV system for wireless sensor node.TH5.107. A Low-cost Intelligent Gas Sensing Device for Military Applications.TH5.108. A simple capacitive security card System.TH5.109. Embedded System Used for One Biomedical Application.TH5.110. SPI protocol enabled sd/mmc card configured wireless parameter device limit .. setting and alert system.TH5.111. CAN protocol implementation to enable robust serial communicationfor . . . . . . . automotive applications TH5.112. TH5.113.TH5.114. ZIGBEE PROJECTS TH6.1. Zigbee Based Home Automation Management TH6.2. Zigbee Based Water Pump Control For Farmers, With Soil Moisture Tester And Hi-Tech Security System For FARM, Solar Powered. TH6.3. Zigbee Based Remote Maintenance System TH6.4. Application Of Zigbee For Pollution Monitoring Caused By Automobile Exhaust Gases TH6.5. Secured wireless data transmission. TH6.6. An intelligent blind rod and navigation platform based on zigbee technology [ieee] TH6.7. ZigBee and RFID based system to assist visually impaired in navigation TH6.8. Design of monitor-and-control system for supermarket fresh area based on zigbee TH6.9. Monitoring and alarming system based on zigbee technology [ieee] TH6.10. Demand Side Load Management of Smart Grids Using Intelligent Trading Metering Billing System based on Zigbee. TH6.11. Zigbee based temperature and humidity monitoring system. TH6.12. Embedded Land Rover With Sensor Interface With Zigbee Technology TH6.13. Zigbee Wireless Power Management Unit For Energy Meter TH6.14. Wireless GPS travel location data logger using Bluetooth/Zigbee. TH6.15. Patient Helper TH6.16. A Zigbee Based Smart Sensing Platform for Monitoring EnvironmentalNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  13. 13. Parameters [ieee] TH6.17. Zigbee Based Patient request to nurse using flex sensor TH6.18. Zigbee Based industrial fault diagnosis System TH6.19. A vehicular wireless sensor network for vehicle monitoring TH6.20. More Efficient Home Energy Management System Based on Zig Bee Communication and Infrared Remote Controls TH6.21. Touch Based Wireless Surveillance System using ZigBee. TH6.22. Wireless QWERTY Keyboard Controller with graphical display. TH6.23. RF based Wireless Encryption and Decryption message transfer system for Military appliances. WIRELESS PROJECTS TH7.1. Wire Less Data Logger Using Radio Frequency TH7.2. Design Implementation Of Wireless Data Tx/Rx TH7.3. Wireless communication technology in family health monitoring system [ieee] TH7.4. Wireless robot monitoring using rf TH7.5. Remote airfield lighting system [ieee] TH7.6. Secured wireless communication for industrial automation And control [ieee] TH7.7. Wireless door monitoring TH7.8. Automatic highway signalling system along with speed controlling TH7.9. Customizable wireless sensor node to detect hazardous gas pipeline leakage[ieee] TH7.10. RF based remote control TH7.11. A novel three phase energy meter model with wireless data reading and online billing solution [ieee] TH7.12. Design of a wireless medical monitoring system [ieee] TH7.13. RF based Automatic Meter Reading TH7.14. RF based Wireless Encryption and Decryption message transfer system for military appliances. TH7.15. RF based temperature and humidity monitoring system. TH7.16. Intelligent ambulance for hospital gates. TH7.17. Bus Arrival Prediction Technology (BAPT) with Intelligent Embedded Features. TH7.18. Intelligence Ambulance for City traffic Control. TH7.19. Automatic railway signaling system TH7.20. Wireless tracking system using GPS TH7.21. Wireless transmitter for credit card readerNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  14. 14. TH7.22. Wireless voting machine TH7.23. Wireless keyboard TH7.24. Wireless bell TH7.25. Wireless transformer parameter measurement and protection TH7.26. Wireless code locking TH7.27. Intelligent water pumping system for agriculture fields TH7.28. Wireless camera position system TH7.29. Wireless liquid level sensing for restaurant applications(ieee 2002) TH7.30. Remote control via internet TH7.31. PC remote control. TH7.32. PC based data logger TH7.33. PC to PC wireless communication. TH7.34. Vital body signs measurement using MEMS sensor. ROBOTIC PROJECTS TH8.1. Environmental monitoring with mobile robot TH8.2. Solar operated robot TH8.3. Stationery pick and place robot TH8.4. Moving pick &place robot TH8.5. DTMF controlled Robot. TH8.6. Remote controlled path finder TH8.7. Wireless robot monitoring using RF. TH8.8. Gas detecting robot TH8.9. GSM controlled ROBOT using DTMF technology by voice call TH8.10. Automatic 360o pick and place robot controlled by pc TH8.11. Remote control land rover TH8.12. Line following robot TH8.13. Adaptive real time traffic management system TH8.14. Intelligent path finding robot TH8.15. Voice based humanoid robot TH8.16. DTMF based pilot robot for rescue operations TH8.17. Automatic fire fighting and extinguish robot TH8.18. Fire robots TH8.19. Robotic arm control through internet LAN for patient operation TH8.20. Spy robot TH8.21. Voice based embedded system for industrial automation TH8.22. Advanced Robotic pick and place arm and hand systemNo. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  15. 15. TH8.23. Fire fighting robot TH8.24. Mars rover with real movement and live wireless and video image on the computer and wireless control of the rover-using computer. TH8.25. Flex Sensors Operated Robotic Arm TH8.26. Industrial robot with image monitoring using cctv TH8.27. Metal detecting robot TH8.28. Fire sensing robot with rf and alarm TH8.29. Pc based robot. TH8.30. Voice based navigation robot. TH8.31. Real-time bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot TH8.32. Robotic AID for survilence for human beings. TH8.33. Multi-robots communication system based on zigbee network. ARM PROJECTS TH9.1. Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft control and Accident Notification TH9.2. High-voltage Pulse Power Supply Controller based on ARM7. TH9.3. Arm based line follower robot TH9.4. Audio codec using lpc2148 TH9.5. CAP (capture) using Thermal sensitive Printer. TH9.6. Ethernet Implementation on Microcontroller. TH9.7. Implementation of Graphical LCD interface using ARM (ARM7TDMI) processor based microcontroller. TH9.8. Pc based data logging system. TH9.9. GSM based Student Information using ARM with SD card. TH9.10. Arm based climate controlled vehicle TH9.11. Temperature and humidity control sys using GLCD and ARM. TH9.12. Arm based wireless robot monitoring using rf TH9.13. SMS based notice board using GSM and ARM.No. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888
  16. 16. TH9.14. Design of Vehicle positioning System Based on ARM TH9.15. Touch screen and arm based robot motion control TH9.16. Robotic arm control through internet lan for patient operation TH9.17. Arm9 multi-task data acquisition system intelligent improvement. TH9.18. CSV Format Implementation for Student Information System. TH9.19. DAQ with FAT16_Mass Storage Device implementation. TH9.20. Image fusion using wavelet transforms on cortex m3 core. TH9.21. USB host data logger. TH9.22. Smart Cab Security Using GSM. TH9.23. Research on embedded data display unit based on CAN bus. TH9.24. Research and Development of the Remote I/O Data Acquisition System Based On embedded ARM Platform. TH9.25. CAN bus-Based Distributed Fuel System with Smart Components. TH9.26. Study on ARM Processor Based Embedded Intelligent Yield System Controller. TH9.27. Research and Design of Industrial RF Based on ARM. TH9.28. Using the CAN Protocol and Reconfigurable Computing Technology for Web- Based Smart House Automation. TH9.29.No. 39/2&3, Remco Layout,Opp BTS Bus Depo,Vijayanagar, Bangalore - 560 E-mail : contact : +919844689888,+919448289888