The DevOps PaaS Infusion - May meetup


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  • The DevOps PaaS Infusion - May meetup

    1. 1. Cloudify Case Studies Shay Hassidim Deputy CTO GigaSpaces
    2. 2. About myself – Shay Hassidim GigaSpaces Deputy CTO More than 20 years of SW development  Java , .Net , C++ , you name it… Almost 10 years with GigaSpaces  From the time we have been startup at the garage… Oversight the entire technical operations within the Americas Located in GigaSpaces NY HQ2
    3. 3. Case StudiesMicrosoft Azure Easy onboarding of Java JEE appHP Cloud Services (HPCS) Enterprise-grade SLAsAWS – EC2 Hybrid private/public deployment3
    4. 4. Azure Case Study - Overview  Java CRM/data warehouse application that is running on dedicated hosting is ported to Azure.  Classic JEE application using JBoss, Apache web proxy and SQL Server.4
    5. 5. The Challenges  The application running on Azure must maintain the same SLAs as the hosted environment, including zero downtime.  The complexities of orchestrating and configuring the JEE components needs to be automated.5
    6. 6. Architecture Azure Load-Balancer6
    7. 7. The GigaSpaces Solution The complete application, including Java components, was deployed to Azure with zero code changes. Mission-critical SLAs of the dedicated hosting facility were matched on Azure, with elasticity and application-level monitoring.7
    8. 8. HPCS Case Study - Overview Seeking a compelling alternative to traditional physical architectures to handle traffic spikes and reduce costs. Platform consists of Weblogic12, Oracle11 DB, Apache web proxy.8
    9. 9. The Challenges Enterprise class customers have needs in excess of traditional cloud offerings. Must maintain the levels of security, reliability and disaster recovery provided by the existing physical architecture.9
    10. 10. Architecture Availability Zone A Availability Zone B10
    11. 11. The GigaSpaces Solution No need for capacity testing – The service can scale on demand automatically. Servers which fail are immediately replaced, providing high-availability and SLA enforcement. Multi availability zones deployment - replaces traditional DR procedures.11
    12. 12. AWS Case Study - Overview First cloud-based social casino platform Launched on Facebook, live since mid- 2009. Infrastructure consists of Memset load balancer, Tomcat, GigaSpaces XAP, MySQL DB.12
    13. 13. The Challenges Empower a massively multiplayer/multi-game online casino platform. Capable of extreme throughput, with hundreds of thousands of concurrent interactive players. Each player must have a good response time. Operationally cost-effective through a hybrid private/public cloud deployment. Real-time scalability critical to success.13
    14. 14. Architecture XAP Hosting Data Center XAP EC2 Cloud14
    15. 15. The GigaSpaces Solution Hybrid cloud architecture enables expensive dedicated hosting centers to only be used for what is required by regulation.  Other services sit entirely in the cloud. Infinite scalability and pay-as-you-go cloud model controlled at the business level rather than the infrastructure level.15
    16. 16. Live Demo16
    17. 17. 4 Clouds – Same App , no changes! Local Cloud17
    18. 18. The Demo Application – Spring Travel A standard multi-tier Web application – Spring Travel:  Load balancer  Web container – Tomcat  Database – NoSQL DB (Cassandra) Demonstrating  Any-Cloud Deployment  Deployment automation and orchestration  Management & monitoring18
    19. 19. Architecture Load-Balancer19
    20. 20. Get it today, for