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Choosing Between High Temperature and Low Temperature                    Commercial DishwashersA commercial dishwasher is ...
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Choosing between high temperature and low temperature commercial dishwashers


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High temperature and low temperature commercial dishwashers Qld each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Make a wise purchasing decision by knowing these advantages and disadvantages.

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Choosing between high temperature and low temperature commercial dishwashers

  1. 1. Choosing Between High Temperature and Low Temperature Commercial DishwashersA commercial dishwasher is a good investment for any commercial kitchen that serves a large number ofpeople on any given day. The equipment will help the staff keep the dishes and dinnerware availableduring a busy time. Commercial dishwashers Qld can clean dishes faster and more efficiently. Theamount of work needed to manually wash the hundreds of dirty dishes and dinnerware that a commercialkitchen produces is significantly reduced with the use of a commercial dishwasher.If you have already chosen the ideal type of commercial dishwasher for your restaurant or banquet hall,the next step is to choose between a high and a low temperature commercial dishwasher. It can be hard topick between the two, but knowing the pros and cons of each type will help you make wise purchasingdecision.Advantages and Disadvantages of High Temperature Commercial DishwashersA high temperature commercial dishwasher saves on energy and labour costs because of its shorter cycletime, shorter wash cycle and the ability to wash more racks of dishes per hour. In addition, a hightemperature commercial dishwasher can remove grease and lipstick residue on plates in just one pass. Itonly needs washing detergent to clean the dishes and other dishware.However, a high temperature commercial dishwasher costs more than a similar low temperature machine.Further increasing the cost is the possibility of purchasing the booster heater separately. Because of thebooster heater, high temperature machines will consume more energy to heat the incoming water. Hightemperature units, particularly the undercounter ones, may generate steam and can destroy countertops.Since the rinse water is very hot, there is a chance of injury to the person operating the machine.Advantages and Disadvantages of Low Temperature Commercial DishwashersA low temperature commercial dishwasher is usually less expensive than a high temperature unit anddoes not need a booster heater. In addition, less steam comes out of a low temperature unit, making itsafer to operate.However, a low temperature unit uses hazardous cleaning chemicals that could pose a risk to the operatorand the environment. In addition, dishes need to be washed several times to remove grease and lipstickresidue. The longer wash cycle will result in higher water and sewage bills. Low temperature units alsoneed to use a sanitiser to disinfect the dishes. The sanitiser may damage pipes, stainless steel and sometypes of glass. The sanitiser also leaves a residual odour on plates and glasses.Use these pros and cons to make it easy for you to decide which commercial dishwasher is ideal for yourrestaurant, hotel or banquet hall. Make sure to go to a reputable company that sells top quality and reliablecommercial dishwashing units. For more information, click here.