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Newsletters present what we have done so far with short descriptions in text boxes and photos of the outcomes. It’s written in English and each country is translating it in its mother tongue to be shared with parents and teachers or students of other schools in our towns.

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NLC Newsletter - March 2012

  1. 1. DATE : MARCH,2012 Duszniki, Poland 22-26th May,2011EXHIBITION OF NATURAL ART & CRAFTSDuring the third project meeting in Poland there was organized the exhibition of natural art and crafts. Student from Sweden,Turkey and Poland prepared different things for the exhibition. Our guests who came to watch the performance “Got talent”also had the opportunity to admire animals made of wool, beautiful pictures, robots made of recycled materials and many,many more. During the meeting the local TV recorded our performance and work to popularize Comenius projects. FIRST STEPS OF SURVIVAL KIT Each country came up with different and interesting opinions and when we combine all of them, there’ll occur an accurate and effective kit. Weather conditions are different in each country and for a beginning we can write an introduction about it. Also, there’s a climate change around the world which is a result of nature’s destruction caused by people’s lack of interest and importance. If it’s a survival kit about nature, we have to talk about it, too. So, everyone decided that the Survival Kit will have an introduction part and 3 different parts under 3 different titles, which are: 1-Introduction 2-Nature How to survive in nature How to protect ourselves in nature 3-Let’s prepare a survival box MUSIC PERFORMANCES OF THE STUDENTS AT SPA THEATRE Students from Poland also played the concert. In the afternoon in the Music Spa Theatre in Duszniki – Zdrój the students from Polish school: Weronika Krasoo, Weronika Onyszczuk, Oliwia Markowski, Klaudia Gaj, Arkadiusz Tucholski, Aleksandra Wachowiak played different classical music( Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi). It was unforgettable moment.
  2. 2. ORIGAMI & PAPER MAKING It was a great experience to learn how to make a paper. Swedish and Turkish teachers attended a workshop and made papers. They attended some an Origami lesson and at first they practiced basic steps of Origami art. It was amazing to see very beautiful images made of paper. SONGS One of the goals of this project is the use of aesthetic expression. Entitled "Nature Whispers" we want the students to write lyrics and music. We will record two songs from each country and assemble it to a CD / DVD. For one song from each country, we will record a music video that will be presented in Växjö in November on PREPARING A DANCE SHOW the 4th project meeting. In the 4th meeting in Växjö there will be both teachers and students from each country. The final of the meeting will be a Dance Show where we will present the NLC project to a large audience. We decided on the elements of the show. The show begins with a presentation of the NLC project. After that each country will show a film about their country. Students will record a music video from each country with the theme ”Nature Whispers”. The Final will be a dance in three parts - Sun Rises. Poland, Turkey and Swedens traditions will be reflected in the music, dance and clothes. Vaxjö, Sweden,22-26th November, 2011AN INTERNATIONAL NLC SHOW IN SWEDENBeing on the stage has never been so exciting before! Students from Trukey, Sweden and Poland made presentations about theircountries and schools. The presentations were translated from English to Swedish simultaneously by students. A film about theproject was shown and after this, the dance show “The Sun Rises” was on the stage. It was an amazing moment and greatperformance. Congrutlations to all students for their unique efforts and many thanks to parents, students and teachers who werethere to share our excitement. DANCE SHOW “THE SUN RISES” In the dance show called “The Sun Rises” we had three parts beginning-middle and final reflect three parts of the day. Each country took one part, according to this dance perfromance refers to the morning was performed by students from Poland, dance perfromance refers to the afternoon was performed by students from Sweden, and dance perfromance refers to the evening was performed by students from Turkey. It was a great scenery of the harmony on the stage while students were reflecting the soul of the day and the cultures of their countries
  3. 3. COMMUNICATION OF THE STUDENTS There were many natural opportunities to talk to each other during the meeting. The students were eating in the dining room and they met at the grid. Exercises for the dance performance also gave opening for conversation. But we also arranged more organized activities in which students had the time to get to know each other.ACTIVITIES & COURSES THEY ATTENDED There were many natural opportunities to talk to each other during the meeting. The students were eating in theIt was with great anticipation we met the students dining room and they met at the grid. Exercises for theat the 4th project meeting in Växjö. The Swedish dance performance also gave opening for conversation.NLC team had prepared a guided tour around the But we also arranged more organized activities in whichschool for the guests. During the day, all the students had the time to get to know each other.students together practiced for the danceperformance. In the afternoon, the students madethings together in a "Christmas Work-shop". The first day we started with a simple game where theyEveryone baked buns and ginger biscuits. They could read each others names and their interests. Duringtasted wonderful! We also felted hearts of sheepswool and used machine embroidery to sew the NLC the meeting, we divided the students into differentlogo on t-shirts. groups where they were baking, carving and bowling together. When we had dinner the very last night together, there was no end of chatter and laughter.The next day the visiting students went to differentclasses and had the opportunity to talk about theircountries and be a part of an ordinary Swedishschool day. We spent time to prepare Fridaysshow. In the afternoon we went to the bowlingalley where we played bowling and played games.We ended the day with a nice dinner together. BASIC MODELS OF PORTABLE SHELTERS In Sweden we talked and made some decisions about the portable shelters, which will be made in Istanbul during the sixth meeting. We decided first to draw the pictures with our ideas, then make some models according to the pictures. These models should be made of natural materials and in miniaturized version. It will be organized the exhibition with the best models from Sweden, Turkey and Poland and one model from each country will be chosen to build in Istanbul. The whole process will be photographed or recorded to document step by step.
  4. 4. Duszniki, Poland March 4-8th, 2012 EXHIBITION OF BASIC MODELS OF PORTABLE SHELTERS Finally, the best models of portable shelters took their places in an exhibition. During our fifth project meeting in Duszniki, the models prepared by students were exhibited. The models were made of natural materials and there was no limitation in creativity. SAMPLE IMPLEMENTATIONS OF NATURAL LEARNING CONCEPT MODEL IN CLASSES We met a few classes and talked about how an ordinary Swedish school day is like. We talked about the school day content and how the Swedish school system is structured. The students asked many questions: What about homework? Subjects? Breaks? We compared and found both similarities and differences during the lesson. Teachers from Sweden and Turkey did some sample lessons of visual arts, physical education, mathematics, English and Turkish. Learning is a life-long process and both students & MUSIC ALBUM : “NATURE WHISPERS” COVER teachers learned a lot from each other. We believe that nature is the unique place where people feel Students prepared songs to reflect the spirit of the project and the experiences they shared. With the help of music teachers, themselves independent and learn easily. This project will they wrote the lyrics and composed the songs. After this assume the advantages of mingling factor of the nature in process they practiced a lot to make good recordings of the educational environments, extension of children’s ability of songs for the music album. self-sufficiency and more worthwhile education approach through achieving the outcomes of the project. Now our music album “Nature Whispers” is ready with six songs full of joy and happiness. UPGRADED WEB SITE For more information about the project, please visit : www.nlcproject.orgSURVIVAL KITHow can you survive in nature? What is the differencebetween out three countries according to nature andclimate?We wanted to gather information about nature and wedecided to make a small book. The introduction in the bookis about Geographical Features, Climate and Effects of GlobalWarming. You can also read about How to Survive in Natureand Edible Plants in each country. There is a list of PoisonousPlants and Wild Animals. You will also find a text about thetools you need in a Survival Box to survive in nature.