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                                             tried to bring out the importance of cross

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What’s happening in the office?                                                                                     ...

Sharjah Improve ‘08 - The stats so far.
The Sharjah Improve ‘08 initiative has received an impressive
response f...
Atkins @ the Farnborough Airshow
Kamlesh Dewangan and Amol Telang, Engineers from the Aerospace team in Sharjah ...
                                  Globalization is certainly changing the              much higher compared to the f...
spite of being an Indian. According to her, every Indian working     a South Asian to travel abroad. This incident r...
                                   Viewpoint survey is conducted by Atkins             were – Direction, Job cla...
focus and involvement, the staff have scored      Methodology Used
                                                                     What has been/is your bigg...

Its time to be ready!
The HSE Audits are around the corner (7,8,9,10 and 11 September) and its time to be ready. H...
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Me&U - Atkins Official Newsletter

  1. 1. ter w s le t f f ic e N e a r ja h O Sh Issue #5 August, 2008 Viewpoint ‘08 What it really means to you. Atkins Meet INSIDE Culture @ the Curry Farnbourough Manager Page 6 Page 10 Page 4
  2. 2. edit tried to bring out the importance of cross editor cultural interaction at work. Incidentally, this is the last issue of me&u in which speak Naresh would participate since he has Recognition: decided to go back to school. Naresh was the first to volunteer to work on this newsletter with me and I was quite perhaps the only perk for this job. impressed with his enthusiasm. Naresh The last couple of months in office have has been monumental in helping me give been quite peaceful. Not many activities this newsletter a direction and his efforts happening except for ‘Project Mercury’ and ideas will be sorely missed. Naresh, - the rollout of which is finally complete thanks for all the efforts that you have after many many months of hard work put into this newsletter. Shalini has also and perseverance by the finance team. taken time off from the newsletter Hats off to the team for making this since her work is keeping her busy. massive transition from the old to the The Editorial Team: (From Left to Right) new system possible. Now that we are down to two members Rahul Susarla - Marcomms Exec., Vivian Robert - Team Leader (H&T), Naresh Kumar - Engineer again, (Vivian and yours truly), I thought (Aerospace) The Green Initiative team has tied up it would be a good idea to invite more your doubts, the winners are decided with the Emirates Environmental Group people into team. If you are interested through a lucky draw which takes place to increase environmental awareness in working on the newsletter or have in the presence of senior managers in the amongst staff and also to collaborate with some ideas which we might be able to office in a bid to eliminate any chances this group to rollout out new initiatives incorporate, please feel free to ping me. of bias. Only those entrants who have within and outside the office. Their first answered all questions correctly are campaign - the can collection drive - was The results of the Viewpoint survey were eligible to go into the draw. That should quite a success and the team went to all released in the last week of June and we answer your queries. houses of Atkins employees and picked decided to try and interpret these results up cans to recycle. in a more readable and less technical And finally, I cannot stress enough on manner. the importance of your feedback for our The Quality team has initiated another work. It really helps us improve on what project - ‘Improve ‘08’ - in a bid to We are giving away 4 pairs of cinema You may not earn a penny for being part of but me&u we do. enhance the quality of our day-to-day tickets this time for the quiz since some of editorial team but you will definitely earn the respect of your peers and superiors. work. the past winners decided not to use these Cheers tickets giving way to two extra pairs. If writing for me&u interests you or you have ideas Rahul Ramesh Rao was at his best in ‘Meet the Congratulations to all the winners. we could use for the newsletter, email Rahul on rahul. Manager’ making another interesting susarla@atkinsglobal.com. read. Continuing with our hot topic of I am constantly asked about how are the Culture Curry, Naresh has once again winners for the quiz decided. To clear out 1
  3. 3. news What’s happening in the office? A roundup of the news and events in the office. OIL & GAS AEROSPACE Oil&Gas wins new platform design contract. Atkins Aerospace is set to open its office in Bangalore. The Oil & Gas team has won a new Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) Contract from Qatar Petroleum Development (QPD) Co. Ltd. (Japan) After opening an office in Hamburg recently, Atkins Aerospace is further expanding and is set to open an office in Bangalore. for development of A-structure South Field offshore Qatar. Three other companies were also in the running for this contract, however, Atkins A team of engineers from Sharjah and Bristol spent a week emerged a clear winner. in Bangalore looking into the resumes of potential aerospace engineers for the Bangalore office. After 83 rigorous technical The team will provide FEED services to QPD for a new wellhead platform, and personal rounds of interview, fourteen bright engineers a new water dump platform and a subsea pipeline. The new well head have been offered placement and are expected to begin their career with Atkins on September 1, 2008. platform will have will be powered using solar panels. The complete project is expected to be completed in 4 months. The platform is expected to begin Space within the Infantry Road office in Bangalore has been pumping oil in the second quarter of 2010. identified. The Aerospace team along with Telecomm team will The Oil&Gas has a longstanding relationship with QPD and has in the form a DAC floor. past provided Concept, FEED and Detailed Design services for full field development of Al-Karkara and A-North fields. QSE Sharjah office now corporate member of EEG; First joint initiative successfully completed. Sharjah has taken up corporate membership with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) as a step towards contributing to environmental conversation. EEG aims to contribute positively to the advancement of sustainable development in Dubai and UAE by acting as a focal point for people concerned with Looking at the ambitious growth plans of the Aerospace environment protection and solid waste management. business, Bangalore office seems to be in the thick of the schemes. As its first joint venture with the EEG, volunteers from the Sharjah office participated in a Can collection drive conducted on May 29, 2008. Volunteers Tony Ball, the Aerospace Divisional Manager Middle East Baljit Modi (Manager, QSE) receiving the corporate visited the residences of Atkins employees to collect waste cans. All cans and India says, “We are entering an exciting period in both membership certificate from Habiba Sultan Marashi, Chairperson of EEG. collected during this drive were will be recycled by the EEG. the Sharjah and Bangalore offices. The growth, exciting new work and career development opportunities will continue to Baljit Modi, Manager, QSE, said that he was very happy to see the staff from the office volunteer for this campaign. “We intend to strengthen the division’s identity. The next 12 months will participate in many more such campaigns organised by EEG and I hope that our staff members will actively engage themselves in define our future” the upcoming activities,” he added. 2
  4. 4. news QSE Sharjah Improve ‘08 - The stats so far. The Sharjah Improve ‘08 initiative has received an impressive response from everyone in the office. The QSE team has received more than 30 entries for the competition and more than 90 employees have participated. Here’s a list of the number of entries division-wise: Sharjah Division No of Projects/Teams registered Oil & Gas 4 Rail Signaling 4 Highways & Transportation 6 Aerospace 5 There are about 600 reasons why we started this initiative. Rail Solutions 2 YOU, are the most important reason. DLRT 3 Northern Gulf H&T 1 Oil & Gas GDC 1 Human Resources 2 Administration / IT 1 QSE 1 As we move ahead, a panel of judges will be decided, prizes will be announced and shortlists for the prizes will be declared. Green Initiative is looking for volunteers again. To sign up, please contact Baljit Modi on In the next issue, we’ll bring details of the entries received and baljit.modi@atkinsglobal.com shortlisted entries. Have we missed an exciting news story from By using the purchasing power and corporate contracts that Atkins has with its IT FACTOID 125 AED suppliers, you now have access to a number of discounts on various providers of your division? Just click on the button below and software and hardware products: we’ll come to collect the details to publish in the - Microsoft Home Use and Employee Purchase Program – This enables you to get one next issue. The price at which you can copy of Microsoft Office to use at home at a fraction of the normal retail price. purchase a licensed home - Surf Control – A free trial and discount on software that allows you to monitor what edition of Microsoft Office. your children have access to online. Submit a news item - Insight – They are the preferred supplier of Atkins IT related products and you can purchase IT supplies for use at home at our corporate discount rate. Select 'Send Data File', if prompted. For more details, visit: http://axis.mei.atkinsglobal.com/workinghere/payandbenefits/Pages/itrelateddiscounts.aspx 3
  5. 5. aerospace Atkins @ the Farnborough Airshow Kamlesh Dewangan and Amol Telang, Engineers from the Aerospace team in Sharjah represented Atkins at the Farnborough International Airshow held in UK between July 14 and 20th. Here are some of the photos from the Airshow they sent for our viewing pleasure. Amol also took time out to give us a brief about this mega exhibition. This year’s Airshow was special, not F16, F18 and Eurofighter, kept the only because this was Farnborough’s audience enchanted. 1 60th birthday, but this year also marked the 100th anniversary of The flying displays showed off the the first-ever powered flight - which capabilities of the planes currently in took off from Farnborough on use. The static displays on the other October 16 1908. hand showcased new developments in the aviation business. The entire event was organised in three sections - Trade exhibition, A major attraction in the static Flying Display, Static Display. display was the supersonic JSF- 3 F35 - A Joint Strike Fighter The trade exhibition gave aerospace developed jointly by Lockheed and aviation companies from across Martin and Boeing. The SVTOL the world an exclusive platform to engine F-135 developed for JSF is a promote their products and services masterpiece. Atkins has supported to an international audience. the JSF development in UK and 2 This year over 1,480 companies Netherlands. Atkins Nedtech has (including Atkins) from 35 countries also received prestigious recognition exhibited their product and services. award for the work they did on JSF for GE and Rolls Royce. The Airbus A380 kicked off the flying display shows this year. It was Overall, the Farnborough Airshow is quite an exhilarating moment to great experience for any aerospace see the plane on which the entire engineer. Its a place to go and aerospace team has worked, take see your hard work in action and off into the sky. Almost 80000 to see the latest technological spectators watched in awe as this developments in the industry. Hope 4 5 mammoth took off gracefully from to be there again next year. the ground. (1&2) Red Arrows Team (Royal Air Force) performing acrobatics in a team formation. (3) The F-16 roaring into the sky leaving behind a trail of smoke. (4) Kamlesh Dewangan (Engineer, Aerospace) posing in front of the business jets on The Red Arrows (Royal Air Force) display. (5) Amol Telang (Engineer, Aerospace) posing with a Hercules C-120. performed aero-acrobatics while the 4
  6. 6. qse qse Energy and Resource Trend Consumption Trends - YoY Report Monitor Pr con em tin s. The organizational goal is to reduce energy and resources im ou act om ti en e consumption by at least 5% YoY in pr r r ivi ot nua t ov ou tie 8 in l g 0 ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION /STAFF IN (KW) ‘ YEARLY COMPARISION TREND WATER YEARLY COMPARISION TREND 136.19 (average taken on monthly basis) (average taken on monthly basis) 250.00 e e. 350.00 101.67 iv at 294.3 v 200.00 300.00 iti Water Electricity 157.66 In 238.09 consumpt-ion / 231.89 250.00 consumption/ ro 150.00 staff ( gallon) SE staff(KW) 200.00 Q 160.99 100.00 A 150.00 p Bench Mark for Apr 08 - 100.00 50.00 Bench Mark Mar 09 for Apr 08- (129.38) March 09 50.00 im 0.00 (226.18) Monthly Apr-08 May-08 Jun-08 0.00 Average Monthly Apr-08 May-08 Jun-08 Apr 07 - Mar 08 Average s Apr 07- Mar 08 cu h ov rm ion Fo a nn fo at r rj - P nte sto e - I er gr me - I u pl io ce PAPER CONSUMPTION/STAFF(ROLL/REEM) - C eo CARBON FOOT PRINT MONITORING FOR THE TOTAL at an YEARLY COMPARISION TREND ELECTRICITY CONSUMED IN OFFICE a -P (AVERAGE TAKEN ON MONTHLY BASIS n 140.00 1.80 Carbon consumed kgCO2/Mwh h 1.60 Monthly Average 1.44 120.00 1.40 Apr 06- Mar 07 s 1.40 Fo 100.00 Total paper Monthly Average 1.20 ba r de 1.06 consumption/staff (per staff) Apr 07- Mar 08 0.98 80.00 in reem/rolls ljit ta 1.00 Apr-08 .m ils od , co 0.80 60.00 i@ nt 0.60 May-08 at ac 40.00 ki ns t Ba 0.40 Bench Mark for 20.00 Jun-08 gl ob ljit M Apr 08- Mar 09 0.20 (1.37) al 0.00 0.00 .c od Monthly Apr-08 May-08 Jun-08 om i o Monthly Average Apr-08 May-08 Jun-08 Average n Apr 07- Mar 08 Apr 07- Mar 08 5
  7. 7. cover Globalization is certainly changing the much higher compared to the frequency with which an Indian would use it. While way countries interact and citizens’ it would probably take a Nobel Prize for approach the increasing exposure to Culture Curry an Indian to appreciate the “brilliance” of other cultures in their daily lives. But, his co-worker, it was more a normal office let us face it: the term “Global” has lingo in the British context. This led me to become overused, often misused too, select appropriate words, with the correct and the world is not as flat as Thomas intonation, spoken with appropriate eye A glimpse of Loren Friedman would argue. Going contact while standing at a proper distance. global either for a company or for an individual is always full of hassles with the British While in UK, I realised that people from lots of lessons and learning along the different cultures encode and decode way; and adaptability is the key to a messages differently, increasing the chances culture smooth transition. of misunderstanding. I took the safety- first approach of assuming that everyone’s As the first culture curry offered in thoughts and actions aren’t alike. I found an through easy solution to decipher the British culture - me&u, I am glad to share through I visited the public British library resources. I anecdotes, a few of my cultural the eyes of still remember searching laboriously around learnings and experiences while I was in Bristol for the nearest library. I read a couple Bristol, UK from April, 2006 to October, of books to investigate how India was 2006. Happy reading and Enjoy! an Indian perceived by the British press and how close it was to my perception of India; and to try Having lived and worked in parts of and understand the potential conflicts and Aerospace India where people did not speak any amongst the two. I was amazed to discover of languages I know, I was prepared for that our perceptions - mine and the British surprises while leaving for UK. At the same engineer. press’s - weren’t that far apart. time, I was excited at the opportunity to have first hand experience of a western Stereotyping can create funny situations working culture and lifestyle. After a six sometimes and also prevent people from month stint in the UK, I can very well say realizing that there can be other ways of that overall it was a positive experience. interpreting a situation. One such interesting incident was while I was having a drink Although, I thought I had good English at a local pub. I started a conversation skills, British spoken English is full of cultural with a British girl and I found myself in an usages and contextual inferences - enough embarrassing situation trying to explain to confuse me! The frequency with which to her that I am an aerospace engineer in the British used the word “brilliant” was 4 6
  8. 8. cover spite of being an Indian. According to her, every Indian working a South Asian to travel abroad. This incident reinforced my belief abroad is a software engineer and it took me some time to that we are tuned and programmed to behave according to convince her that people in India do take up other professions as what we have seen and experienced and hence made me realise well. the importance of going around the world to see different cultures so as to not take things for granted and remain open to One very positive outcome of my stay in the UK was when I got learning new perspectives. Naresh Kumar, an opportunity to interact with people from other nationalities Engineer, Aerospace like the French, Italian, Iranian and Africans. My neighbours were South Africans and I have had many amusing discussions with A lesson in them and enjoyed answering all sorts of weird questions they British Culture had about India. Their rather loud Afrikaans colloquy often left me wondering whether they were arguing or having friendly Members of the Rail Solutions team recently underwent a cultural banter. sensitisation workshop to develop and enhance sensitivity towards their British colleagues. Tapan Agarwal (Planning On the professional front, I liked the flat hierarchy approach in Engineer, Rail Solutions) also participated in the seminar and Atkins and the comforting and motivating ambience provided to brought back some interesting lessons. Here’s what he learnt: the staff. It was quite a change for me after having worked in a rather rigid hierarchical defense set-up in India. - Timely intimation of the inability to complete a job or project is appreciated. Being in the UK during the Football World Cup was an - Acceptance of mistake/ error right away is considered experience in itself. I used to frequent the nearby pub to watch good instead of hiding and creating problems at a the football matches and at times loved the hooting and critical time. unconventional comments passed during the match more than - No specific time for humor, so British can crack a joke the game itself. Another pleasant incident which comes to my anytime, anywhere, even while attending a funeral. - Names are generally shortened and are used in mind is watching the British dancers dancing to Indian music; professional correspondence also, like Elizabeth becomes and their performances - I must say - were quite impressive. Liz. The best part for me was the realisation that though most of - Everybody is equal in an organization and is called by audience were British, they enjoyed themselves as much as I did, his/ her name. No suffix (as sir or madam) is used. although I doubt they understood any of the songs! - Constructive criticism is OK for the British. - British like to do their work themselves. It is a fact that different cultures may lead one into situations - Taking initiative expected and appreciated never encountered before, thus making it difficult to - Greeting cards not important and no ceremony. comprehend the gravity of the issue without being insensitive. - People do talk about weather as a clue for starting a Season 2. European Union is a congregation of 27 countries. Though communication. culturally different from each other, their citizens don’t need - For effective communication its better to speak slowly to Coming Soon. a visa to visit other countries. It took me quite some time make yourself clear. to explain to a British colleague the logic behind the visa - To avoid any confusion during any work process, its better to deal one thing at a time with a British. procedures and the importance of a visa being a must-have for 7
  9. 9. viewpoint Viewpoint survey is conducted by Atkins were – Direction, Job clarity, Customer focus, every year to welcome a response from the Competence, Resources, Empowerment, employees to the extent to which they feel Involvement, Co-operation, Feedback and enabled to work and deliver the goals of Recognition. These scores from each of these the business. The survey provides the staff key areas were used to generate an Employee with a platform – a platform to openly and Engagement Index (EEI) which gives an idea anonymously voice their opinions, about the of the extent to which the objective is met. In company, about the business and in general addition, the staff also voiced their opinions on Viewpoint ‘08 about the facilities and conditions offered for 10 specific organisational factors. Viewpoint the employees to perform. The responses from our office exceeded or at results were This year, the survey was rolled out in the first least equalled in the last year’s responses in out quite week of March and the results were out in 17 of the key factors and showed a reduction the last week of June. The participation of the in 13 factors. The main areas in which the sometime staff from our office was commendable with staff have ranked the business lower than back. We a response rate of 88%, higher than last year were in the areas of Job clarity and the overall response rate within the competence. Feedback on performance, spent some Atkins group of 79% and the Middle strengths and development needs has been East response rate of 81%.This issue of the ranked much higher this year compared to last time with me&u attempts to summarise the results of year. This perhaps has to do with the fact that the results the Viewpoint survey with particular emphasis the staff strengths has increased considerably on what the staff in our office feel about the since last year and also that there was a and bring extent to which the company facilitates them formal and elaborate performance review and you a brief to deliver the goals of the business. appraisal procedure this year, compared to an informal procedure last year in most divisions. interpretation As you all might already be aware, the results of what the of this survey were based on In the other section where the staff were asked the Kaisen model of employee to rank specific organisational questions, it was results exactly engagement. The results were observed that the overall satisfaction of the based on 10 key areas derived from 30 factors employees has improved compared to the last mean. on which the staff ranked the year. business on a scale from 1 to 10. These factors were chosen as On comparing the EEI scores for each of the By, fundamental to enabling key areas between various divisions for the Vivian Robert the staff to deliver business current survey, it is observed that the staff Team Leader, goals. The ten key areas that from our office have score more than the Highways & Transportation were derived from the fundamental factors overall Atkins group in 8 of the 10 key areas. by which the staff ranked the business In the other two key areas, namely, client 8
  10. 10. viewpoint focus and involvement, the staff have scored Methodology Used The presentation of results within this report are based on the Kaisen Model of Employee Engagement. The model comprises 10 key areas derived equal in both divisions. On the other hand, from 30 factors which are fundamental to enabling people to deliver business goals. The model uses an index system of scoring throughout. Scores the Sharjah office scores higher than the are based on the same 0-100 scale, with 100 being the highest achievable score. (www.kaisen.co.uk) Middle East businesses in only one key area – Resources. The Sharjah office staff have Sharjah scores compared for 2008 compared to Sharjah scores as compared to the range of scores scores for 2007 reporting from other offices and the average score. scored lower than the Middle East staff in seven key areas and have equal scores in the areas of competence and empowerment. DIFFERENCES AVERAGE HIGHEST LOWEST SCORES SCORES 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 On comparing the EEI scores of March 2008 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 with March 2007 for each of the key areas Job Clarity 83 49 77 93 between various divisions, it is observed that Job Clarity 83 -1 the overall EEI for the Atkins group on the Competence 82 64 75 88 whole has increased marginally while the Competence 82 -1 scores of the Middle East business and the Client Focus 78 56 72 85 Sharjah office have remained unchanged Client Focus 78 +0 since the last survey. Direction 75 47 72 92 Direction 75 +0 On comparing the specific organisational Resources 75 factors, it is observed that the Sharjah office 53 67 87 Resources 75 +0 has demonstrated an overall score higher Co-operation than the Atkins group but marginally lower 75 55 70 85 Co-operation than the Middle East business. The Sharjah 75 +0 staff have scored higher than the Atkins Empowerment 74 54 70 87 Empowerment group in all the ten specific organisational 74 +0 questions, but have only scored higher than Involvement 72 49 67 93 the Middle East business on two questions. Involvement 72 +1 Recognition 70 40 61 89 The survey scores when compared with the Recognition 70 +1 range and average scores from the Kaisen Feedback 68 32 57 82 benchmark database shows that the Sharjah Feedback 68 +6 office has scored above average in all the key Average Benchmark Range Sharjah areas surveyed. The overall EEI for the Sharjah March 2008 March 2007 office was a healthy 75 compared to the From the above chart its obvious that Sharjah has scored better in all areas Atkins benchmark of 73. The Year-over-year scores for Sharjah in the areas have remained as compared to the organizational average. mostly constant except for Feedback where the scores have jumped by 6 points. This means that you now received more feedback for you work than what you received earlier. 9
  11. 11. q&a Meet The Manager What has been/is your biggest career achievement to time I mastered the art of putting forward my view point across date? my superiors in a smooth manner; this is a very important part Without doubt the biggest achievement has been successfully of management for any manager, if he considers the interest of setting up the present office. It is unique in many respects. his work and interest of his staff supreme It opened up opportunities in the international arena for the Have you ever broken the law – please expand? traditionally introvert society of Indian Signal engineers to show their skills. It has been an experiment of rare kind to apply Yes , only once , when I was a student. I took my bicycle into remote servicing concept to a hard core engineering subject a road against a ‘No Entry’ sign board. The policeman was Ramesh Rao like signal engineering , a concept which was hitherto proven kind enough to let me go when I pleaded I was only a student only in software industry. It is an experiment again fusing (fringe benefit of being a student) Chief Engineer, Eastern work ethos and culture with the western work ethos If they made a movie of your life, who would you want and culture for the benefit of all , the staff the employer and Rail Signalling to play you? Why? the client. Sanjeev Kumar1, because he is my favorite character actor. His His team has clocked more than 100,000 man hours What is the best piece of advice that you have ever ‘serious’ looking cine personality matches with mine . I am of work since inception and here’s what he had to received? willing to act myself if you say that he is no more! say to our weird questions. ‘Be honest, you are a public servant’. This was from my father What is/are your favourite song(s)? on the first day of joining my Railway service. I have followed Briefly describe your career it throughout my career. In my opinion an engineer is always a ‘ Saare jahanse achha Hindustan hamara’2 public servant whether he works in a public sector or private. I joined the elite service of Indian Railway Signal Engineers as What is/are your favourite movie(s) an Assistant Engineer and worked my way up. My long Railway What is the worst piece of advice that you have ever journey finally took me to the Railways Ministry through some It is always the movie that one seen in the youth that stand received? out. Chemmeen the Malayalam film of the yester years is my of the important and tough divisional postings. While being a ‘Chef ist immer recht - Boss is always right‘. This was from my Director in the Ministry, I took a liking for consultancy service favorite .It was the President’s award winning film and first and switched over to the consultancy wing of the Railway colleague in the initial period of my service. But over a period of full length feature film in color. It was based on the social life Ministry, well known in India as RITES Ltd, as head of their of the fishermen of the West coast of India whose life is Signaling and Telecommunication division. Here I am with intrinsically woven with sea. They even believed that the Atkins for the last 7 years, on a different kind of mission, man on the sea will be swallowed by the Sea Mother, the servicing British Rail industry, in this crucial period of savior and destroyer of the community, if his wife is not resource crunch. faithful on the shore. As a city bred boy I was attracted by the fishermen and the sea combination and not the least, What are your long term goals for the business? the inspiration of any youth, the love angle The long term goal is to grow the business two fold in How would you like to be remembered? the next five years. More than the size, I would like the office to grow in depth, enriching its core competence, in I am quite satisfied to be remembered as a good citizen. upcoming technologies like metro signaling, continuous Good citizens are the fundamental building block of any train monitoring and supervision etc . Areas of operation society desirous of flourishing. Only a good citizen knows would encompass areas unexplored hitherto like how difficult it is to be a good citizen, responsibility construction management, maintenance management, ranging from resisting the temptation to spit on the road consultancy services, training and research. Traditionally, to temptation to evade taxes! signaling and telecommunication are an integrated Key discipline in organisations across the globe. I would like the 1: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanjeev_Kumar_(actor) business to grow into telecom sector as well. 2: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saare_Jahan_Se_Achcha 10
  12. 12. audits Its time to be ready! The HSE Audits are around the corner (7,8,9,10 and 11 September) and its time to be ready. Here’s a bunch of questions to help you refresh your HSE quotient. a. Do I know the Atkins Health & Safety Policy? Yes/No j. I do the following things in case of an accident or an incident: ______ b. Do I know the Atkins Environmental Policy? Yes/No k. I define Carbon Footprint as____________________________________ c. Our Safety Objectives are ______________________________________ l. I help in reducing the carbon footprint by_________________________ d. I contribute to our safety objectives by___________________________ m. What should I do when I am working alone after office hours? e. Our environment objectives are_________________________________ n. The Atkins Drug & Alcohol Policy is______________________________ f. I contribute to the environment by______________________________ o. DSE Assessment is defined as___________________________________ g. My nearest Fire Exit is located at________________________________ p. I perform DSE assessment to ensure_____________________________ h. My Fire Warden is____________________________________________ q. My Fire Muster/ Fire Assembly point is located at __________________ i. In case of an injury, I contact____________________________________ If you have answered all the questions correctly, you are ready for the HSE Audit. For any assistance, please refer to the BMS or contact your QSE coordinator. 11
  13. 13. staff ~~congrats!!!~~ Nitin Ubale (left) (Sr. Shinukuttan Kuttappan Sreejit Pillai (left) (Stress Abhilash Bhushan Nejeeb Basheer (left) Design Engineer, (left)(CAD Designer, Engineer, Aerospace) (left) (Design Engineer, (Designer, Northern Station Design Team), NGBT), wed Jisha wed Dhanya on May 7, Northern Gulf Building Gulf, Building Services) wed Archana on 2008 in Kerala, India. Services) wed Shini on May 22, 2008 in wed Shabana in April 20, 2008 in Navi on April 28, 2008 in Kerala, India. Kerala, India on April Mumbai, India. Kerala, India. 20, 2008. Mehul Thakkar Sandeep Sahane Roshan K Xavier (Architect, ASDT) (CAD Designer, (CAD Designer, and wife Archita Norther Gulf Norther Gulf were blessed with Building Services) Building Services) a baby girl on and wife Asmi and wife Tintu Pearl on March 13, were blessed with Roshan were 2008. Pearl and a baby boy on May blessed with baby her parents are 25, 2008. They boy on 26th April. participants of a have named him They have named Stem Cell research Jeet. him Emil Roshan. program and were featured on NDTV in early April. Email photos and details of your wedding/new born to rahul.susarla@atkinsglobal.com Hossam Abo Gabal Ahmed Senior Infrastructure Engineer new folks on the block Mahmoud Mohamed Sadek Badawy Infrastructure Engineer Northern Gulf (Building Technologies) Aerospace Gnana Amritharaj Christopher Sr. Engineer (Mech/Piping) Jimmy Flores CAD Technician/Designer Jayadev Das Engineer Kandukuri Bhaskar Reddy Sr. Engineer (Mech/Piping) Sigrid Maria Mueller Senior Architectural Designer Ashish Pawar Engineer Sridhar Narasimhan Sr. Instrument Engineer Rail Civil Anupam Abhishek Engineer Alireza Ziyaee Sr. Planning Engineer Harpreet Singh CAD Technician/Designer Highways & Transportation Sachin Sutar Designer (Mech/Piping) Mahendra Kamuni Junior Engineer Mayank Mathur CAD Technician/Engineer Nanda Kumar Kuppuswamy Sr. Electrical Designer Kabir Ahmed Bevopar Sr. Design Engineer Administration Saeid Lashgari Designer (Mech/Piping) Manickam Chellappa Sr. Design Engineer Abia Cheryan Admin. Assistant Venkata Tammineni Sr. Mechanical Designer Srinivasa Rao Mulakala Junior Engineer Ida Sara John Accountant Amol Madhukar Botle Sr. Mechanical Designer Suntharalingam Varathungan Design Manager Sunil Varghese Financial Controller Pramod Kumar Maheshwari Process Engineer Rail (Signalling) Blesson Abraham Support Supervisor Dharmaraj Chellappa Structural Engineer Bethanasamy Ramaswamy Signalling Engineer Moayad Hamdan PR Officer Nishanth Nayak Designer (Civil / Structural) Venkatesh Palaniappan Jr. Signal Engineer Asif Abdulkadher IT Assistant Maharajan Sangili Electrical Engineer Elamvazhuthy Jayaraman Jr. Signal Engineer Norther Gulf (Highways) Abhin Sankaran IT Systems Administrator Buddhadev Choudhury Sr. Signalling Engineer Oil & Gas Ramon Bautista CAD Technician Suraj Kumar Signalling Engineer Sheryas Viswanathan Designer (Piping) Mohamed Mostafa Saleh Tawfik Highway Engineer Kedar Nath Signalling Engineer Susanta Kumar Behera Document Controller Khaled Moustafa Infrastructure Engineer Harishankar Sanakaran Radhakrishnan Junior Engineer Sreedhar Janakiram Sr. Engineer (Civil/Structural) Alan Olivar CAD Technician Swati Prusty Signalling Engineer Manoj Kumar Villakkathara Designer (Structural) Ali Elhindawi Senior Engineer As on July 31, 2008 12
  14. 14. last page Your 5Qs All Correct Entries Feedback - Biju Antoney (Signalling) - Vinay Kushalappa (H&T) - Pradeep Kumar (H&T) Here - Kaiser Syed (H&T) - Chanderprakash Gulati (H&T) - Manish Dubey (DTT) - Jampana Varma (H&T) Figure 1 - Gladdin George (Administration) - Moin Ali (DLRT) Good or Bad, your comments, reviews - Sharmili Jagdale (QSE) and feedback inspire us to push - Sana Ullah (NGBT) towards excellence. Just keep your - Sachin Dhir (Rail Civil) feedback coming. - Viswanadh Ponnuru (Earth Structures) - Lakshmi Ganesh (DTT) 1. To which country does the above currency note (Figure 1) Click the button to fill the feedback form. - Sreenivasa Telukutla (Aerospace) belong? - Tirumal Pulipaka (Aerospace) Clicking the button will launch an external site to 2. a, b and c are cats in the which everyone in the office will have access. - Charan Kumar (QSE) 2a logos of three different - Amit Doshi (H&T) companies. Identify the - Parvatha Vardhan (Earth Structures) three companies. 2b - Puneet Mehta (Aerospace) 3. How do we better know - Sujeet Chandra (Aerospace) Click Here Anthony “Tony” Edward - Kependra Bhairam (Aerospace) - Mahesh Shenoy (HR) Stark, Head of Stark 2c - Oscar John (HR) Industries? Winners Answers to Quiz #4 - Mahesh Shenoy (HR) 1) Dalai Lama, - Sharmili Jagdale (QSE) 2) Charlton Heston - Lakshmi Ganesh (DTT) 3) Steven Spielberg 4) Rockstar North Ltd. (formerly DMA Design) or Rockstar - Vinay Kushalappa (H&T) Games or Take Two Interactive 5) Casino Royale 13