Postural deformities(word)


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This word presentation is prepared for DIET Daryaganj ETE trainees while keeping in view their Health and Physical Education curriculum and they are free to use this presentation in anyway as they like.

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Postural deformities(word)

  1. 1. Defects relating to Posture 2012If the school going children are examined in relation to body postures, at least fifty percent ofthem will be found adopting faulty posture in one way or other. These defects are of thefollowing:Spinal Curvature: This defect is generally found in a large number of children. Excessive strainduring childhood on the vertebral column makes it curve and the following defects arise” Appearances of Kyposis Lordosis ScoliosisThe following deformities appear in the Kyposis: 1. Bending of head and body in forward direction 2. Round Back 3. Flat Chest 4. Round Shoulders 5. Round hollow back 6. Bulging out of the bellyThe above mentioned defects are caused by nonnutritive and unbalanced diet, lack of fresh airand inadequate physical exercises. Besides faulty desk sitting posture, myopia, excessive strainon shoulders and rickets also deform the waist region. The teacher in order to remove thesedefects should impress upon the students the importance of adopting correct postures whilestanding, reading and writing .Boys with deformities should be advised to take proper physicalexercises in order to remove their defects.LordosisThe defect causes the back to bend in either direction. Curvature also appears in the waist region.The shoulder bones in the back also seem to be bending towards the sides. Hips also bulge out.In this state of body, occasionally the child experiences pain in the back and walks like a lameperson.For removing this defect, the child should be made to stand in the correct posture. Specialphysical exercises, too, cure this defect. In sever complication cases, proper treatment should beundertaken on the expert advice of a doctor.Flat FootThis defect is found in the early years in weal children. This is caused by over work and byputting on heavy shoes. This weakens the body bonds which keep, the foot muscles and footbridge in order. Consequently, the foot becomes flat. Continuously standing or walking also tries 1 Prepared by Neeraj Kumar Mehra, Lecturer(Health and Physical Education| DIET Daryaganj
  2. 2. Defects relating to Posture 2012out the muscles as the results of which these muscles find themselves unable to function properlyand the foot turns flat.The foot should be rested as soon as symptoms of this defect appear. They should be saved fromfatigue. This defect is also overcome by walking on toes. It is also useful to apply pressure on theedges of sole while walking. SummaryCorrect body posture represents a healthy and strong body. Faulty postures on the on the otherhand, mean a week and sick body. There are two causes of faulty postures: Relating to home Relating to schoolMany deformities in the body appear due to faulty postures adopted while standing, sitting,reading or writing e.g. spinal curvature, flat foot etc.The students while reading a book should sit in an upright position and keep the book at adistance of at least twelve inches from the eye. An angle of 45 degree should be formed whilereading a book in hand.Special attention should be paid on the manner of holding the paper position, the hand writingand the way of writing.The head, shoulders and the hips should form a straight line while sitting.Veretbral columnshould also be straight.The body weight should fall equally on both the legs while standing for a short time, but for alonger duration, the body weight should fall alternately on legs,i.e. ,one leg should remainstretched forward.ReferencePlease be thankful to “School Health Education and Public Health”, written by Dr.S.P.Chaubeand Dr.Akhilesh Chaube (Available in DIET Daryaganj Library) 2 Prepared by Neeraj Kumar Mehra, Lecturer(Health and Physical Education| DIET Daryaganj