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Production log

  1. 1.     Center  Number:   St.  Paul’s  Catholic  College   64770     Candidate  Number:   5943       Candidate  Name:  Nikita  Kanda                            A2  Media  Studies           Unit  G324:  Advanced  Portfolio  in  Media  –       Production  Log     Evidence  of  Planning  &  Research       Aims  and  Objectives     1  
  2. 2.   • AO2  –  Assess  candidates’  application  of  knowledge  and   understanding  in  evaluating  their  own  work,  showing   how  meanings  and  responses  are  created.     •   • AO3  –  Assess  candidates’  ability  to  plan  and  construct   media  products  using  appropriate  technical  and  creative   skills.   AO4  –  Assess  candidates’  ability  to  undertake,  apply  and   present  appropriate  research.       Brief  Chosen               A  45  second  –  1  minute  30  second  trailer  for  a  NEW  Soap  Opera   that  will  be  exhibited  on  BBC  3  at  8:30pm  (after  Eastenders)   that  will  appeal  to  a  Male  and  Female  audience.                   2  
  3. 3. Contents     Textual  Analysis     • Eastenders Soap Opera Codes & Conventions Multi Strand Narrative   • Coronation Street “The home, the family, domestic tribulations and the strong woman, and as such, it has long been said to appeal to the female viewer”   ‘Masculinity  and  Popular  television’  –  Rebecca  Feasey  (2007)       Research         • • • Purpose  of  a  Trailer   Multi-­‐Platform  promotion   Textual  Analysis  –  Coronation  Street  and  Hollyoaks   Deadlines  –  Production  Work     Filming  Dates:  Wednesday  23rd  October  2013  8am  –  12pm       Edited  Trailer  –  Complete:  Friday  14th  February  2014       Promotional  Poster  –  Complete:  Friday  14th  February  2014     Promotional  Magazine  Cover  –  Complete:  Friday  14th  February  2014     Evaluation  –  Complete:  Friday  14th  February  2014       Production  Work     • • • Director   Producer   Institution  research  –  BBC  Three         Soap  Opera  Codes  &  Conventions  –  Lesson  2     3  
  4. 4.   1) What are some of the Codes & Conventions of this genre?   You  MUST  demonstrate  what  you  already  know  by  completing  a  “Spider   Diagram”  of  what  you  know  about  OR  expect  from  this  genre:           Set in one   Romance Family relationship community   or conflict       Focus on   Multi-strand working class   Soap opera codes narrative communities   and conventions             Realism socially relevant Antagonism and conflict within community Cliff hanger                                         4  
  5. 5.     2)  Codes  &  Conventions  of  the  Soap  Opera  Genre     The  Soap  Opera  genre  can  be  categorized  by  the  ‘repeated’     (Steve  Neale)  elements  of:     1. Romance 2. Family relationships and conflict 3. Focus on working class communities 4. Cliff Hangers 5. Multi-stranded narrative 6. Realism/ socially relevant 7. Set in one community 8. Antagonism and conflict within the community   Eastenders  (1985  –  Present)                   Key  information  regarding  this  text:       • Exhibited on BBC1 and repeated on BBC Three • One of the UK’s highest rated programs (8mil per week)       • Set in the ‘kitchen sink’ setting of fictional Walford, East London 5  
  6. 6.   Textual  Analysis  Task  -­‐               You  MUST  complete  the  Table  below  whilst  watching  the  TWO  promotional   trailers  for  the  BBC  Soap  Opera  Eastenders.     You  SHOULD  aim  to  identify  key  examples  (Verbal,  Non-­‐Verbal,  Technical)   from  each  trailer  that  demonstrates  your  understanding.     You  COULD  apply  relevant  audience  theory  to  explain  what  impact  these  key   examples  would  have  on  the  target  demographic.     In  your  opinion,  according  to  Hartley’s  Seven  Subjectivities,  what  is  the  target   audience  for  Eastenders?     Age   14+   Gender     Nationality     females British     Trailer  1)     What  is  the  Focus  of  this  trailer?   Love  triangle  between  Stacey,  Max  and  Bradley.                     Code     &   Convention     Romance         Family   relationships   and/or  conflict           Evidence     (Verbal,  Non-­‐Verbal,   Technical)     Impact  on  the  Audience     (Katz,  Maslow,  Hartley)   Verbal code ‘love you’ Personal identification with Love Non- verbal code of Max and Stacey kissing ‘I know about your Relating to Hartley this type of conflict dirty little secret’ would conform to a female audience, as it would intrigue them to the shock and scandal of Tanya finding out about Max’s affair. 6  
  7. 7. Focus  on   The market stall According to Katz it informs and working  class   educates the audience on what its like communities                       to work on a market and be in that   environment.       One story line Having one story line is easy for the “Multi-­‐Stranded   audience to follow and relate to. Narrative”       Tanya finding out the Maslow- Caregivers in the audience can   secret sympathise with Tanya and Bradley ‘Disequilibrium’   because it is something that can happen (Todorov)   in real life situations.           Trailer  2)     What  is  the  Focus  of  this  trailer?     Max’s Judgment day- the secret and lies catching up with him.     Code     &     Convention   Evidence     (Verbal,  Non-­‐Verbal,   Technical)       Romance       Stacey dressed provocatively   Family   relationships   and/or  conflict         Focus  on   working  class   communities           “Multi-­‐Stranded   Narrative”   Max Bradley Tanya Jack   Bradley is dressed as a security guard And Stacey is dressed as a cleaner/maid Shows a number of people in the family Impact  on  the  Audience     (Katz,  Maslow,  Hartley)   Katz- personal identification as it shows the lust and romance between Max and Stacey and the audience might be able to relate to this love or lust in that situation. Maslow- caregivers as the group in the family takes in the audience where tension and conflict is building and the audience may sympathise with certain family members like Tanya and Bradley who have been cheated on. Katz- diversion – the audience can escape from the stereotypical eastenders characters and see them in different roles which juxtaposes against their personalities such as Bradley dressed as a “monstrous” security guard. Shows the division between the gender and ages. Family stereotypes are shown, Jack wearing a suit the protective older 7  
  8. 8.   brother (business man) Stacey is shown as a sex object as she is the young firey appealing woman who has the affair with Max and Tanya his wife is very motherly compared to her and much older. The lyrics in this song imply that max is going to be found out and his lies are going to surface.   Song- ‘ sooner or   later gonna cut you ‘Disequilibrium’   down’ (Todorov)             Multi-­‐stranded  narrative     A  Multi-­‐stranded  narrative  can  be  defined  as…..     A story being told from more than one person’s point of view, telling a number of different stories based on a number of characters.     You  MUST  deconstruct  the  10-­‐minute  extract  from  Eastenders  and  identify  where   the  following  elements  are  presented  to  the  audience:     • Multi-­‐stranded  narrative   • Family  relationships  and/or  conflict   • Focus  on  working  class  communities   • ‘Disequilibrium’  (Todorov)   • Romance     You  SHOULD  write  down  x1-­‐2  examples  for  EACH  of  the  elements  above  that  are   presented.       Code  &  Convention   Evidence   Impact  on  the  audience   • Multi-­‐stranded   Lucy Katz – inform and narrative   Michael educate as there is not   Lauren just one story, the audience follows a number of different characters around the square and they learn something new about the characters. •   Family   relationships   and/or  conflict   Max and Tanya argue “when were you part of this conversation” Hartley – this relates to family as it shows the divide between Max and 8  
  9. 9.   •   Focus  on  working   class  communities   Lucy working in the café Peter on the market stall selling fruit and veg Family business Disequilibrium’  (Todorov)   Family love triangles/   affairs between max, Tanya and Kirsty fighting for max. Kat and Alfie have relationship troubles. • Romance   Alice is in love with   Michael but he doesn’t love her back.       Tanya’s marriage as they talk over each other and the conflict with their children being in the middle. Maslow- social climbers as the characters are working to better their own personal situations and Lucy is helping to keep the family business running, this might drive the audience to do the same. Maslow- ‘care givers’ sympathize with Tanya because Kirsty ruins their relationship. Maslow- ‘caregivers’ because Alice has been manipulated Soap  Opera  Codes  &  Conventions  continued  –  Lesson  3   Textual  Analysis     According  to  Rebecca  Feasey  in  ‘Masculinity  and  Popular  television’  (2007),  the  Soap   Opera  genre  tends  to  focus  on:     The  home,  the  family,  domestic  tribulations  and  the  strong  woman,  and  as  such,  it   has  long  been  said  to  appeal  to  the  female  viewer.       1) –  Do  you  agree?  (First  5  minutes)         9  
  10. 10.   You  MUST  deconstruct  the  opening  5  minutes  of  a  sequence  from  the  popular  ITV   Soap  Opera  Coronation  Street  (1960  –  Present)  to  identify  examples  of  where  this   ideology  is  presented  to  the  target  audience.     You  SHOULD  also  try  and  identify,  to  demonstrate  your  knowledge  and   understanding  of  the  genre,  any  Codes  &  Conventions  associated  to  the  Soap  Opera   genre.     Code  &  Convention   Evidence   Impact  on  the  audience     Rebecca  Feasey  (2007)  Ideology:     1. Female come up with solutions. 2. Family problems: David, Gail, Kylie and the baby. 3. ‘Did I ask for your opinion?” Michelle (strong woman). 4. Men scared of female reaction, so say nothing. 5. Michelle speaks over Steve.     • Multi-­‐stranded   Michelle and Steve narrative   David and Kylie   • Family   relationships   and/or  conflict   David and Kylie Gail and Nick Michelle and Steve • Focus  on  working   class  communities   Pub     Disequilibrium’  (Todorov)   ‘I don’t like surprises’   •   Romance   Kylie ‘ how much I Hartley- families are affected Katz- personal identification, audience can relate with the problems faced here. Hartley- whole families are involved in family secrets. Katz- inform and educate, of the typical soap opera convention of a working class environment. Maslow- survivors, this disequilibrium causes some tension and worry for the audience, as they want to know the character is going to be okay. Maslow – Care givers, 10  
  11. 11.   appreciate you’ showing love and care to you partner, the female audience can relate to this         Soap  Opera  Codes  &  Conventions  continued  –  Lesson  4   Textual  Analysis           1) What  is  the  purpose  of  a  trailer?   To  promote,  get  exposure  for  the  show  and  get  an  audience  talking  about  it,   which  can  lead  to  marketing.     2) What  are  the  benefits  of  Multi-­‐Platform  promotion  of  a  media  text?   Broadcast  :  shows  audiences  watching  that  channel.   E-­‐media  :  wider  audience,  bigger  platform,  cheap  or  free,  viral  (YouTube)         Ultimately,  some  form  of  Convergence  is  important  when  promoting  a  text  to  the   target  audience.       3)     Textual  Analysis  –           You  MUST  make  notes  on  the  following  areas  when  deconstructing  this  sequence   from  Coronation  Street:     • Multi-­‐stranded  narrative   • Character  dilemmas   • ‘Personal  Identification’  (Katz)         11  
  12. 12. Steve looks worried and anxious Becky looks excited and has a celebration drink Non-verbal: good luck written in different places Eileen crosses her fingers Roy and Haley smile, happy A number of characters involved in the wedding Song: “I feel lucky”                    The  above  link  will  take  you  to  some  of  the  latest  episodes  of  Hollyoaks.     1. What  are  the  connotations  of  the  Ident  for  the  popular  Channel  Four  Teen   Soap  Opera  Hollyoaks  (1995  –  Present)   • Pink  and  blue  acts  as  a  gender  divide  and  stereotypical  colours  for  males  and   females   • Pink  before  the  blue  suggests  that  it  is  a  female  focused  audience     Hollyoaks  –  “White  Wedding  Trailer”  -­‐­‐ r9Vb4       2. You  MUST  make  notes  on  the  following  areas  when  deconstructing  this   sequence  from  Hollyoaks:     • Binary  opposition  of  the  non-­‐diegetic  music     12  
  13. 13. • • • Symbolism  of  the  non-­‐verbal  code  of  the  tear   Representation  of  Pregnancy   Any  other  examples  that  would  impact  the  audience     The main colour is black The colour black relates to death and bad things The wedding goes wrong When the bride cries her tears are black which is the complete opposite to white which is normally the colour for weddings and suggests happiness , love and purity. There is an unwanted pregnancy and the bump stands out so it suggests that it is a big problem staring you in the face Songs: “It’s a nice day for a white wedding” “Shotgun” (normally when there is a pregnancy before marriage) “What have you done”         Production  Work           1) What  is  the  role  of  a  Producer?   Manage and see all of the production aspects 2) What  is  the  role  of  a  Director?   The director needs to be in charge of the group and the cast , making sure everyone knows what they are doing and is on schedule.   3)  Institution  research  –       You  MUST  research  the  institution  that  your  trailer  will  be  exhibited  on.           • Target audience 16-354year olds • • Replaced BBC choice • Focusing on new and original programmes and technology •   Launched in 2003 The channel is on air from 7pm till 5am each night 13  
  14. 14. •           90% of BBC three’s output is from the UK and other European Union countries • it also has a unique 60 second news round 14