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2008 2009something


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2008 2009something

  1. 1. Something You Probably Don’t Know Mrs. Oro 7th Grade 2008 November
  2. 2. How I Became Interested My Father My Grandparents My Great Grandparents
  3. 3. How I Became Interested Muliarkane, Caherciveen, County Kerry
  4. 4. How I Became Interested A Family Reunion!
  5. 5. The Best Thing So Far
  6. 6. The Best Thing So Far
  7. 7. The Best Thing So Far
  8. 8. Plans for the Future
  9. 9. Plans for the Future
  10. 10. Other Presentations… <ul><li>The fact that I play piano (for myself) </li></ul><ul><li>My collection of paper money from around the world </li></ul>