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  1. 1. news@work: your company news source Page 1 of 3 news@work hometop stories NEWSMAKERS In Her Own WordsBUSINESS BEATThousands of Steps,One Giant Leap ofFaithMark Muething is a marathonman. He recently completed a50 mile marathon in KeyLargo. If you do the math,that requires about 88,000steps. Mark’s career path atGreat American didn’t require88,000 steps, but it didrequire one giant leap of faith. From left to right: Stephanie Hoboth, Assistant Vice President of Fidelity and Crime Division, Melissa Domian, Director of Fidelity and Crime Division, Frank Scheckton, Jr, President of FidelityWORK MATTERS and Crime Division, Nicole Jolley, Associate Underwriter, Strategic Comp Division - at the CPCU Convention in Las Vegas, NV In just under 500 words, Nicole Jolley, Associate Underwriter, Strategic Comp (New Orleans), led readers on her journey into the insurance field, which ultimately landed her with GreatHow Does Vitality American Insurance. Nicole’s touching essay describing her ups,Work? her downs and her decision to pursue a CPCU designation didn’tAFGreatHealth has launched go unnoticed. She was recently recognized by the CPCUthe new health and wellnessprogram for employees called Society as a Designee Spotlight. She was invited to attend theVitality. So what are thebenefits, and how do you get CPCU convention in Las Vegas, NV and honored for hersigned up? accomplishments. Please join us in congratulating Nicole and many thanks forBUSINESS BEAT sharing her essay: As a child, I did not know exactly what I was destined to be when I grew up, but I was fairly certain that remaining open -minded about the possibilities was key to realizing the kind 1/16/2012
  2. 2. news@work: your company news source Page 2 of 3 of success I envisioned for myself. I had not considered establishing occupational roots in the insurance industry until I learned first-hand about the way in which a single industry can affect the trajectory of a persons life. It was during college that I suffered two tragic losses—the deaths of both my mother and father. While it was painful enoughThat Thing You Do: to endure those losses emotionally, it would have beenByron Shoultonnews@work has launched a much more difficult to sacrifice completing my collegenew feature article. “That degree in the face of a financial hardship as well. If it hadThing You Do” is putting thespotlight on you, the not been for my parents’ respective life insurance policies, Iemployees. Each article willfocus on a different employee would not have had the financial support to continue mywithin the Company. This education. At that point in time, I knew that my life hadweek, our feature employeeis Byron Shoulton been deeply enriched because of this industry, and my career would unquestionably be founded in insurance.WORK MATTERS I often recalled what my father used to impress upon me about my future. It sounded a lot like what most parents tell their children when they are young but with a compelling adage. My father always said, "You can do anything it is that you want to do; however, you have to be willing to put in the work." With that in mind, I embarked on a career in the insurance industry shortly after graduation and focusedCloud Computing – on the latter part of his motto. It was then that I challengedWhat are the Risks?Cloud computing provides myself to seek the most highly regarded program in theaccess to a shared set ofcomputing resources, such as industry and sacrifice a year of recreation in pursuit of anetworks, servers, storage, worthy education—the CPCU designation. I found securityapplications, and services.What are the benefits? What in having vast dreams as long as I worked to put theare the risks and how canthey be avoided? foundations under them, and that is exactly what the designation was for me. When I began my CPCU journey at the age of 23, I was building the foundation for my insurance career as well as heeding my fathers advice. Even though there were times I waivered in my will to stay the course, I would remind myself of the challenges my parents faced with courage and conviction; I would find confidence in the encouraging words they might bestow upon me if they were here; and I would hold dear the promises I have made to embrace and live up to the example they have set for me. It was their character that inspired me to persevere through each hurdle of CPCU, and it was because of them that I was fortunate enough to realize my passion for an industry that strives to make people whole again. The foundations my parents fostered within me in my personal life enabled me to build solid foundations for success in my professional life, and what I 1/16/2012
  3. 3. news@work: your company news source Page 3 of 3 ultimately discovered about myself during this journey proved surprising but equally as significant as the education itself. For that, I am eternally grateful. * A note from Nicole: As I headed back home from the convention in Las Vegas, I realized that none of this would have been possible without the overwhelming support of both Strategic Comp and Great American Insurance Group in my continuing professional development. Although I completed my CPCU back in the spring, attending the convention reinvigorated my interest in championing the cause for professional development. Shortly after returning home, I signed up as a CPCU Society Champion to encourage other Great American employees to expand their industry knowledge and professional horizons as well. Pursuing the CPCU designation was the single greatest career decision I have made to date; and if you choose to pursue it wholeheartedly, you might find that achieving the designation is the culmination of a journey that means more than just the letters behind your name. comments join the conversation Full Name * Company/Division Location Email * Comments *   Submit Submitted comments will be posted to this article page. They are moderated and will be removed if they are off-topic or abusive. Read our commenting terms of use for more information. © 2012 Great American Insurance Group | | myGAFRI.com 1/16/2012