How to move from capturing attention to ensuring lifetime retentionLet’s Go! Path toLIFECYCLE ...
ACQUIRE ONBOARD ENGAGE RETAINThis isn’t your average industry whitepaper—it’s an at-a-glance roadmap to hang byyour desk, ...
ac·quire [uh-kwahyuhr]verb: To convert potential customers into subscribers, therebyincreasing the likelihood that they’ll...
AFTER PURCHASE:AFTER PURCHASE:10 DAYSThe success of your promotional emailcampaign hinges on two elements:frequency and re...
See how far you can go with theindustry’s strongest platform atyour fingertips.Trusted leader in emailInnovative solutions...
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The Path to Lifecycle Marketing Success


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How to move from capturing attention to ensuring lifetime retention

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The Path to Lifecycle Marketing Success

  1. 1. How to move from capturing attention to ensuring lifetime retentionLet’s Go! Path toLIFECYCLE MARKETINGSuccess
  2. 2. ACQUIRE ONBOARD ENGAGE RETAINThis isn’t your average industry whitepaper—it’s an at-a-glance roadmap to hang byyour desk, filled with expert tips on how to improve your digital marketing with lifecycle campaigns.What does it take to build targeted emails that move from capturing customer attention to ensuringlifetime retention? Chances are, you already know a thing or two about lifecycle marketing. But let’sdo a quick recap:Plenty of organizations talk about lifecycle marketing, but how many truly inspire customers withmeaningful and relevant messages that drive sales, revenue, and customer loyalty? AtExactTarget, we’ve always believed in the power of giving the end consumer exactly what theywant—right message, right channel, right time, throughout the entire customer lifecycle. We callthis Inspired Marketing.Marketers at our core, we understand the challenges of limited time and resources that oftencompete with increased expectations. Thats why were passionate about helping you dreambig—considering all the lifecycle programs you could execute—and then grounding you withstrategic recommendations that will immediately impact your business, one step at a time.Acquire newsubscribers andgrow yoursubscriber listorganically.Onboard yoursubscribers andmake a favorablefirst impression.Engagesubscribers withautomated,personalizedcampaigns.Retain yourexistingsubscribers withtargetedreengagementand win-backstrategies.Everyone has a different pathto lifecycle marketing success.What’s yours?The Path to Lifecycle Marketing a closer look!
  3. 3. ac·quire [uh-kwahyuhr]verb: To convert potential customers into subscribers, therebyincreasing the likelihood that they’ll become actual purchasers.It’s time to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level. The first step isacquiring new subscribers—so you can continue the conversation, build newrelationships, and maximize your return on marketing investment.Strategies for acquiring new subscribers:• Web opt-in: Capture name and email to initiate a welcome message.• Social opt-in: Leverage your Facebook fans and Twitter followers to helpgrow your list.• SMS opt-in: Allow customers to opt-in to email via mobile or in-storetext responses.on·board [awn-bohrd]verb: To make new subscribers feel like they’re part of the family,getting the inside scoop on everything your brand has to offer.First impressions are important. Since subscribers are the most engaged they’ll everbe at the point of opt-in, it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, emphasize thevalue your personalized messages bring, and begin building a strong relationship.Strategy for onboarding new subscribers:• Welcome: Set expectations about the type and frequency of emailcommunications. Remind subscribers how they opted in (latest online order,SMS, etc.).• Confirm: Track subscriber profile information while including an incentive forfull completion.• Reward: Provide a valuable offer to reaffirm the customer’s reason for subscribing.Invite subscribers to further connect with your brand community via a social·tain [ri-teyn]verb: To build long-lasting relationships between your brand andyour subscribers.Dont forget about your unengaged subscribers! Our clients have found that it’s muchcheaper and easier to reengage inactive subscribers than it is to acquire new ones.Plus, reengagement campaigns allow you to identify those subscribers who should beremoved from your list—helping you improve deliverability rates, maintain clean data,and improve your sender reputation.Strategies for retaining your subscribers:• Win-back: Reengage subscribers who haven’t made a purchase for anextended period of time, incentivizing them to renew their relationship throughtargeted promotions.• Reengagement: Send proactive messages to reinforce your company’s valueproposition, determine why subscribers lost interest, and identify those who nolonger wish to receive your messages.Open for details!The Path to Lifecycle Marketing·gage [en-geyj]verb: To keep your subscribers happy by providing the contentthey want, exactly when they want it.So you’ve acquired and welcomed new subscribers. Now what? Keep it interestingwith relevant communications and compelling content that will help you reach yourbusiness goals—converting prospects into customers and expanding relationshipswith existing customers.Strategies for engaging your subscribers (see full poster on reverse for more):• Anniversary: Provide a personal communication thanking individualsubscribers on the anniversary of their first purchase or subscription.• Birthday: Enable subscribers to share wish list items with family and friends twoweeks prior to his/her birthday, then follow up with a personalized offer on theactual day.• Abandoned cart: Automate a reminder or incentivize your subscribers tocomplete their purchase.Notes:
  4. 4. AFTER PURCHASE:AFTER PURCHASE:10 DAYSThe success of your promotional emailcampaign hinges on two elements:frequency and relevancy. Which is mostimportant? Think quality over quantity.Minimize the number of required fields. Ifyou need more customer data, try askingfor it in a subsequent screen or a follow-upinteraction such as an email, survey, orphone call.What better time to engage subscribersthan in the weeks before their birthday?Enable a subscriber to share his/herwish list items with family and friends twoweeks prior, then follow up with abirthday message and personalized offeron the actual day.If your email subscriber list has hit aplateau, you may be overlooking a captiveaudience: your fans and followers! Use asimple sign-up form to drive email opt-insand collect customer information onFacebook—and cross-promote via Twittertoo! It’s an easy and efficient way to gainsubscribers who are truly interested inyour brand.Newsletter campaigns with ExactTarget letyousendhighlysegmentedandpersonalizedmessaging that keeps subscribers up to dateon company happenings and providesrelevant information.Welcome emails are highly anticipated,frequentlyopened,and(luckilyforyou)simpleto automate! By automating your welcomecampaign you can increase conversions at atime when you already have the consumer’sattention by including products, services, orspecial offers. Tie together social media byadding Facebook and Twitter icons in yourwelcome emails to help subscribers connectwith your brand across channels.Post-purchase campaigns help you shapethe customer purchase experience andprovide outlets to share their experiences.Things to try:Win-back campaigns seek to reengagesubscribers who haven’t made a purchasefor an extended period of time, incentivizingthem to renew their relationship with thecompany through targeted promotions.PromotionalWeb opt-inMobile opt-in campaigns allow you tocapture customer information at the mostopportune times—while they’re passingyour store front, waiting in line to make apurchase, or seeing your ad on the bigscreen. Encourage participation with adiscount offer or other promotion.Cart abandonment campaigns enableyou to easily automate a reminder orincentivize your subscribers to completetheir purchase. Try this:Customer acquisition is expensive—soit’s essential to seek out the existingcustomers who truly love your brand,reward them for their loyalty, and keepthem coming back. Try this:Browse retargeting campaigns exploreways to track and reengage yourwebsite visitors. Since browse data canbe used to send highly personalized andtargeted emails, these programs tend tosignificantly outperform standardblast-based promotional messages.MOBILE OPT-INBIRTHDAY SOCIAL OPT-INThe above statistics, in order of appearance, were compiled from these original source materials: 1. ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS #14, The 2012 Channel Preference Survey. 2. ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS #16, Retail Touchpoints Exposed! 3. Estimated metrics were compiled from a small sampling of large ExactTarget retail clients who ranged in level of sophistication. 4. ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS #10, The Meaning of Like. 5. 2013 MarketingSherpaEmail Marketing Benchmark Survey. 6. Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012–2017. 7. ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS #14, The 2012 Channel Preference Survey. 8. The Purchase Path of Online Buyers in 2012, Forrester, Inc. 9. 2013 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey. 10. ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS #20, Marketers From Mars.11. ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS #20, Marketers From Mars.12. ExactTarget’s SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS #14, The 2012 Channel Preference Survey.Prefer EMAILfor permission-based promotional messagingCONSUMERSBrowseretargeting AbandonedcartPost-purchaseLoyalty Win-backWelcome NewsletterWHEN & WHERE IN THE WEBPROCESS SHOULD YOU USE ANOPT-IN FORM?• Home page• During registration• During download• During checkout• Persistent in your website navigationopt-in form on their homepageRETAILERSPresent an EMAIL‘Hot 100’Graeter’s, a fourth-generationfamily-owned ice cream company, sees a40% average open rate and 20% averageclick-through rate for welcome emailssent to loyalty program customers.SUCCESS SPOTLIGHTPei Wei Asian Diner invitedcustomers to text in for a “buy one, getone free” coupon delivered via email. Intwo weeks’ time, the mobile opt-incampaign gained approximately 5,000new subscribers.SUCCESS SPOTLIGHTBythere will beper capitaMOBILEDEVICEShas been known to boost openand click-through rates byConfirm subscriber’s reason foropting in.Request preference data. Simplequestions like “When do you usuallycheck email?” or “When’s yourbirthday?” are fuel for your futureengagement campaigns.Provide an incentivized offer.TARGETED ENGAGEMENTCAMPAIGN(such as a birthday or wish list email)that a companySHOULDNearlyOF CONSUMERSwho click the “like” button ona company’s Facebook pageDO NOT THINKmarket to them via their News FeedAt Goodwill Industries ofCentral Indiana, loyalty program mem-bers who subscribe to email spend 30%more on average and visit storelocations 3x as much.SUCCESS SPOTLIGHT“We’re seeing almost a 6xincrease in conversion if we can get acustomer engaged enough to click.”–Jack Nick, Senior Vice President,Internet Marketing Manager, FirstMidwest BankSUCCESS SPOTLIGHTACQUIRE ONBOARD ENGAGE RETAINKEY:Ask customer if they needhelp completing their orderand include an incentivesuch as free shipping.Provide an increasedincentive to purchase with acoupon code tying the saleback to the email campaign.Thank the customer forpurchasing and cross-sell bysuggesting other productsthey may be interested in.Invite the customer to share areview about the product.MONTHLY STATEMENT:Are you rewarding loyalcustomers? If so, let themknow where they stand everymonth.INCLUDE IN PROMOS:Include loyalty levelinformation in promotionalemails to drive opens.Best practices:as a result of receivingAN EMAILCONSUMERSsay they’ve made aPURCHASEof a DEAL related to thecategory they’ve browsed& recommend similar products.AFTER VISITWhat’s browse retargeting?Alert the subscriberReengagement campaigns send proactivemessages to reinforce your company’s valueproposition, determine why subscribers lostinterest, and identify those who no longerwish to receive your messages.Reengagement“We’ve seen 5x the growth inconsumer traffic over the previous year,which is phenomenal. We wouldn’t havebeen able to do it without ExactTarget.”–Julie Clarkson, Senior Direct MarketingManager at Avvo. Seattle-based Avvoruns the web’s largest legal Q&A forum,directory, and marketplace.SUCCESS SPOTLIGHT• Select subscribers who haven’t openedyour email in a few months.• Develop a series of three messageswith increasingly valuable offers.• Send subscribers to a profile pagewhere they can update preferences.Provide a personal communicationthanking individual subscribers on theanniversary of their first purchase orsubscription. Include a discount offer orother special promotion as an addedbonus to keep the relationship growing.Anniversarybegin with aEMAILclickonanchannel at building brand loyalty—more than any other digital channelCONSUMERS THINKthat email is the mostEFFECTIVEBE HONEST.Be clear about why thesubscriber is receiving theemail (e.g., “We miss you” or“We value you as acustomer”).DRIVE A SINGLE ACTION.Whether it’s “set yourpreferences,” “shop now witha discount,” or “take a survey,”make sure you’re only askingthe subscriber to do one thing.AFTER CART ABANDONMENT:AFTER CART ABANDONMENT:3 DAYS2 DAYSHow to move from capturing attention to ensuring lifetime retentionSUCCESSYou made it!win-back/reengagementYour journey toInspired Marketingstarts here.Remember to:in order toTry this:relevance & engagementmarketersDYNAMICALLY PERSONALIZEEMAIL CONTENTIMPROVETOCONSUMERSreport usingSMSat least dailyEMAILMARKETERSrun automatedconsumers subscribeRECEIVECOUPONSand discount codes in their inboxesof transactions byREPEATSHOPPERScampaigns
  5. 5. See how far you can go with theindustry’s strongest platform atyour fingertips.Trusted leader in emailInnovative solutionsIntuitive interfaceSimple onboardingAlways here to helpYour journey begins