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Subscribers Fans & Followers Exec Summary


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Subscribers Fans & Followers Exec Summary

  2. 2. DEAR INTERACTIVE MARKETER, We know social media has revolutionized the way we communicate with our customers. We’re all in hot pursuit of knowing how to The SUBSCRIBERS, effectively deliver the right messages, through the right channels, at the right time. FANS, & FOLLOWERS At ExactTarget, we also know that a marketer’s hunch is no 2010 Executive Summary longer enough to find success on the real-time web. To truly connect with customers and deliver “right message, right time, right place,” we must understand what actions consumers are will help you capitalize actually taking across these traditional and emerging channels.That’s why we went straight to the source and asked consumers—not marketers—how they view on the current interactiveand use each of these unique communication mediums. marketing landscape—inThe result is our ground-breaking research series, SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS*, whichcaptures a snapshot of the interactive marketing landscape as it stands right now. Inside this real time, with real resultslatest report, we’ll take more than 100 pages of social media and interactive marketing researchconducted from April to July of 2010 and boil it down into digestible insights you must know to for your integrated, cross-channel campaigns.And because we understand how short you are on time—and how strategic you need to beto find success in the era of real-time marketing—we provide tangible tips and tricks youcan apply TODAY to make our research of more than 1,500 online consumers actionable.By implementing these easy tips and tricks, you’ll immediately reap the benefits of this industry-leading research, before the ever-evolving interactive landscape presents new data and thisopportunity to act passes you by. *SUBSCRIBERS are U.S. consumers who have provided their email address to at least one brand. FANS are U.S. consumers with a Facebook account who have become a FAN (or LIKED) at least oneSo enough talk—it’s time for action. The SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS 2010 Executive brand on Facebook. FOLLOWERS are U.S. consumers with a TwitterSummary will help you capitalize on the current interactive marketing landscape—in real time, account who FOLLOW at least one brand on Twitter.with real results for your business.To Your Interactive Successes, TIM KOPP Chief Marketing Officer ExactTarget © 2010 ExactTarget 3
  3. 3. 58% OF CONSUMERS BEGIN THE DAY place you go on li n e st in WITH EMAIL, 11% WITH FACEBOOK e fir a th ty pic is When your customers wake in the morning, are they reaching al d e Wher ay? for their smartphones to check Facebook, updating their Twitter statuses, or logging onto laptops to check email? Believe it or not, what an individual does first thing in the morning can tell you a lot about the types of marketing messages you should be sending across email, Facebook, and Twitter. By examining U.S. consumers’ digital morning tendencies, you’ll gain a unique glimpse into your © Ex customers’ individual priorities and motivations. ac tT ar ge t 43% 3% My Companys 11% 20% website/intranet Facebook Search/ 3% Portal 58% Other 5% Email of all online consumers News Site surveyed identify themselves as either FANS or FOLLOWERS.4 © 2010 ExactTarget
  4. 4. 58%THE TAKEAWAYS: 1 When delivering product information, deals, and promotions, consider of online consumersdelivering this information via email,preferably first-thing in the morning. begin the day with email, followed by 2 Individuals who check email first thing in the morning want different checking a search engine or portal sitetypes of information compared to thosewho check Facebook first. To engage with (20%), and Facebook (11%).Facebook-first audiences, deliver contentthat’s entertaining and fun. 3 Cross-promote your programs across all channels. Make sure thatFANS and FOLLOWERS know they can People who check People who initiallyreceive additional deals through email,and that SUBSCRIBERS know they can email first tend to be check Facebookparticipate in activities like contests on motivated to interact tend to becomeFacebook and Twitter. with brands online for FANS of brands the sake of obtaining for entertainment deals, promotions, or new purposes or to show support— product information. not to obtain deals. Get the full report at They’re more likely to seek promotions through email. © 2010 ExactTarget 5
  5. 5. 56% OF MILLENNIALS* SUBSCRIBE TO THE TAKEAWAYS: EMAIL IN SEARCH FOR ONGOING DEALS 1 56% of consumers aged 15-24 are twice as likely to SUBSCRIBE to email in their search for deals as they More than 93% of online consumers are SUBSCRIBERS, meaning are to search on Facebook. Don’t allow demographics to make you complacent. they’ve provided their email address to at least one company or brand. Offer a blend of messages across both And 88% of consumers check email daily while 94% use it at least once traditional and emerging channels. a week. Additionally, more than 50% of consumers make purchases Avoid the trap of promoting 2 exclusive offers that are channel- as a direct result of email—it drives more specific—these offers initially attract more FANS and FOLLOWERS, but they conversions than any other channel. So won’t retain consumers over time. while email isn’t new, it certainly isn’t dead. To get on your customers’ “favorite” 3 It remains a critical foundation for online list, relevancy is a must. The biggest difference between valuable and non- marketing, due to its unique x-factors—the valuable email programs is whether or not the information relates to the interests of characteristics that set it apart from any the customer. other marketing channel. *Consumers aged 15-24 Get the full report at 81% of consumers have been motivated to provide a company with an email address as a result of a promotion. Only 17% of consumers check Facebook for promotions, and only 3% check Twitter for promotions.6 © 2010 ExactTarget
  6. 6. 56% Millennials SUBSCRIBE to of email in their search for ongoing deals compared to only 28% who search for deals on Facebook. Half of consumers (49%) always open emails fromtheir “favorite” brands, compared to only 16% who say they never open an email from brands. © 2010 ExactTarget 7
  7. 7. NEW CONSUMER PERSONAS HELP MARKETERS UNDERSTAND ONLINE MOTIVATIONS Customers no longer pay attention to a marketer’s brand for the same reasons across all ages, incomes, and genders. And despite marketers’ best efforts to categorize consumer preferences based on these common demographics, most consumers approach the internet like they do in all other areas of life—with intrinsic personality traits and motivations that influence how they’ll interact online. We identified 12 unique online consumer personas by studying their levels of social media consumption and Get the full report at creation, so marketers like you can get to know your audiences based on personalities. 4% of consumers are SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, and FOLLOWERS*8 © 2010 ExactTarget
  8. 8. VERLAP THE TAKEAWAYS: ERS O 1.3% 1 Don’t fall into the trap of marketing to consumers LOW FOLLOWERS ONLY based on demographics: personalities are <0.1% OL better indicators of how customers will engage 4% FANS & &F with brands across email, Facebook, and Twitter. SUBSCRIBERS, FOLLOWERS FANS, & FOLLOWERS IBERS, FANS, 2 If any of your target audiences are comprised 0.7% of Megaphones, you’ll reach them best via FANS ONLY Facebook and Twitter. Keep your Megaphones 32% happy, or else the entire internet will hear about SUBSCRIBERS & FANS your shortcomings. 56% The cross-over between SUBSCRIBER, FAN, SUBSCRIBERS 3 SCR and FOLLOWER is more likely than ever before. ONLY Make sure you effectively coordinate your messages UB across these three channels, so you consistently S deliver high-quality and channel-appropriate content. ©ExactTarget *SUBSCRIBERS are U.S. consumers who have given their email address to at least one brand. FANS are U.S. consumers with a Facebook account who have become a FAN (or LIKED) at least one brand on Facebook. FOLLOWERS are U.S. consumers with a Twitter account who FOLLOW at least one brand on Twitter.Although only 7% of online consumers identify themselves The majority of online consumers identify themselves as Inner Circleas Megaphones (who want to connect, educate, and share Consumers (who go online to maintain and deepen friend and familyresources and information with others across the internet), relationships), Cautious Consumers (who tend to be very selective aboutthey have a disproportionately large influence on brands who they communicate with online), or Info Seekers (who go online toand the internet as a whole. find and consume information). © 2010 ExactTarget 9
  9. 9. TWITTER USERS ARE 3X MORE THE TAKEAWAYS: LIKELY TO IMPACT BRANDS ONLINE 1 Commit to serving your customers who do use Twitter on a daily basis, even if this portion of your audience represents a smaller number than other key constituencies. Although Twitter’s active user base remains smaller than 2 When consumers choose to FOLLOW a brand, they want: other social networking sites like Facebook, approximately • To obtain new, authentic perspectives on 11.5 million U.S. consumers use Twitter on a daily basis, companies and 5% choose to FOLLOW at least one brand or company. • To receive insider information about upcoming products and services These daily Twitter users are the most passionate and • To get to know the personalities behind a brand influential consumers across the entire internet, and what • To receive freebies, samples, and discounts they say about YOUR brand could have a profound impact • To see how a company responds when its brand is publically criticized on your bottom line. What happens on Twitter doesn’t stay Be sure to keep these consumer expectations in mind when on Twitter, and that’s why you must understand how to choosing how to engage with your customers via Twitter. successfully interact with them via this channel. 20% of consumers indicate that they’ve started FOLLOWING a brand on Twitter in order to interact with that company, compared to 13% of SUBSCRIBERS and 13% of FANS who turn to Get the full report at email and Facebook for brand interaction. © 2010 ExactTarget
  10. 10. 80% SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION ACTIVITIES (MONTHLY) 76% 75% Daily Twitter Users All Other Consumers Comment on Photos or Videos 72% 70% Upload Photos Post to Forums Blog Comment on Blogs 61% 61% 59% 56% Post Ratings and Reviews Comment on News 53% Update Own Site 50% 50% 49% Upload Articles 48% Upload Video Post to Wikis Upload Audio Sell Online Post Coupons 38% 27% 25% 23% 20% 14% 15% 13% 14% 10% 10% 12% 10% 7%A brand’s Twitter FOLLOWERS are three Twitter’s reach is approximately double its user base—23% oftimes more likely than the average online consumers read Tweets at least monthly, and 11% reportconsumer to blog at least once per reading others’ Tweets even though they haven’t created a Twittermonth (53% compared to 18%). account of their own. © 2010 ExactTarget 11
  11. 11. NEARLY 40% OF CONSUMERS “LIKE” COMPANIES TO SHOW THE TAKEAWAYS: In order to combat your customers’ fears BRAND AFFILIATION TO FRIENDS 1 about a marketer’s role on Facebook, look at every engagement as an opportunity to build trust. It’s crucial that marketers understand that the Facebook reigns as the social networking community of choice 2 act of LIKING of a brand on Facebook doesn’t serve as an open invitation for marketing messages. for today’s online consumer. 42% of U.S. online consumers, Instead, it should be viewed as a simultaneous display which equals approximately 46 million people, say they use of endorsement and personal expression. To capitalize on Facebook’s viral potential, Facebook at least once a day. But traditional marketing 3 make sure you’re giving your FANS something theories centered on price, product, placement, and worth talking about! The more they talk about your brand, the more your messages will reach new—and promotion don’t necessarily work in this unique space. potentially profitable—audiences. Our research reveals the hidden opportunities—and potential landmines—that await you, the marketer, on Facebook. 90% 59% of U.S. consumers say they use Facebook in order to maintain personal relationships, compared to 43% of consumers who say they’ve “LIKED” a brand. of people trust 70% of consumers who have “FANNED” (i.e. LIKED) a brand on the recommendations of their Facebook didn’t feel they’d given this company permission to market to them. Facebook friends.12 © 2010 ExactTarget
  12. 12. WHAT HAS MOTIVATED YOU TO “LIKE” A COMPANY,BRAND, OR ASSOCIATION ON FACEBOOK? 40% To receive discounts and promotions 39% To show my support for the company to others 36% To get a “freebie” (e.g., free samples, coupon) 34% To stay informed about the activities of a company 33% To get updates on future products 30% To get updates on upcoming sales 29% For fun or entertainment 25% To get access to exclusive content 22% Someone recommended it to me 21% To learn more about the company 13% For education about company topics 13% To interact (e.g., share ideas, provide feedback) Get the full report at © 2010 ExactTarget 13
  13. 13. CONSUMERS VIEW EMAIL, FACEBOOK, & TWITTER AS COLLABORATORS— THE TAKEAWAYS: NOT COMPETITORS Although only 5% of U.S. online 1 consumers actually FOLLOW at least one brand, these consumers are the most influential online group. You must With headlines like “Facebook COO is keep them happy in order to get the most Embracing the End of Email” and “Facebook bang for your marketing buck. is Going for Some Twitter Sensibility,” it’s easy to understand why marketers get 2 96% of daily email users SUBSCRIBE to at least one brand’s email messages, the impression that email, Facebook, and and it drives more purchases than any other Twitter are in direct competition with one channel. It should serve as the cornerstone for another. But with a short attention span and your retention marketing strategies. an ability to multitask, consumers constantly A Facebook FAN’S greatest value to rotate from one online communication tool 3 marketers lies in his or her ability to to another. If your customers don’t isolate spread messages to friends and contacts. these channels from one another, why Get the full report at If you empower your Facebook FANS to should you? spread your brand’s message, you’ll acquire new audiences and increase ROI. 69% 68% of daily Facebook users of daily Twitter users FOLLOW Email is the most broadly used are a FAN of at least at least one brand—making one brand, but it’s the it the channel most likely to communication channel and is likely to least effective channel drive increased purchases drive increased purchase intent among to drive increased after a consumer chooses to purchase behavior. become a brand’s FOLLOWER. the largest number of consumers.14 © 2010 ExactTarget
  14. 14. EMAIL, FACEBOOK, & TWITTER: SIDE-BY-SIDE+ POOR ++ FAIR +++ GOOD EMAIL FACEBOOK TWITTER POTENTIAL REACH +++ ++ + RETENTION +++ ++ ++ ACQUISITION + +++ +++ CHANNEL HIGHLIGHT Drives Gathering Personal response place for FANS connection from the ready to be with influential masses. mobilized for consumers. outreach. KEY TO SUCCESS Targeted, Fuel con- Provide exclusive versations “insider content. among FANS access” to and their fuel content friends. creation. MOTIVATIONS TO BECOME SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS To receive discounts and promotions 67% 40% 31% To get a “freebie” 55% 36% 28% To get updates on future products 45% 33% 38% To get updates on upcoming sales 50% 30% 30% To stay informed about the activities of the company 28% 34% 32% For fun and entertainment 29% 29% 26% To show support for the company to others 11% 39% 23% To learn about the company’s products and services 28% 21% 25% To get access to exclusive content 33% 25% 25% Someone recommended it to me 17% 22% 14% For education about company topics 22% 13% 14% To interact (e.g., provide feedback) 14% 13% 20% © 2010 ExactTarget 15
  15. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA INCREASES— THE TAKEAWAYS: NOT DECREASES—FACE-TO- 1 Be sure to read beyond the headlines and carefully examine an organization’s methodology before acting on research. FACE INTERACTIONS 2 Simply increasing a FAN base won’t earn more money for your organization. Mobilize the FAN base you already have so they can share your powerful messages. As the interactive industry evolves at a break-neck Twitter’s initial success may have hinged on big-name pace, marketers need to be armed with the truth 3 celebrity participation, but now it’s made room for a new about how their customers are engaging across type of celebrity—an individual who’s become famous simply as a email, Facebook, and Twitter in order to successfully result of using Twitter. communicate with them. And headlines and industry 4 Individuals who are becoming more active on Facebook buzz can often be misleading. That’s why we examined and Twitter are also interacting with friends in “real” settings (not virtual) more often. four common social media myths to deny, debunk, and deliver the answers you need to build an integrated marketing strategy built on the truth—not commonly- held assumptions. THE MYTH THAT A “FACEBOOK FAN IS WORTH $136.38” IS PLAUSIBLE: However, the issue of causality is at stake when further examining the purchase potential of consumers after becoming a FAN. Get the full report at © 2010 ExactTarget
  16. 16. THE MYTH THAT “SOCIAL MEDIA IS MAKING PEOPLE LESS SOCIAL” IS BUSTED: Increases in Facebook and Twitter usage actually correlate to increases in social, in-person interactions. 19% THE MYTH THAT “TWITTER’S 27% MORE 33% MORE 46% MORE SUCCESS HINGES ON MEETING WITH FRIENDS IN PERSONMEETING WITH FRIENDS IN PERSON MORE CALLING FRIENDS ON THE PHONE CONTINUED CELEBRITY USAGE” CALLING FRIENDS ON THE PHONE IS BUSTED: With more than 370,000 new user sign-ups 63% each day, online consumers 60% SAME SAME 55% continue to increase their use SAME of Twitter. 46% SAME THE MYTH THAT “EMAIL USE IS DECLINING” IS BUSTED: How 19% 13% LESS 7% 13% consumers access email is LESS LESS LESS changing, but the use of email continues to increase. AMONG CONSUMERS AMONG CONSUMERS INCREASING FACEBOOK USE INCREASING TWITTER USE © 2010 ExactTarget 17
  17. 17. Promote Facebook games, applications, and competitions in 1 email and on Twitter. Feature winners of Facebook competitions in your email 2 newsletter. Tweet about exclusive content that’s only available to email 3 SUBSCRIBERS. QUICK-HITTING WAYS Promote exclusive deals on Facebook and Twitter, but make it TO INTEGRATE EMAIL, 4 only available to email SUBSCRIBERS. FACEBOOK, AND TWITTER 5 Post links to web versions of your best emails on Facebook and Twitter. Our SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS Include LIKE and FOLLOW buttons in email newsletters and 6 research is the first of its kind to capture a promotions. snapshot of how consumers are engaging Include links to your Twitter and Facebook pages in email 7 across email, Facebook, and Twitter. And newsletters. one thing is certain: consumers don’t limit Collect email addresses at the point of conversion for 8 their engagements to one or two interactive consumers who link to your site from Facebook and Twitter. channels. In order to reach your customers in 9 Create an email segment containing Twitter FOLLOWERS and provide them with additional “insider information” through email. real time with relevant communications, you must successfully combine email, Facebook, 10 Include questions posted on Twitter and Facebook in your emails, and then answer them. and Twitter into an integrated marketing strategy. We’ve compiled 12 ways for you 11 Encourage email SUBSCRIBERS to post questions on Facebook and/or Twitter. to do just that, so you can achieve effective customer communications today. 12 Host videos on your Facebook page and include links in your emails and post links on Twitter.18 © 2010 ExactTarget
  18. 18. “FREEBIES ARE A GOOD “Make it worth my while. Incentives are always a WAY TO CATCH ME. IF good start, but in the end, anything you do needs I LIKE YOUR PRODUCT, to benefit me as the consumer and get me hooked I’LL STICK AROUND AND on your product.” TELL MY FRIENDS.” “Only make“MAKE YOUR POINT CLEARLY legitimate, no-gimmickAND DON’T BURY THINGS IN offers and include “RESPONDTHE FINE PRINT. WHILE YOU’RE an easy way to TO ME QUICKLYAT IT, GET RID OF ALL THE LEGAL AND TREAT ME WITH unsubscribe.”GARBAGE. IF YOU WANT TO SELL RESPECT WHEN I HAVEME SOMETHING, DON’T MAKE ME A PROBLEM THATDIG AROUND FOR IT.” NEEDS TO BE FIXED.” “Be honest and forthright. “Include something Consistently deliver quality products and extra from time to time. provide the best customer service possible. Surprise me and show me That will keep me coming back.” “Send me your questionnaire about you value my business.” the kinds of things “Have an email I’m interested in and that I can sign up for, send me the stuff I but don’t send emails all tell you I want.” the time. If a company “Companies should stand behind their sends me too many, I start thinking spam, and then I products, be available for questions, respond just hit delete.” quickly, give realistic delivery dates, and charge appropriately for delivery.” © 2010 ExactTarget © 2010 ExactTarget 19 19
  19. 19. With a comprehensive email + Facebook + Twitter strategy, you need tounderstand what’s being said about your brand—right now, in real time.That’s why you need the ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub™.You’ll get a single view of what’s happening across Email, Mobile, Social, and Sites. From planning andtracking campaigns to engaging in real-time conversations on Twitter and Facebook, the InteractiveMarketing Hub will forever change the way you communicate with your customers.Learn more at [data]. Real [time]. Real [smart marketing].www. ExactTarget. com www. CoTweet. comThis document may not be copied without the prior written consent of ExactTarget. © 2010 ExactTarget.