5 Things Consumers Want Final


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Get real, actionable advice to improve your interactive marketing program in this new @ExactTarget report

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5 Things Consumers Want Final

  1. 1. email...but not just email! INTRODUCTION Our research tells us that consumers prefer email There’s no shortage of advice 3-to-1 for marketing aimed at interactive marketers communications.1 But today. In fact, your inbox prob- that’s not the whole ably fills up each day with tips, story. Although the tricks, and helpful hints to help majority of consumers you make the most of your in- prefer email over every teractive marketing campaigns. other communication But how much of that advice type evaluated in our is really useful? How much of study, only 15% of it goes beyond the theoretical consumers want all and actually provides recom- marketing messages to come through email. mendations on what to do? The good news? Marketers are already highly focused This report is different. In the on engaging with consumers across multiple interactive pages that follow, we’ll reveal channels—and this research proves you’re on the right some of the top things that track! Now it’s just a matter of taking that cross-channel consumers want from inter- approach to the next level—and we can help. active marketers—backed by solid statistical data. Then we’ll go a step further, providing 1 2009 Channel Preference Study (1,500 consumers surveyed) real, actionable recommenda- tions to help you make real, tangible improvements to your interactive marketing program. Read on and get the answers you’re looking for—instead of more questions.2 www.ExactTarget.com
  2. 2. offer multiple ways to engage, and cross-promote your social presence. In today’s real-time world, it goes without saying that your interactive marketing program should encompass multiple channels—email, Facebook, and Twitter. To maximize engagement and consumer your Twitter satisfaction, marketers should: Want to take s to the MAKE EMAIL AN OPTION FOR ALL MARKETING MESSAGES Whether they’re communicationeck out all opting into a mailing list, requesting services, or entering a sweepstakes, consumers should always see next level? Chfeatures email at the top of the list for communication options. It only makes sense—if most people prefer email the awesome ugh CoTweet for marketing communications, give them what they want! available thro d out more Enterprise! Fin t.com. ESTABLISH CLEAR A VALUE PROPOSITION FOR EACH CHANNEL As at www.cotwee marketers, we’re completely immersed in the world of email, Facebook, and Twitter. But consumers may er on the not always understand why they should interact with brands through these various channels. Help themNeed a refresh s of each h understand the benefits of becoming a Subscriber, Fan, or Follower!unique strengt a minute tochann el? Take PROMOTE YOUR SOCIAL PRESENCE THROUGH EMAIL—AND VICE VERSA CRIBERS, review SUBS LLOWERS Consumers might not even realize you’re on Facebook and Twitter unless you tell them! Add social information FANS, & FO 4, and #5. to your email opt-in page, and include links to your Facebook and Twitter pages in your welcome email. By reports #2, #cttarget.com/sff the same token, why not include an email opt-in form on your Facebook or Twitter page? Visit www.exa e series. to download th INCLUDE SOCIAL SHARING LINKS AND “LIKE”/“FOLLOW” LINKS IN YOUR EMAILS Take advantage of some simple techniques for encouraging consumers to engage with your brand across channels. By building “Share This” functionality into your emails, you create an instant rd” connection between your brand and the social channel in the mind of the consumer. And including “Like” “Social Forwa and “Follow” links in your email is a no-brainer—what could be simpler? ExactTarget’s makes it easy to functionality to more than 45 share content ! Find out more social networks arget.com/social. at www.exactt 3 www.ExactTarget.com
  3. 3. to interact with brands across multiple channels.Let’s face it—email and social belong together! Consumersdon’t limit their interactions to one channel—and neither shouldyour marketing. • More than 90% of consumers who are “Fans” of at least one brand on Facebook also receive at least one permission-based marketing email per day • More than 75% of consumers who “Follow” at least one brand on Twitter also receive at least one permission-based marketing email per day2 VERLAP ERS O 1.3% OW2 ExactTarget SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS report #3, The Social Profile FOLLOWERS ONLY <0.1% L OL 4% FANS & &F SUBSCRIBERS, FOLLOWERS FANS & FOLLOWERS BERS, FANS 0.7% FANS ONLY 32% SUBSCRIBERS & FANS SCRI 56% SUBSCRIBERS ONLY B SU ©ExactTarget4 www.ExactTarget.com 4
  4. 4. make the most of each channel by taking advantage of their unique strengths. Once you recognize how many consumers are interacting with your brand through multiple channels, you’ll see how important it is to keep your messaging fresh, relevant—and channel-appropriate. To make the most of the opportunity, marketers should: AUTOMATE ROUTINE EMAILS AND TURN TO SOCIAL FOR REAL-TIME CONVERSATIONS Email is unquestionably the best channel for many of your everyday how communication needs—transactional messages, shipping confirmations, etc. Why not automate Want to knowcan make those routine email messages and free up your time for more strategic real-time interactions? ExactTarget simple? Check automations mation COORDINATE YOUR EMAIL, FACEBOOK, AND TWITTER MESSAGES The last out the Auto ation at ve Marketing thing you want is to confuse consumers with inconsistent messaging across channels. Keep your Studio applic et.com/hub!The Interactiar feature communications consistent and engaging by coordinating your campaigns across email, Facebook, www.exacttargHub’s Calend to and Twitter. But don’t forget—“consistent” doesn’t mean “repetitive.” Each channel requires its own makes it easy mpaigns coordinate ca nnels. Vist unique style and voice. across all cha et.com/hub MONITOR THE CONVERSATION Setting up a Facebook page or a Twitter account isn’t www.exacttarg enough. You also need to monitor and participate in the conversation. Listen for what consumers to learn more! are interested in, and then respond as appropriate—through Twitter, Facebook, or your company blog (or privately via email, if needed). But remember, it’s not necessary to jump into every Twitter conversation that mentions your brand—consumers may see that as invasive. 5 www.ExactTarget.com
  5. 5. to buy from the brands they interact with.Online interaction has a direct impact on purchasing behavior. Once a consumer becomes anEmail Subscriber, Facebook Fan, or Twitter Follower, they’re significantly more likely to purchasefrom that brand.3 • 27% of Email Subscribers are more likely to purchase • 17% of Facebook Fans are more likely to purchase • 37% of Twitter Followers are more likely to purchase3 ExactTarget SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS report #7, Social Mythbusting 32% 32% DISAGREE 49% DISAGREE DISAGREE 31% 41% NEUTRAL MORE LIKELY TO NEUTRAL 34% PURCHASE FROM NEUTRAL A BRAND AFTER BECOMING A 27% 37% 17% AGREE SUBSCRIBER, FAN, AGREE OR FOLLOWER AGREE EMAIL FACEBOOK TWITTER SUBSCRIBER FAN FOLLOWER6 www.ExactTarget.com
  6. 6. identify their brand’s advocates and reward them for their business. It’s been said that a Facebook Fan is worth $136.38. But not every Facebook Fan is worth that much—and some are probably worth even more. Think of each customer as an individual, seek ho your out those who truly love your brand, and reward their loyalty! To best serve brand advocates andDon’t know w stomers are? drive incremental sales, marketers should:most loyal cu ilder putsAudience Bu ol of your YOU in contr . Check MOVE BEYOND MEASURING TOTAL REVENUE BY CHANNEL Instead, take a customer datademo at ve Marketing The Interacti g functionality look at revenue per Subscriber/Fan/Follower. You may find that your Twitter Followers are small in out the video et.com/ number, but convert at a much higher rate than other channels. Be sure to also take into account Hub’s reportintime insights into www.exacttarg .er repeat customers and average order value. provides real- annel campaigns. audiencebuild ENCOURAGE A CROSS-CHANNEL RELATIONSHIP, BUT DON’T REQUIRE IT you www.exacttarget.com/hu r cross-ch b Not every channel is right for every consumer. Some Twitter customers have no use for email, and Vist some email customers might not be interested in Facebook. So make it easy for consumers to for more! engage across channels, but don’t penalize those who choose not to do so. IMPLEMENT A CUSTOMER REWARD PROGRAM THAT CROSSES CHANNELS sight on whatWant more in nt from cross- It’s important to reward those who support your brand online—but why discriminate based on channel?consumers waeting? Download Rather than offering “email exclusives” or making deals “only available to our Twitter followers,” consider offering promotions based on online brand interaction, regardless of channel.channel mark ERS, FANS, SUBSCRIB RS report #6, & FOLLOWE tive Future, at The Collabora et.com/sff. www.exacttarg 7 www.ExactTarget.com
  7. 7. to interact with brands on their own schedule-not yours.The way people start their day reveals a lot about their online priorities. It provides insightinto how they’ll interact with brands online, and highlights intrinsic motivators that drive theironline interactions.According to our SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS ce you go onlinereport #1, Digital Morning, 58% of U.S. onlineconsumers begin their day by checking email, as fir st pla in acompared to 20% who start their day on search t he t ypengines and 11% on Facebook. is i ca er e l day Wh ? 3% My Companys 11% 20% website/intranet Facebook Search/ 3% Portal 58% Other 5% Email News Site8 www.ExactTarget.com
  8. 8. find the right time of day to interact with customers on each channel. Understanding your customers’ online habits is the key to delivering successful marketing messages, at the right time, through the right channel. Here are some practical suggestions for gathering the information you need to understand what your particular audience wants. To best serve customers’ unique needs, marketers should: ASK YOUR CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU It seems simple—so simple you probably never thought of it! By adding a single question to your opt-in forms, you can ensure your communications line up with your customers’ schedules. EXPAND YOUR TESTING ACROSS ALL CHANNELS Testing is one of the easiest t’s working- ways to improve the effectiveness of your interactive campaigns—so if you aren’t already testing, it’s Find out wha -with your time to start! Try testing email open rates for various days of the weeks, and various times of day. Test and what’s notns. It’s easy Facebook and Twitter engagement at varying times as well. email campaigrget’s A/B REVIEW CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY CAMPAIGNS AT DIFFERENT TIMES Analyze with ExactTa re! Visit Testing featu et.com/ powerful, activity trends to see when your campaigns get the best response—then use that information in planning www.exacttargmore info.For the most reporting ever, abtesting for future campaigns.customizable ort Builder! you need Rep t www. TREAT EACH CHANNEL INDIVIDUALLY Careful analysis of your data will likely reveal Learn more a om/hub. important insights about customers on each interactive channel. For example, you might find that exacttarget.c your Email Subscribers want to hear from you while they drink their morning coffee, while your Twitter Followers are night owls who will stay up until midnight to be the first to pounce when new products are launched on your website. 9 www.ExactTarget.com
  9. 9. to know you care.Regardless of channel, our research shows that one thing consistently drivescustomers away: communications that somehow demonstrate you don’t care.As we discovered in SUBSCRIBERS, FANS, & FOLLOWERS #8:The Social Break-Up, the concept of “caring” is closely related to relevancyin the world of interactive marketing. In fact, more than 90% ofconsumers have “broken up” with atleast one brand on Email,Facebook, or Twitter asa result of irrelevant, toofrequent, or boringmarketing messages. 90 % OF CONSUMERS HAVE “BROKEN UP” WITH AT LEAST ONE BRAND10 www.ExactTarget.com
  10. 10. give consumers a choice of what they receive, and how often. So how do you let consumers know your company cares? In a word, it’s all about respect. To create interactive marketing that respects consumers’ preferences, their time, and the promises made, marketers should: MANAGE EXPECTATIONS To prevent a break-up, start the relationship with clear forms that expectations of what a subscriber will receive. Provide complete information about content andWant to build sy? Check frequency of communications as part of the opt-in process. Then continue to deliver on yourmake opt-in eapture a promises—that’s why they signed up in the first placeout Smart C rget at from ExactTa et.com/sites. KEEP IT FRESH Periodically survey your customers to find out more about their preferences. www.exacttarg Don’t be afraid to ask what they like—and don’t like—about your marketing program. Soliciting ating Need help cre surveys? honest feedback from your Subscribers, Fans, and Followers demonstrates that you value their opinion—as long as your follow through on their recommendations! and mana ging survey RECOGNIZE WHEN THE DIGITAL RELATIONSHIP IS ON THE ROCKS ExactTarget’s clude integrations ind FormStack. SensorPro an Monitor engagement and—when you notice a decline—encourage customers to “rekindle the magic” through a re-engagement campaign. This is also a good opportunity to proactively suggest an alternate frequency for communications, or promote interaction through another channel. WHEN IT’S OVER, FIND OUT WHY Implement a quick (optional) survey at time of email opt-out to help identify any problems that may exist with your marketing program. Also consider respectfully promoting your other channels during opt-out—for example, “We’re sorry to see you go. If you’d like to stay in touch, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.” But make sure your cross-channel promotion isn’t too heavy-handed—you don’t want to seem desperate. 11 www.ExactTarget.com
  11. 11. Now that you know what consumers want and what you need to do, you need a way to do it. That’swhere ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing HubTM comes in.The Interactive Marketing Hub is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Unique in the industry, thisreal-time, multi-channel campaign planning and interaction platform will help you manage thethousands of conversations that are taking place about your brand. With its robust, customizableapplications, you’ll have reporting, automation, and data management capabilities beyond yourwildest dreams.Visit www.exacttarget.com/hub to learn more and see a demo video. For a morepersonal, inside look at the Interactive Marketing Hub, contact your RelationshipManager or call 877.476.0452 to schedule a live demo. www.ExactTarget.com