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The case for_knowledge_management_revised


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Presentation for County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania

Published in: Business, Education
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The case for_knowledge_management_revised

  1. 1. This presentation was prepared by Nancy JHess of N. J. Hess Associates and may be used for educational purposes with permission. For more information go
  2. 2. Our challengeBoardTransition Lack of continuity
  3. 3. Our ChallengeLack of Continuity Instability Loss of trust Loss of knowledge, skills and relationships
  4. 4. Our challenge Stimulate progress Preserve forward core knowledge Build trust
  5. 5. Knowledge Management buildscontinuity two ways… Formal Informal Explicit Tacit knowledge knowledge Technical People side side
  6. 6. Big Picture The Our Agenda Strategies case forfor KM Transition A new Agenda What is Check in Examples KM?
  7. 7. What’s in a Story?
  8. 8. U.S.S. Constitution
  9. 9. Hurricane Story
  10. 10. The “What if I Got Hit by aBus” Policy
  11. 11. Tell me about your PLO? Briefly Project Course of describe a Study time you consider to be a peak learning opportunity in Person(s) Event your career?
  12. 12. Knowledge Management
  13. 13. A democratic government loses continuity of leadership by holding regular elections.Is this true, and if yes, does it have to be?
  14. 14. Current Reality
  15. 15. 3 Stages of KnowledgeManagementFirst Stage: CONTENT MANAGEMENT Thank you to Nancy Dixon for this summary
  16. 16. 3 Stages of KnowledgeManagement Stage Two: EXPERIENTIAL
  17. 17. 3 Stages of KnowledgeManagement Stage Three: COLLECTIVE
  18. 18. Why is collaboration andengagement key to knowledgetransfer?
  19. 19. Things we need to Things we knowknow in the future, but now, but may not know don’t know now (lose) in the future Possible conversations Things we need to Things we don’t knowknow now, but will no and won’t need in the longer need in the future future
  20. 20. The next successful peoplewill be those that facilitatethe flow & transfer ofknowledge acrossgenerational, geographical &functional boundaries…inwhat ways are you enablingthis?
  21. 21. Conversations for AdaptiveChallengesMust be about: Relationship building Mutual understanding Possibilities Action
  22. 22. If you become part of a team ororganization that learns andreuses learning, you can beready for anything.-Dr John Henderson,Boston University
  23. 23. Our New Agenda Build engagement Collect Stories Convene conversations Create collaborative workplaces Hold staff accountable for transferring knowledge Recognize and reward mentorships Identify KM strategies that fit YOUR county’s needs.
  24. 24. Take a moment to reflect. What did you learn today? What stood out? What conversations do you need to have in your workplace?