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NJFuture Redevelopment Forum 2016 Yasenchak


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Presentation from Brownfields session

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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NJFuture Redevelopment Forum 2016 Yasenchak

  1. 1. { Sustainable Jersey: Getting points for launching a brownfield program Leah Yasenchak
  2. 2. Brownfields Actions • Brownfields Inventory & Prioritization (10 points) • Brownfields Reuse Planning (15 points) • Brownfields Marketing (10 points)
  3. 3. Step 1: Create a Brownfields Inventory DATAMINER: Search for Regulated Sites by Location Verify results Developing a Brownfields Inventory
  4. 4. Step 2: Prioritize Critical Sites for Reuse Step 3: Map the Brownfield Sites Developing a Brownfields Inventory
  5. 5. Brownfields Reuse Planning Step 1: Collect Additional Information for Priority Sites Step 2: Hold Public Meeting(s) to Identify Potential Reuse Options Step 3: Resolution Supporting Reuse Option
  6. 6. Step 1: Communicating Brownfields Redevelopment Opportunities Step 2: Municipal Assets Marketing Communication Brownfields Marketing
  7. 7. Leah Yasenchak BRS, Inc 732-859-0831