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NJFuture Redevelopment Forum 13 TNJ LDPs Route 202


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Re-imagining the Route 202 corridor between Flemington and Somerville to be more friendly, more livable, more economically viable.

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NJFuture Redevelopment Forum 13 TNJ LDPs Route 202

  1. 1. Together 202:Reimagining Complete Communitiesalong a Connecting Corridor Section title Subtitle
  2. 2. Project Team and Partners•••••• •• •• • •• • •• •• •• • •
  4. 4. SCOPE•••
  5. 5. SCOPEGetting Places – Growing in Place – Expanding EconomicProvide more transportation Support existing Opportunities –choices communities and expand Enhance economic housing choice competitiveness
  6. 6. SCOPEWorking Together – Keeping Healthy, Safe andCoordinate policies and Vibrant –leverage investment Value communities and neighborhoods
  7. 7. MEETINGS• Steering Committee Meetings & Focus Target Groups Convene local project partners focused on mobility and economic competitiveness to discuss project approach as well as local experts to address specific transportation, economic and land use issues• Corridor Tour Meetings with local project partners on the ground to develop a better sense of land use issues and opportunities• Public Workshops Workshop to gain public input on how corridor is used by residents and workers and what feasible opportunities exist
  8. 8. …AND MORE MEETINGS!• Mayor’s Roundtable (coming in March) Face to face discussions with mayors along corridor to review what we’ve heard, the priorities that are shaping up for re-purposing and re-imagining land uses in strategic centers, edges, clusters along the corridor Discuss how to proceed with key ‘action items’ derived from priorities Establish a corridor vision, brand and ‘network’ of key players in land use, mobility and economic development to continue collaboration after project concludes