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NJ Future Redevelopment Forum Communications Strategy resources


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A list of articles and other resources to help those involved in redevelopment and planning craft an effective communications strategy to maximize the chances of a successful outcome.

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NJ Future Redevelopment Forum Communications Strategy resources

  1. 1. New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum 2012 Communications Strategy workshop resourcesHere Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations:Transportation funding: Move to undercut transit right out of the Tea Party’s playbookAgenda 21: The end of Western Civilization:Consider the Source: Smart Growth vs. Freedom Advocates:Debating Smart Growth:Why NIMBYs could be calling the shots on how our city is planned and built:Like scary reads? Try Agenda 21APA warns of orchestrated attacks against planners:Why planners need to take Agenda 21 seriouslyActivists fight green projects, seeing U.N. plotVIDEO: Agenda 21 for public officials. (This speaker is making a lot of appearances in front of county and localgovernment officials in New Jersey)Westminster (MD) Patch liveblog of county commissioners hearing on PlanMDVIDEO: Carroll County, MD, work session to eliminate smart-growth references from county master plan (long;jump to 1:07 to get to the master plan part of the work session)What happens when the tea party takes over county politicsCounty official extols the virtues of sprawlGetting Ahead of the Opposition: Planning magazine (pdf) and Engaging CitiesCrowdsourced in Connecticut (pdf) (about Renaissance Downtowns’ crowdsourced-placemaking initiative inBristol, CT)