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NJ Future Redevelopment Forum 2020 - Terborg

Patrick Terborg presentation

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NJ Future Redevelopment Forum 2020 - Terborg

  1. 1. A Community Impact Development Firm Our Mission is to Eliminate Fundamental Living Gaps by Transforming Blighted and Underutilized Properties Into Functional Livable Spaces for Community Members. Patrick Terborg Managing Member
  2. 2. Our Real Estate development activities are focused on serving families and children that are residents of the community and businesses located in the community or businesses that can provide high quality services to residents. We seek to build housing that is affordable to current community members. We develop educational and commercial developments that will serve the community. We minimize displacement by recognizing the value of those who are there.
  3. 3. The Human Value: The purpose is to bridge the gap in community sustainability HumanValue - Addressing socio-economic disparities while reinforcing a sustainable sense of community - Intent is to create an environment of sustainability while reinforcing a strong sense of community in urban development - Developing spaces thoughtfully designed to improve the current human conditions in urban spaces - Incorporation of Entrepreneurship/ Recreational Centers that provide one-stop community resources - Implementation of smart growth concepts to improve the standard of living
  4. 4. The Station At Grant Avenue, Plainfield, NJ Environmental The Human Value: - 90 family Unit family Residence - Courtyard Deck for Residents - Energy Efficient Appliances - Close proximity to Schools, SSYC and Restaurants Project Type: - This development will feature a thoughtfully designed 5 story mixed- income residential project - residential building design will also incorporate green spaces for residents. - Largest transformative development in the Fourth Ward of the City of Plainfield in 40 years - Development Value: 32M
  5. 5. Social Second Street Youth Center, Child DayCare Educational Center, Plainfield, NJ The Human Value: - Provider of high quality early childhood education for 210 children - Quality early childhood education to children between the ages of 3 and 5 - After School program for children between the ages of 6 and 11 offering homework help, academic, arts and recreational activities - Partnered with community resources, including the Family Support Prevention Program that provides social services support, financial literacy training and financial resources. Project Type: - 25,000 s.f. early childhood educational and community center - 2,500 sf Urban Farm - Development Value: 10M
  6. 6. ABC Supply Warehouse, Plainfield, NJEconomic Project Type: - 44,000 s.f. commercial industrial warehouse for ABC Supply Company - 4,000 s.f. Office space - 2 acre of outdoor staging area. Human Value : - Created 100+ new Jobs - Tax rateable for the City of Plainfield NJ - Encouraged more Economic Development - Pivot development in a 30 year under developed area - Development Value: 8M
  7. 7. Who Do We Serve Humans - Families - Children/Youth - Community Members - Entrepreneurs - Business Owners - Employees Communities - Cities - Businesses - Educational Institutions - Non-For-Profits
  8. 8. Minimizing Displacement While Promoting In Place Development - Intentionally Address the Impact of RACE on Investment Decision Making - Develop More Affordable Housing - Develop More Middle Income Housing - Stop Pursuing the Same Small Group of High Income Renters and Homeowners - Promote Greater Financial Literacy - Strengthen Code Enforcement and Property Maintenance - Hold Absentee Landlords Accountable
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