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NJ Future Redevelopment Forum 2020 - Bayoh

Adenah Bayoh presentation

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NJ Future Redevelopment Forum 2020 - Bayoh

  1. 1. Place-Based Economic Development in Downtowns
  2. 2. Equality vs. Equity Give everyone what they need to be successful while breaking down the systemic barriers!
  3. 3. Everyone that is involved in community development should ask themselves two questions: 1) Why is it this way? 2)Does it have to stay this way?
  4. 4. Know the Community • Don’t simply build for the community, build with the community! • Communicate frequently with the members of the community • Mixed income/diversity of income approach make cities thrive and grow! • Design not just for the people who wish to come in, but for those who already live there • Have a vision for the outcome of the partnership
  5. 5. 915 Broad Street - Newark, NJ •55% Affordable •45% Market Rate
  6. 6. 722 Chancellor Ave- Irvington, NJ
  7. 7. Opportunities for Residents • Make hiring Newarkers a priority • Creating over 100 job opportunities for the community
  8. 8. Initiatives for Affordable Housing • Partner with local developers that have insight about the community • Developers becoming the civil rights leaders of housing for our generation • Strong focus on development that creates equity participation
  9. 9. “If you want to help change someone’s life, ask them the question, then shut up! -Adenah Bayoh
  10. 10. Questions?