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Nj future redevelopment forum 2019 bell


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Robert Bell presentation for smart cities session at Redevelopment Forum 2019.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Nj future redevelopment forum 2019 bell

  1. 1. Intelligent Community Forum
  2. 2. Global Network Think Tank Of cities, metro areas and counties recognized as Intelligent Communities, collaborating on economic and social development Studying how Intelligent Communities use ICT to grow their local economies, their societies and their cultures in a global, digital marketplace
  3. 3. Making cities Making BETTER CITIES SMARTER
  4. 4. Buy Unlimited selection, lower prices
  5. 5. Buy Sell Across the street, around the world
  6. 6. Buy Sell Work From anywhere, to anywhere
  7. 7. Buy Sell Work Learn Anything you need to know
  8. 8. Good infrastructure is just the beginning. How do you turn it into value?
  9. 9. Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA Population: 180,000 ECONOMIC GROWTH
  10. 10. Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA Population: 180,000
  11. 11. Chaiyi, Taiwan Population: 270,000 SOCIAL GROWTH
  12. 12. Chaiyi, Taiwan Population: 270,000
  13. 13. Montreal, Quebec, Canada Population: 1,650,000 CULTURAL GROWTH
  14. 14. Montreal, Quebec, Canada Population: 1,650,000
  15. 15. How do you turn broadband into value? • Leverage the economic, social and cultural assets you already have or are ready to develop • Put broadband to work – • Making your labor force better suited to today’s higher-skilled jobs • Educating your kids for tomorrow’s even higher-skilled jobs • Attacking social challenges and deploying local culture online • Build powerful partnerships with community colleges and universities to incubate tomorrow’s employers • Fight to make your community an “ecosystem” of innovation