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NJ Future Redevelopment Forum 2017 Sullivan


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The Future of Parking, Today

Published in: News & Politics
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NJ Future Redevelopment Forum 2017 Sullivan

  1. 1. Montclair Planning Board Demonstration Parklet Presentation October 24th 2016
  2. 2. My Focus: Parking vs. Places: The battle to take bake a fraction of the public realm.
  3. 3. What is PUBLIC Space? Often, we think of public space as… But…do we ever think of these?
  4. 4. How About When We Turn These… Into This!!
  5. 5. WHAT IF WE BUILT OUR COMMUNITIES AROUND PLACES? • Placemaking is the act if collectively reimagining and reinventing public spaces as the heart of every community. Strengthening the connection between people and the places they share.
  6. 6. “Like few other places, streets and sidewalk are a public stage where life unfolds” – Project for Public Spaces In most towns, streets comprise 30-40% of ALL public space!
  7. 7. …and then came time to activate our new public space
  8. 8. 10 Steps to a Great Public Space • 1. Protection from traffic • 2. Protection from crime • 3. A place to walk • 4. A place to stop and stand • 5. A place to sit • 6. Things to see • 7. Opportunities for conversations • 8. Opportunities for play • 9. Human-scale • 10. Aesthetic quality
  9. 9. “Public space should be the backbone of each new development plan – not the space that is left over after everything else was planned. What is happening at the street level determines 90% of a project’s success!”