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NJ Future Forum 2012 Net-Plus Lefsky


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Redevelopment is often considered inherently “sustainable” or “green” in that it involves reusing an already developed site, rather than developing elsewhere on a Greenfield location. But are there ways to make redevelopment even more sustainable? This session will explore how communities can pursue more innovative approaches to redevelopment, ranging from holistic regenerative design to the more prescribed LEED-ND to local brownfield reclamation efforts.

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NJ Future Forum 2012 Net-Plus Lefsky

  1. 1. Woodbridge TownshipKeasbey Redevelopment Marta Lefsky, P.P., A.I.C.P., Director, Planning & Development Township of
  2. 2. About Woodbridge Township Woodbridge is 24.2 square miles in size and located in northeastern Middlesex County Ten distinct towns but function as “One Community” Mostly a residential Township with 19 percent of land use industrial Keasbey is in the southeastern portion of Woodbridge. Mostly industrial uses
  3. 3. WoodbridgeTownship
  4. 4. Keasbey Epec Redevelopment Area Unique opportunity to redevelop a large tract of contaminated land Part of an overall strategy to revitalize the region adjacent to the Raritan River Protect wetlands Encourage resource renewable energy
  5. 5. Area at a Glance Approximately 177 acres along Riverside Drive and the Raritan River In October 2009 a large portion of the area was designated as a “BDA”
  6. 6. KPR 1996
  7. 7. Wetlands
  8. 8. Keasbey Goals Stimulate economic investment with a passive recreation component Preserve wetlands Remediate brownfields as part of the redevelopment process
  9. 9. Thank you Questions? Marta Lefsky, P.P., A.I.C.P., Director, Planning & Development Township of