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NJ Future Forum 2012 Investing Strategically in TOD Morrissy


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NJ Future Forum 2012 Investing Strategically in TOD Morrissy

  1. 1. The Valley Revitalization Initiative
  2. 2. The Valley Revitalization Initiative • Eight Year Planning and action approach • 40 blocks – the Valley neighborhood of Orange and West Orange • HANDS Inc nonprofit community development corporation is the prime mover
  3. 3. Max Build-out vs.The Urban Village
  4. 4. Max Build-out vs.The Urban Village
  5. 5. Max Build-out vs.The Urban Village
  6. 6. Max Build-out vs.The Urban Village
  7. 7. Max Build-out vs.The Urban Village
  8. 8. Max Build-out vs.The Urban Village
  9. 9. Max Build-out vs.The Urban Village
  10. 10. Engage residents, institutions, organizations and two municipalities • Three Universities assisted • 100s of stakeholders participated • Orange and West Orange participated in Smart Growth planning (DCA Grant)
  11. 11. The Organic Planning Strategy• Ignite a vision• Create a signature project to create momentum• Engage stakeholders in comprehensive planning• Control real estate• Advocate for and embrace redevelopment and zoning powers• Clean-up industrial sites• Attract the best private sector developers
  12. 12. Several plans make the whole• Valley Revitalization Plan approved by DCA for Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit• Central Valley Redevelopment Plan– Orange• Mitchell-Joyce Rezoning Plan-West Orange• ValleyArts Business Plan 2005 Smart Growth Award from New Jersey Futures 2006-2009 HANDS, Inc; the City of Orange and• Brownfields Development the Township of West Orange Area Plan
  13. 13. Eliminate the blight• Obsolete deteriorated factory buildings• Brownfields – industrial contamination from hat mfg. and later industrial uses• Problem properties – residential and commercial
  14. 14. The challenges met and overcome• Minimized residential displacement• Retained key labor- intensive employers• Retained the remaining historic character• Critical mass of new development around the RR station• Making it work for the residents of Orange• Range of housing choices
  15. 15. Build on the Valley Neighborhood’s Assets• Train station• Historic character• Large public park• East branch of the Rahway River• Location on urban/suburban divide• Popular Italian restaurants• Shared by two towns
  16. 16. Create a world class urban village• Transit oriented• Pedestrian friendly• Range of housing choices• Mixed-use with neighborhood retail• Community Arts Program• New public park space
  17. 17. The Arts as an Engine• ValleyArts- a new community organization• Neighborhood revitalization• Economic development• Raise academic achievement• Create a dynamic identity
  18. 18. Public Art
  19. 19. Utilize obsolete industrial buildings• Artist live/work spaces• Commercial Arts Center• Community Arts facility
  20. 20. Resurrect the Valley’s past• Hat making center 1860-1920s• Historic industrial buildings• Strong neighborhood identity
  21. 21. Rebuild the Valley’s tax base• 600+ new residential units- $120 million investment• 100 arts spaces for working artists and retailers• Neighborhood retail
  22. 22. Rebuild the Valley’s tax base• Retain major light industrial employers• Top quality private sector developers• Arts District built around old factories and popular restaurants
  23. 23. Create green spacePedestrian greenway entrance to the Valley
  24. 24. Attract ResourcesPeople, $$$, Partners
  25. 25. Commitment to artists and innovators
  26. 26. Social enterprise
  27. 27. Affordable financing is required
  28. 28. Invest in People
  29. 29. The Valley Revitalization Initiative