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NJ Future Forum 2012 Equity in TOD Hsueh


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Chronology of West Windsor Township's Transit-Oriented Development Plan for the area around the Princeton Junction train station

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NJ Future Forum 2012 Equity in TOD Hsueh

  1. 1. Redevelopment Planning A Transit Oriented Development in West Windsor Presented By Dr. Shing-Fu Hsueh Mayor, West Windsor Township New Jersey March 9, 2012
  2. 2. West Windsor Township Four phases* 1. Determine the Area in Need of Redevelopment 3. Develop and adopt the redevelopment plan 5. Implement the redevelopment plan 7. Planning Board review of the redevelopment project to ensure consistency with the redevelopment plan 2*Proceeding with redevelopment under the Local Redevelopment and HousingLaw, N.J.S.A. 40A-1 et seq.
  3. 3. West Windsor Township Area in Need of RedevelopmentPrinceton Junctionat West WindsorTrain Station area 3
  4. 4. West Windsor Township Chronology (I) April 12, 2004 – Township Council authorized the Planning Board to conduct investigation to define an Area in Need of Redevelopment designation around the train station November 2, 2005 – Planning Board voted 9-0 to accept the findings of the investigation defining the boundaries of a redevelopment district December 19, 2005 – Township Council voted 5-0 accepting the designation of 350 acres as an Area in Need of Redevelopment December 29, 2005 –formally submitted the study and Council resolution designating 350 acres around train station as an Area in Need of Redevelopment 4 February 8, 2006 – Letter from DCA to confirm official approval of designation
  5. 5. West Windsor Township Chronology (II) March 2006 – RFQ/RFP for planning consultant Sept. 2006 – Open presentations from the final three Dec. 2006 – Council approval for contract with Hillier Architecture Feb. 2007 – First Hillier public workshop March 2007 – Second Hillier public workshop 5
  6. 6. West Windsor Township Chronology (III) April 2007 – Third Hillier public workshop June 2007 – Joint Council and Planning Board meeting July 2007 – New Council Resolution to redefine redevelopment process June 2008 – Council Resolution to re-engage RMJM Hillier to 6 complete the Plan with township planning consultant under Council’s supervision
  7. 7. West Windsor Township Chronology (IV) March 2009 – Adopted Redevelopment Plan July 2009 – Council appointed McManimon & Scotland as redevelopment attorney November 2010 – Initial settlement agreement with InterCap Holdings November 2010 - Ordinances adopted to revise Redevelopment Plan 7
  8. 8. West Windsor Township 8
  9. 9. West Windsor Township 9
  10. 10. West Windsor Township 10
  11. 11. West Windsor Township 11
  12. 12. West Windsor Township PM-PJ District (RP-1 District) Dwelling Units: 800 12.2% of the total number of units shall be affordable units, 50% of which shall be moderate, 40% of which shall be low, and 10% of which shall be very low Parking Requirements: 1.4375 off street parking spaces per unit Commercial Space: Min. 70,000sqaure feet; Max. 147,500 square feet; parking – 1 per 1000 square feet 12
  13. 13. West Windsor Township Why Redevelopment? To improve the existing haphazard pedestrian and vehicular circulation structure with support from federal, state, and county To elevate priority status for receiving grants & financial assistance from all state agencies To allow for the development of a proactive publicly-directed comprehensive development plan based on specific public goals To allow private development to remediate contamination on 13 publicly-owned lands using brownfield funds that would flow from a comprehensive redevelopment effort
  14. 14. West Windsor Township Main Components Capacity-based planning process Mixed uses Environmental conservation/recreational opportunities Traffic impact Financial impact Impact on the school system Agricultural roots/arts & cultures 14