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NJ Future Forum 2012 Creating a Redevelopment Agenda Perno


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NJ Future Forum 2012 Creating a Redevelopment Agenda Perno

  1. 1. Planning PartnershipsProject Implementation 03.09.12 New Jersey Future Anthony J. Perno III, Esq. Redevelopment Forum Chief Executive Officer
  2. 2. Harnessing Camden’s potential as a place in which to live, work, visit and invest Unmatched regional location Excellent public transportation Influential institutional presence Regional waterfront recreational assets 15 miles of waterfront land Effective leaders & community organizations
  3. 3. Economic Development
  4. 4. Creating a Sense of Place
  5. 5. Institutional Development July 7, 2
  6. 6. Neighborhood Building
  7. 7. Research & Policy
  8. 8. Anthony J. Perno III, Esq. Chief Executive OfficerCooper’s Ferry Partnership One Port Center 2 Riverside Drive, Suite 501 Camden, NJ 08103 Phone 856/757-9154 Fax 856/757-9478