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NJ Future Forum 2012 Communications Strategy Palanker


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A case study from Bristol, CT, showing how social and crowdsourcing tools can engage a community in determining its preferences for downtown redevelopment.

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NJ Future Forum 2012 Communications Strategy Palanker

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Renaissance: Background & Experience Innovative, Full Service Real Estate Investment and development Firm with 35+ years Industry Experience • Residential • Marine Uses • Commercial • Hotel • Cultural • Hospitality • Entertainment • Mixed Use 2
  3. 3. Branded Leader in ComprehensiveDowntown Redevelopment Hempstead, NY Huntington Station, NY Glen Cove, NY Master Developer Master Developer Master Developer Bristol, CT Nashua, NH Waterbury, CT Master Developer Master Developer Master Developer
  4. 4. The Market Demands Downtown Living…The Market Wants a New Product – Urban Suburbia• Transit oriented• Cultural venues• Artist lofts• Entertainment venues• Ethnic restaurants• Educational opportunities• Reduced Crime• Retail/Commercial• Vibrancy and Energy• A true sense of placeThe Public Must Understand The Process and the Benefits 13
  5. 5. We go nowherewithout public support
  6. 6. A Brief History of Entitlement Work…
  7. 7. Traditional Approach:Us v. Them Confrontational, Lines Drawn in the Sand, The Negotiation
  9. 9. If You Don’t Manage the Conversation…
  10. 10. It Will Manage You!
  11. 11. Process Over Plan: AnInclusive and Constructive Approach
  12. 12. Crowdsourcing is the act of sourcing taskstraditionally performed by specific individuals(within a Company / Corporation) to anundefined large group of people or community(the crowd) through an open call.Crowdsourced Placemaking is the act ofsourcing placemaking tasks traditionallyperformed by planners and real estatedevelopers to a large group of communitymembers (the crowd) through an open call.
  13. 13. Crowdsourced Placemaking: Turning Apathy intoEnergy• First Of Its Kind Crowdsourced Placemaking Program• Patent Pending• Transparent Process• Online Forum / Community (ala Facebook)• Online Voting Application (ala YouTube)• In Person Meetings• 2000 Members Strong!
  14. 14. Pop Up Piazza Bristol, CT – 15,000+ !!!
  15. 15. Celebrating Bristol’s Approval Bristol CT, October 11 2011: 7-0 Unanimous Vote
  16. 16. Crowdsourced Placemaking in Hempstead, NY Community Involvement = Community Support 5-0 Unanimous Vote Approving Concept Plan $5 Million Committed to Sewer Infrastructure from NYS
  17. 17. Traditional Media is Catching On… 7
  18. 18. LESSONS LEARNED• Community Sentiment Necessitates Bringing in the Silent Majority (not the Oligarchies)• The “Conversation” Will Happen So Engage the Community• It is a Dialogue, Not Just Information• Be Earnest and Authentic• Social Media is a Tool – Need Fertile Soil & Practitioner• Process Over Plan• At Root, We Are All Human, Social Beings
  19. 19. 37