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Shakepeare's Globe


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A Shakespeare Research Project presentation by a Year Six pupil

Published in: Education
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Shakepeare's Globe

  1. 1. The Globe Theatre
  2. 2. Watching a play at the Globe • Market stalls outside the Theatre • Groundlings or Stinkards • Stood in a pit with 500 others • Really enjoyed plays • Missed work, paid a tenth of their wages, stood for up to three hours.
  3. 3. Watching a play at the Globe • Upper class nobles- • Could afford more expensive tickets • Could pay to sit in the stage • The Globe held a maximum of 1500 • 3000 watched the plays
  4. 4. Shakespearian actors • Actors were treated better when theatres were built • Skills required: • Sword fighting, falling, overacting, carrying your voice, memory. • Cue acting • Cue scripting • Shakespeare acted in his own plays • Young boys played female roles
  5. 5. Building the Globe Theatre • The Theatre • Lord Chamberlain’s men • Labourers, painters, thatchers, joiners, carpenters and plasterers. • Stone, nails, thatch, plaster and timber • Dr. John Dee
  6. 6. The Globe Closing down • Closed 1614 • Not allowed to perform during Lent • Closed on a Thursday • Closed during Winter • 1608 plague • Puritans • Puritans lost power in 1660 • Globe never rebuilt
  7. 7. The History of the Globe • Lord Chamberlain’s Men • The Globe Alight • 29 June 1613 • Cuthbert Burbage, Richard Burbage, John Heminges, Thomas Pope, Augustine Philips and William Shakespeare.
  8. 8. The Globe lives on! • Sam Wanamaker • 1949 • 1970 founded Shakespeare’s Globe Trust • Wanamaker died on 18th December 1993 • Shakespeare’s Globe opened in 1997
  9. 9. Quiz • Who was the man who brought back the Globe Theatre? • What was the name of the religious group that closed the Globe theatre? • How many people watched the plays? • Other than writing the plays what else did William Shakespeare do at the Globe Theatre? • How many skills that actors would of needed can you name.
  10. 10. The Globe theatre