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Digital media strategies 2013 (nick blunden) final public


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  • Digital media is a without a doubt the fastest growing cultural trend that nobody can deny the intrinsic value of the online resources in order to be successful reaching people today and our future; the next generation.

    Need a great example? Even in churches all across the nation who seem to resist change more than most typically, to stay with their 'old fashioned' methods policy and programs...they are flocking by the thousands to an online media solution for training & streamable online bible studies & training resources for the church workplace and the home. This amazing new tool is called RIGHTNOW This organization is well worth your taking a look to see how the digital age is changing the church today in our Nation and internationally in some cases.

    Take a look and tell them I sent you!
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Digital media strategies 2013 (nick blunden) final public

  1. 1. Digital  Media  Strategies  2013 Nick  Blunden  |  Global  Digital  Publisher  |  @nickblunden
  2. 2. In  recent  years  The  Economist  has  enjoyed  a  period  of  extraordinary   success
  3. 3. Luck  or  more  precisely  being  in  the  right  place  at  the  right  Ime  has  played   a  significant  part  in  our  success Image  credit:  h.p://
  4. 4. As  the  world  has  got  flaNer  the  benefits  of  publishing  an  internaIonal   Itle  in  English  have  increased Image  credit:  h.p://­‐cuhfus-­‐fotografie/7982380738/
  5. 5. Mass  intelligence  has  emerged  as  a   mega-­‐trend  that  means  people  are  smartening  up  rather  than  dumbing   down
  6. 6. And  paradoxically  the  Internet  has  made  intelligent  analysis  more  not  less   valuable Image  credit:  h.p://
  7. 7. “I’m  a  great  believer  in  luck,  and  I  find  the  harder  I  work  the  more  I  have  of  it” Thomas  Jefferson Image  credit:  h.p://
  8. 8. In  an  increasingly  digital  world  people  pay  for  the  experience  not  just  for  the   content
  9. 9. Paywalls  are  fundamentally  a  maNer   of  economics  not  ideology Image  credit:  h.p://
  10. 10. There  are  significant  opportuniIes  in   the  increased  choices  that  digital   technology  enables Image  credit:  h.p://
  11. 11. We  are  experiencing  a  shiX  from  single  channel  to  mulIchannel  not  just  from   analogue  to  digital
  12. 12. New  digital  plaYorms  provide  the  opportunity  to  establish  valuable  new   media  consumpIon  habits  
  13. 13. DIGITAL  WW  0.6M -­‐ AMERICAS  46% -­‐ EMEA  33% -­‐ AP  21%PRINT  WW  1.5M-­‐ AMERICAS  58%-­‐ EMEA  32%-­‐ AP  10% ONLINE  WW  7.0M -­‐ AMERICAS  51% -­‐ EMEA  32% -­‐ AP  17% InternaIonal  expansion  is  an   absolutely  criIcal  component  of  the   digital  dividend Source:  The  Economist  ABC  Consolidated  Media  Report
  14. 14. TradiIonal  adverIsing  alone  is  unlikely   to  sustain  the  investment  required  to   support  quality  journalism
  15. 15. Trust,  transparency  and  editorial   independence  are  even  more   important  in  a  digital  world Image  credit:  h.p://
  16. 16. Digital  unlocks  the  potenIal  to  moneIse  content  in  a  variety  of  ways   that  challenge  our  concept  of  a   ‘newspaper’  or  ‘magazine’
  17. 17. In  fact  the  biggest  opportunity  is  to   stop  thinking  of  ourselves  as  a   newspaper  at  all
  18. 18. In  fact  the  biggest  opportunity  is  to   stop  thinking  of  ourselves  as  a   newspaper  at  all
  19. 19. Digital  Media  Strategies  2013 Nick  Blunden  |  Global  Digital  Publisher  |  @nickblunden