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Creativity matrix 1


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Creativity matrix for identification of personal attributes

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Creativity matrix 1

  1. 1. NaderJarmooz©2015 Creativity Matrix The Matrix belowwill helpyouidentifyyour Perceived AttributesinCreativity.Pleasefollow the instructions inthe nextpage before attempting tocompletethe matrix below.The final outlineand analysiswill helpyou establishyourperceived strengthsandweaknesses; therein,recognising opportunitiesandthreatsfor yourpersonal growthandCPD. On a cautionarynote: ingeneral,we tendto underscore ourselves,therefore itishighlyrecommendedthatyouspendatleastone minute on eachattribute thinkingaboutbothpositiveandnegativetraitsof yourpersonality. Attributes Score Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Imaginative Disciplined Persistence Collaborative Inquisitive
  2. 2. NaderJarmooz©2015 Example 1) Firstly, take a few minutes to think about the attributes listed below and score yourself between 1 and 5 for each, based on your own perception of yourself. As shown in the example table below. (1 lowest to 5 highest) 2) Drag and Drop the Blue Dots on appropriate axis and number, per your score. 3) Drag and drop the Red Lines on the picture. Resize and rearrange the Red Lines to intersect with the Blue Dots The area covered under the curve denotes your Perceived Personal Attributes in relation to Creativity. Next, complete the table below by identifying your SWOT. After doing this exercise reflect on how you can improve your Creativity by adjusting your attributes. Attributes Score Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Imaginative 5 Very imaginative and think outside the box Can get lostin imagination and detached from reality Take advantage of my innovative thinking Spend too much time imaginingand not enough on doing Disciplined 2 Scope for improvement. Utilise competencies more effectively. Lack motivation and relianceon myself. Can improve productivity by managingtime more efficiently Fallingback into comfort zone Persistence 4 Collaborative 3 Inquisitive 1