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Csr on two indian companies

this ppt is on csr activity of two indian company
i.e tata group and adity birla group

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Csr on two indian companies

  1. 1. Csr Of Two Indian Companies Presentation by:- Nitin Dhodi Niyati Mehta Suraj patel Ankita Prajapati Monu Sam Bhavini Tandel
  2. 2. CONTENT • CSR • Companies 1. TATA GROUP 2. ADITYA BIRLA • Conclusion
  3. 3. Define Csr?? • CSR means corporate Social Responsibility • In simple word it means “whatever we take from earth i.e natural resourses like land water etc we must give them to society back again” • "Corporate Social Responsibility should be in the DNA of every organization. Our processes should be aligned so as to benefit the society. If society prospers, so shall the organization...”
  4. 4. Companies That we Chosed are: • TATA GROUP • ADITYA BIRLA
  5. 5. Tata (background) Business Ethics @ TATA Professional Practice| AP-7| 2007-11| NIFT-B 5 TATA • PrivateType • 1868Founded • Jamshetji TataFounder • Mumbai, IndiaHeadquarters • WorldwideArea served • Ratan TataKey people
  6. 6. Various CSR Projects
  7. 7. CSR Strategy of tata … • Empower communities by building various forms of capacities, skills, human and social capital. • Create & Measure the formation of Sustainable Livelihoods • Focus on Youth through Vocational Training, Inclusion & absorption across the supply chain as artisans, • entrepreneurs and micro-enterprise. • Consciously deploy technology to help people. • Synergize with the local area development plans.
  8. 8. Focus Area • Land & Water Management • Rural Livelihood • Infrastructure Development • Health & Sanitation • Education & Skill Development • Sports Inclusive Growth the touchstone of sustainability
  9. 9. In Orissa the Company touches the lives of 25000 families in 500 villages Land and Water Management Rural Enterprise Development through Self help Groups - 500 Self Help Groups supported Vocational Training Programme for youth for alternate sources of employment Some of the things they have changed are (14-15): - 5763 Acres of land shifted from single cropping to second and third cropping - 2455 acres of wasteland converted to cultivable land
  10. 10. 10 RURAL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT Pisciculture SHG’s products in a fair Bamboo work SHG nursery enterprise Alternative avenues for sustainable development…towards women’s empowerment  Agriculture  Poultry, Goatry, Pisciculture etc.  Community entrepreneurship Facilitated more than 500 enterprises
  11. 11. VOCATIONAL TRAINING Developing Marketable Skills…Creating Employability Handicrafts skill up-gradation Motor driving Soap making Motor repair Stitching & designing Fight Against HIV/AIDS Project Kavach- reduce STDs among long distance truckers Project Sathi – provide care & support to the HIV/AIDs affected
  12. 12. Tata Main Hospital at Jamshedpur Hospitals in Gobarghati, Joda, Sukinda, Belpahar, Beleipada and Bamnipal  ICU in Joda and Bolangir Mobile Health Clinics for the rural interiors AIDS awareness, Project Astha and regular health Camps “Lifeline Express” brought 5 times to the remote rural villages of Orissa & 10 times to other parts of the Country Better Health Infrastructure…
  13. 13. 13 Early Child Education Centre Camp school Adult Literacy classes ECE Teacher Orientation Training Towards an educated communities… Improving the literacy status in our areas of operation  Constructed Institute of Mathematics Set up J N Tata Technical Education Centre in Gopalpur  Project Shikshya drives education in rural Orissa  Constructed / Facilitated more than 200 educational institutions from 1990s  Facilitated higher education institutes like Sukinda College, Joda Women College etc  Adult literacy by TCS, Community education  Set up a Centenary Learning Centre at XIMB  Signed an MOU with KISS to foster tribal education
  14. 14. SPORTS – A way of Life Tata Football Academy Tata Archery Academy Tata Athletics Academy Tata Steel Adventure Foundation Talent hunt for sporting Talents Special Olympics for Differently Abled 14 DISASTER RELIEF • Tata Relief Committee - has sent immediate relief in times of natural calamities – 1 Million Families • Long-term assistance offered Tata Relief Committee is serving in 15 districts 435 houses and 31 school-cum- cyclone shelter
  15. 15. Aditya Birla group About Birla’s Group • Birla Group started at 1857. • Shiv Narayan Birla started cotton trading operation in the small town of pilani in Rajasthan. • Ghyanshyamdas Birla(GD Birla)--he set the manufacturing company. • Grandson of G.D.Birla is Aditya Vikram Birla(A.V.Birla) • Son of A.V.Birla is Kumar mangalam Birla(K.M.Birla)
  16. 16. Focus Area • Education • Healthcare • Sustainable livelihood • Infrastructure • Espousing social causes
  17. 17. • In Education, our endeavor is to spark the desire for learning through • Formal schools • Balwadis for elementary education • Quality primary education • Aditya Bal Vidya Mandirs • Girl child education • Adult education programmes.
  18. 18. • Pulse polio programme • Mobile clinics — doctors' visits • General and multispecialty medical camps, cleft lips • Reproductive and child health care, mid-day meal projects • Safe drinking water, sanitation — household toilets, community hospitals • HIV / AIDS, cancer, TB awareness and prevention camps • Blood donation
  19. 19. • Providing livelihood in a locally appropriate and environmentally sustainable manner • Formation of Self Help Groups for women empowerment • Vocational training through Aditya Birla Rural Technology Parks • Agriculture development • Watershed development • Partnership with Industrial Training Institutes.
  20. 20. • Housing, water and sanitation are a priority. • 50 million houses for families • water is a perennial problem. • sanitation and hygiene • renewable sources of energy. • Dowry less marriage • Widow remarriage • Awareness programmes on anti social issues • De-addiction campaigns and programmes
  21. 21. “We sometimes feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”