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The Arrow of Life Points towards Oblivion


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Don't let education delude you with promises of a future. Instead, discover how to find delight in education in the present moment.

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The Arrow of Life Points towards Oblivion

  1. 1. One trillion humans may have come on Earth before you The Arrow of Life Points towards Oblivion
  2. 2. You Are Here. Breathing Who's life are you living?
  3. 3. Peak Experience Here's how you may choose to touch it
  4. 4. Start from the Bottom You've only got 1,460 days in your hands
  5. 5. Explore Four Dimensions Humanities Science Sensitivity Creativity
  6. 6. Discover the Fifth
  7. 7. Talk delivered by Niyam Bhushan at Raj Kumar Goel Engineering College (RKGEC), Ghaziabad, U.P. on 10 April 2010. Published under a Creative Commons License: cc-by-nc-nd-2.5 Copyright: April 2010 Niyam Bhushan. Inspired by the vision of Osho.