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Open Data on the Open Platform


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In this talk, I will introduce the future technical and social impact of open data on the open platform. Nowadays, web technology, whose process of standardization is open and independent of vendors, has evolved into an application platform on various devices such as PC, mobile and embedded devices. Developers of web-standards and web-based application are now trying to integrate a map technology tightly into the web standards for the future mobile web-based applications. As an organizer of a workshop aiming to discuss the future web-based map technology, I will introduce emerging technology and discussion in this area. At the workshop I held in Tokyo, Japan in 2012, many developers and researchers in various communities such as OpenStreetMap, FOSS4G, HTML5, and Linked OpenData gathered and had an enthusiastic discussion. I will summarize the discussion and future perspective at the workshop in my talk in order to discuss future technical and social possibility of OpenStreetMap on web-based open platform.

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Open Data on the Open Platform

  1. 1. @niyalist Open Data on the Open Platform M a s a k i I t o , To t t o r i U n i v e r s i t y
  2. 2. Open Source Movement since late 90s •  Everyone can read the source code of software•  Everyone can participate to the development•  Open the know-how of enterprise, large-scale software to engineers in every domain•  Broke the barrier between amateur and enterprise technology•  Create a chance of technological communication among engineers in different domains
  3. 3. Open Data Movement •  Chance to democratize the knowledge of government, large company, specialists to citizen•  Exchange the way of finding knowledge among TED talk by Tim Berners-Lee in 2010 the_year_open_data_went_worldwide.html
  4. 4. Open Platform Movement is Coming! •  Platform: a common mechanism on which an application runs •  OS,Middleware, Web service, Distribution mechanism of apps or content…•  Organization who control the platform would have great benefit •  Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook ….•  Web technology (HTML5) is going to be the next platform •  Vendor independent organization (W3C) •  Open discussion of specification
  5. 5. Proprietary Platform •  Software for the one platform does not run on another platform
  6. 6. HTML5 as an Open Application Platform •  Web Browser is becoming to be an Application Platform•  Create Application with HTML, CSS and JavaScropt•  API Support for development •  Basement •  File API, Drag and Drop, Offline support •  Graphics and animation •  css3, canvas, SVG, WebGL. etc •  Device, Hardware •  Location, Accelerometer, etc
  7. 7. Little Support of Map/Geo-Features in HTML5 •  No Standard Map Feature •  No standard API of rendering vector map •  No standard API of drag and drop map •  No standard API of expansion •  Difficult to create interactive mapping apps.•  Little Standard Geo-App Features Support •  Geo Location API •  Basic support to access to the GPS •  No standard API to measure the distance •  No standard API of geocoding / reverse geocoding •  No standard API of geo event •  Enter the area, stay more than 5 min etc..
  8. 8. Why Google ? •  Why you use google maps ? •  Because its content is wide coverage, rich info, accurate, beautiful… •  OSM can be the alternative !•  Why you develop Geo/Map app with google maps API ? •  Because it provides many useful features •  Simple API to embed a Map •  Measurement of the distance •  Geocoding …. •  There is no alternative !•  Need Open Geo / Mapping Platform!
  9. 9. Geo + Web Workshop since 2010 •  1st: June, 2010 •  3 talks + 1 panel discussion (5 panelist) •  40 participants •  2nd: March 11, 2011 “Mapping technology in the HTML5 Era” •  3 talks + 1 panel discussion (5 panelists) •  →Could not hold due to the Great East Japan Earthquake •  3rd: May, 2012 “Open Data on the Open Platform” •  5 talks •  60 more participants + 40 more online participants
  10. 10. ••  Slide, Video Twitter history is available ! (Japanese)
  11. 11. The 3rd Workshop Program •  MapStreet: Revolution in Tiled Map •  @_hfu_•  HTML5 and beyond HTML5 •  @wks・Masao Wakasa ( OSGeo Japan, Connecty Inc.)•  Linked Data and Geospatial Data •  @fumi1・Fumihiro Kato (National Institute of Information)•  OpenStreetMap -provides free geographic data to anyone who wants it- •  Taichi Furuhashi, Hal Seki, Tetsu Iida etc •  SVG Map: a Prototype of Web(Map|GIS) •  @totipalmate・Satoru Takagi・(KDDI, W3C )
  12. 12. MapStreet: Revolution in Tiled Map•  @_hfu_•  Introduced his vision and prototype of the future web map•  Map data will be a commodity•  Platform to render and distribute the tiled map will be a commodity•  The quality of the presentation ( visualization cartography ) will be the next competition•  Any map maker including amature can participate the competition •  Just like a street musician
  13. 13. Demo: tsukubau /MapBox •  Demonstrate his cartographical idea •  Data: •  Fundamental Geospatial Data •   Geospatial Information Authority of Japan•  Technology: •  TileMill for map tile generation •  MapBox for hosting in the cloud
  14. 14. HTML5 and beyond HTML5•  @wks・Masao Wakasa •  OSGeo Japan, Connecty Inc. ••  Introduced the technical overview of HTML5 •  Semantics •  New Features and APIs •  Introduced the advanced demonstration of html5•  Discussed the future of html5 web browser •  Web Browser will be interface for anything •  Car equipments •  Home appliance etc…
  15. 15. Linked Data and Geospatial Data•  @fumi1・Fumihiro Kato •  National Institute of Information •  Researcher of Semantic Web / Linked Open Data•  Introduced the basic idea and specification of Linked Data •  Basic concept •  Application •  Problem
  16. 16. OpenStreetMap -provides free geographic data to anyone who wants it-•  Leading member of OSMJP•  Taichi Furuhashi•  Hal Seki•  Tetsu Iida …•  Q&A session about OSM •  Who start the project ? •  Who is operating the server ? •  What is the licese of the OSM data. •  Who guarantee the accuracy ? •  How to edit the map ? •  How to download the data ? •  What is the difference between shape file ? •  Are there any application which highly utilize the OSM ?
  17. 17. SVG Map: a Prototype of Web(Map|GIS)•  @totipalmate Satoru Takagi •  KDDI Corporation •  W3C •  Pioneer of web mapping technology since 90s •  Far before Google Maps•  Propose the extension of SVG for presentation of Web map •  Tiling, Layering•  We have his presentation today! 16:30〜 in this room. •  “New mapping standards for the web”
  18. 18. What’s the Next ? •  Making a community of developers who have interest in this field •  In Japan •  World wide !•  Start to propose to W3C•  Need to create the new movement Open Data on the Open Platform for the interoperability of our knowledge !