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Introduction of History and Community of GTFS-JP


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This slide is a material at the meeting with Leo Frachet in Tokyo in May 10, 2019 to introduce GTFS and related activities in Japan.

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Introduction of History and Community of GTFS-JP

  1. 1. Introduction of history and community of GTFS-JP Meeting with Leo Frachet @MobilityData Masaki Ito @GTFS-JP, Univ. of Tokyo
  2. 2. • A data format for public transportation schedules and geographic information of facilities. • A de-fact standard used worldwide • A single ZIP file containing multiple CSV files GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) Stops and Routes Schedules Fee
  3. 3. Open Data Eco System Download Open Data Help Passnegers
  4. 4. GTFS repository is available • Aggregate and archive worldwide GTFS files – Provide API to access the data
  5. 5. No GTFS Open Data in Japan in 2014
  6. 6. Transit App Companies in Japan NAVITIME Eki-spart (VAL Laboratory) Ekitan Jorudan Yahoo! Transit Google Maps Apple Maps Provide data Provide partial dataProvide data and engine Focus on trains
  7. 7. Japan has a long history of a Route Planner 1988- Eki-spart: World first commercial route planner 1998- Jordan Route Planner with train schedules
  8. 8. Established system to trade train schedules commercially JR Private Railway Company Train Schedule Publisher Train Schedule Publisher Transit App Developer Private Railway Company Route Bus Agency Route Bus Agency Route Bus Agency Private Railway Company • Transit app developer need to contact to route bus agencies directory because there is no aggregator of bus schedule in Japan. • 100% coverage of route bus is not easy
  9. 9. Bottom up approach for Transit Open Data is only the possible way Shinkansen Intercity Rail Regional Rail, Commuter Rail Intercity Bus LRT, BRT Regional Bus/minibus Speed, Distance, Price, No. of passengers Digital data are commercially available Data are not digitalized and opened
  10. 10. First GTFS Open Data in Japan in 2015 Made by Ito and Colleagues Minibus in Shizuoka Prefecture Owning to the project, minibus data in Kakegawa, Shimada, Susono were published. Development of by ITO and local developers in Shizuoka
  11. 11. Promotion of GTFS Open Data since 2015
  12. 12. Bus Data Commission at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism was organized in 2016 • Japanese government arranged a commission to discuss effective collection of route bus schedules – Dec. 2016 to March 2017 • Chair – Masaki Ito The Univ. of Tokyo • Route Planner Developer – Yoshikuni Inoue (Jorudan) – Koji Sakurai (Ekitan) – Masahiro Shinohara (Navitime Japan) – Naoki Yamamoto (Val Laboratory) • Diagram Making App Developer – Yuichi Ichikawa (Kozo Keikaku) – Kotaro Tanga (Kobo) • Others – Hiroyuki Ito (Community) – Haruo Endo (Nihon Bus Association) – Masakiro Bessyo (Council of Open Data for Public Transportation)
  13. 13. Published 1st GTFS-JP document from the Japanese government in March 2017
  14. 14. Free bus timetable maker “Sono Sujiya” • “Sonosujiya” is free but advanced bus timetable maker developed by Koichi Takano since 2015 • Many Japanese route bus agencies start to use to manage route bus and to publish open data
  15. 15. GTFS Open Data in early 2018 Nomi City in Ishikawa Prefecture Minibus data is published in Jan.2017 on the official web. Shingu Town in Fukuoka Pref. Minibus and ferry data are available since late 2016. Yamanashi Prefecture Major Route Bus Operators(Yamanashi Kotsu and Fuji Kyuko) opened their data in Feb. 2017. Uno Bus in Okayama Prefecture GTFS and GTFS realtime are available since 2016. Muroran City in Hokkaido Official open data with an independent format are converted to GTFS by the local engineer. Cities in Shizuoka Prefecture Owning to the project, minibus data in Shimada and Yaizu cities were published.
  16. 16. Nov. 2018: 30 Agencies
  17. 17. Feb. 2019: 90 agencies
  18. 18. Okayama: GTFS Hotspot
  19. 19. • Both schedule data and realtime data (location) are opened Competition to open the data by bus agencies Agency Static Realtime Uno ✓ ✓ Shimoden ✓ Ryobi-Group (Ryobi and Okaden) ✓ ✓ Chutetsu ✓(β) Megurin
  20. 20. • あ GTFS-Realtime data are also open
  21. 21. 3 Prefecture offices worked to open regional bus data in 2018 Saga Toyama Gunma 2 agencies 15 agencies 40 agencies
  22. 22. • Includes GTFS Realtime as Japanese standard data format • Publish multiple documents for agencies, transportation authorities etc • Don’t make new specs, but adopt international standards as Japanese standard in GTFS Realtime format GTFS-JP Ver.2 released in March 2019
  23. 23. • The government release markdown files of GTFS-JP ver.2 in addition to pdf files • GTFS-JP community puts the markdown into GitHub to keep up-to-date • The latest documents are available online Keep the governmental document up-to- date by the GTFS-JP community