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Think Big White Paper


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The secret to Internet Marketing that actually works

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Think Big White Paper

  1. 1. The Secret to Internet Marketing That Actually Works A ThinkBIG Whitepaper MARC ARNER, Managing Partner PJ CAMMARATA, Managing Partner
  2. 2. THE SECRET TO EFFECTIVE INTERNET MARKETING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! ACHIEVING HIGHER “ORGANIC” RANKINGS AND MORE PROFITABLE “SPONSORED LINK” LISTINGS ON THE MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES WILL RESULT IN GREATER BRAND NAME AWARENESS AND ENHANCED PROFITS "Leading the way in this ever changing industry has not been easy however; it has positioned our firm well ahead of the curve and given us a tremendous advantage over our competition in terms of customer satisfaction and retention." Managing Partner, Marc Arner "We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish for our clients as well as the opportunity we have created for our many agents, employees, partners and affiliates around the world with this cutting edge service." Managing Partner, PJ Cammarata
  3. 3. The Inside Scoop For many years Corporate America has trusted and relied upon scores of so-called “SEO & PPC Experts” to help them manage and improve their search engine rankings and PPC return on investment. However, most have achieved marginal success at best. This white paper, will conclusively demonstrate that most Internet Marketing experts around the world have performed, and continue to perform, ineffective, time consuming and costly strategies that simply DO NOT work! They trap their clients into multi-year contracts, convincing them that a high “organic” search engine ranking for their website/s could take well over a year to achieve. And on the PPC side, they will often “plug and play & walk away” depending solely on their software to get the job done which is often a recipe for sponsored link disaster. While the trusting client waits for tangible results, their budget often runs dry and their patience wears thin. The reality is that roughly 95% of these clients will never achieve effective Internet Marketing results. For “Organic” SEO results, The reality is that success begins with a high, page 1 ranking on the major roughly 95% of search engines such as: Google™, Yahoo®, MSN®, etc… these clients will focusing on the proper keywords that will yield the best conversion ratio. For PPC Bid Mgt results, success begins never achieve with clearly understanding the client’s business model and effective Internet target audience and then formulating that knowledge into a Marketing results. campaign that yields a higher ROI based on the same or lower monthly spend.
  4. 4. SEO and PPC Services in Demand – The Market SEO or Search Engine Optimization relates to “Organic Listings” while PPC relates to “Sponsored Links”. A most effective internet marketing campaign will incorporate a good mix of solid SEO along with proven, results driven PPC Bid Management. Every company that is seeking to grow will need expert advice and management regarding both services and ThinkBIG delivers at a very high level. Achieving solid, measurable results in these two areas for most organizations has often been just out of reach for many reasons. This creates great need and urgency for website owners to find a company that not only talks a good game but delivers extraordinary results as well. The bottom line is that regardless of whether the client prefers either one or both strategies to work in concert, ThinkBIG offers world-class, innovative and proven techniques that simply get the job done in a fraction of the time of its competition while maintaining a very competitive and cost effective pricing structure. In 2008 Google generated roughly $25B in Sponsored Link advertising revenue. The market is obviously ripe and yielding fruit consistently. Every company wants to be more visible, to rank higher than others, to overshadow its competitors, to be seen as a leader in its space, to flat out, simply make more money than their competition. Internet Marketing is growing at a rapid pace while most other marketing mediums are suffering. Internet Marketing forecasts are strong and the industry is expected to enjoy steady growth throughout the foreseeable future. Experts say that the market itself is still in its infancy with nowhere to go but up! The internet may just be “THE” most important advertising medium the world has ever seen! This creates great need and urgency for website owners to find a company that not only talks a good game but delivers extraordinary results as well..
  5. 5. The Significance of Google and How You Can Capitalize On It Google is the “Big Dog”. They control almost 80% of the search engine market while all other search engines Both our SEO & PPC combined share the remaining 20%. If your website strategies are geared to appears on Google’s page 1, you’ve arrived. There are increasing client only 10 Organic listings and up to 11 PPC results on presence and visibility page 1 so every company that is vying for a particular on Google. keyword phrase is competing for that small and most sought after piece of real estate in the internet marketing world. Both our SEO & PPC strategies are geared to increasing client presence and visibility on Google. A strong presence on MSN, Yahoo and AOL are nice but nothing compares to Google. Our SEO “Organic” strategy is based on a unique formula created by ThinkBIG Managing Partner, Marc Arner. This formula consists of 3 major components: Key Word Analysis, On Page Search Engine Optimization and Strategic Inbound Linking. The theory behind this technique is driven by the fact that Google craves these components and these components ONLY – Relevant, keyword rich, consistent and current content in addition to high quality inbound links - Period! We feed the monster what it craves in the proper doses, we satisfy its appetite and it generally responds favorably - we deliver extraordinary, stable results within 3 to 6 months.
  6. 6. The Significance of Google and How You Can Capitalize On It Continued… Our objective for SEO “Organic” clients is to get them highly ranked naturally and do it quicker and at a more Our objective for SEO affordable price than the industry norm. A client whose “Organic” clients is to website arrives on Google’s page 1 “organically” will get them highly ranked be perceived as a leading authority in their industry naturally and do it and is also likely to experience greater web traffic quicker and at a more which results in increased sales, revenue and profits. affordable price than the Our PPC Bid Management team meets with 4 Google industry norm. team members each week to stay close to the ever migrating, consistent changes Google introduces on a regular basis. This means we always have our hand on the pulse of this living, breathing industry and the information we act upon comes straight from the horse’s mouth which serves to keep us forever one step ahead of our competition! Our objective for PPC clients is to keep them highly visible while reducing their monthly spend and increasing their ROI (Return on Investment).
  7. 7. The TBS Proprietary Formula – Our Unfair Advantage This is where the rubber meets the road. Whether it’s SEO or PPC, ThinkBIG enjoys an unfair advantage over our competition which puts our clients in a very enviable position. SEO – We combine the 3 major components listed above to create a very powerful propulsion mechanism that moves our client’s websites upward on the search engines. 95% of our clients reach page 1 “Organic” status within 90 days and within 180 days they can expect to be stabilized and anchored in those high positions. 1. The Keyword Analysis (KEI) - The first step in our SEO “Organic” strategy is the foundation of any successful internet marketing campaign. A first rate keyword analysis will help us determine which keyword phrase/s will bring the best results for a particular client. The client and ThinkBIG will then come to a joint decision regarding which keyword phrases to target based on expected traffic, ROI and ranking feasibility. With the proper keywords in place, clients can expect quicker than normal rankings and most importantly a high conversion rate which is usually synonymous with greater sales numbers. 2. The On Page SEO – Relates to our internal process of preparing a website to be more easily searched and indexed by Google. This often means making changes to a website to make it more search engine friendly. We insure that the keywords we are targeting are prominently displayed throughout the website so as Google’s robots and spiders crawl the site from time to time in search of relevancy, they will value the site more highly and therefore begin moving it forward in their search results. This high level On Page SEO strategy will also encompass making any corrections and repairs needed on the site to minimize any and all obstacles (Ex: improper meta and title tags, broken pages and links etc…) that may hinder a high ranking result.
  8. 8. The TBS Proprietary Formula – Our Unfair Advantage Continued… 3. Strategic Inbound Linking (Our Network) – “Link Juice/Pass Through Ratio” – This is the single most important component in Google’s Algorithm (fancy math formula) which determines where a website appears within the “Organic” search results. This component of our strategy is designed to increase the perceived value of a client’s website in the eyes of Google. We control/own a worldwide network of highly rated blogs, websites and social bookmark profiles that will steer or point high quality inbound links to the client’s website every month. This is our “Unfair Advantage”, as it relates to SEO. The function of our network, is to hyperlink or point the chosen keyword phrases to the client’s website in an effort to consistently deliver high quality, essential one way links. A high quality link is viewed favorably by Google as a “vote” and or “endorsement” of the client’s website. This is referred to throughout the industry as “Passing Link Juice”. Our team of professional writers will consistently write new, relevant content in our in house blogs and social bookmarks that relate to the clients business and industry. Often referred to as Blog and Social Marketing, this activity goes to the heart of feeding Google & the others what they crave – Relevant, keyword rich, consistent and current content about the subject matter the client seeks to be recognized for. These blog articles and social bookmarks will contain the chosen keyword phrases which are hyperlinked either back to the client’s main website and or dispersed throughout other social internet mediums in an effort to create a diversified yet powerful and consistent “buzz” about the client’s website..
  9. 9. Superior Ranking Results and Customer Service SEO Our unique SEO methodology has shown unprecedented results, reaching Google’s page 1 for most clients within 90 days. We can expect high organic rankings to fully stabilize within 3 to 6 months. This type of result outperforms most competitors by at least 2 to 1 yet our pricing is very affordable. PPC Here we also enjoy an “Unfair Advantage” - Our world-class PPC Bid Mgt strategy is designed to reduce a client’s monthly expenditure on Google and the other search engines for Sponsored Link advertising while increasing its ROI. We meet with 4 Google team members each week. We use state of the art proprietary software but our focus is on 60% human intervention which is where most of our competitors fall short. We manage the campaign in a granular fashion to be sure that the clients ads are in the right position/s, visible at the optimum times, taking advantage of which cities, states, regions are ringing the register best for the client because at the end of the day, it is all about Conversion Ratio and ROI. This granular attention to detail has allowed ThinkBIG to enjoy a 95% client retention rate for PPC Bid Mgt. Our pricing is on a Flat Fee basis rather than on a percentage of the client’s monthly spend. So unlike most of our competitors we are not motivated to increase the clients spending in fact, it’s quite the opposite. We are always striving to reduce the client’s monthly spend which is why the client is usually very happy with our process. Our Mgt fees are very affordable for smaller campaigns. For companies with a more aggressive approach these fees will rise accordingly but remain very competitive. Our customer service is top rated. Each client is put on either a weekly or monthly set schedule to discuss the intricacies of the campaign to insure that we are always working efficiently toward achieving optimum success.
  10. 10. The Facts While 85% of all new website visitors find the product or service they are looking for through the use of a A website is search engine such as Google™, only 3 to 5% of all generally created to websites are properly optimized to take advantage of increase profits and the awesome power of the search engines. Most productivity, yet websites are as effective a marketing tool as having a billboard on the moon because no one can find them few sites enjoy this using the major search engines. A website is generally result. created to increase profits and productivity, yet few sites enjoy this result. When using a search engine, people expect to find what they’re looking for on the first or second page mostly within the organic listings. Hence, if your company’s website is not listed on page one of a major search engine organically and or you do not have a results oriented PPC Bid Mgt campaign in place, you truly have no chance and should not expect to compete in today’s global Internet Market.
  11. 11. Solution Properly and efficiently harnessing the power of the “Internet” is the most effective way to increase website visibility and search engine ranking. Using ThinkBig’s ( proprietary SEO and or PPC Bid Management methodologies, clients are now realizing unprecedented results within their internet marketing campaigns on the major search engines, especially Google™. What’s more, they are seeing “Organic” page one results generally within 90 days and stabilized within 3 to 6 months. Those that engage our PPC Bid Mgt Strategies are …those clients achieving high ROI & more cost effective spending within 1- who engage 2 months of starting our program. Of course, those clients ThinkBIG for who engage ThinkBIG for both strategies are enjoying significant results in the form of greater web traffic, sales, both strategies are revenues and profits. These unique, world-class processes enjoying developed by TBS management deliver staggering, significant results indisputable proven results. While most SEO/PPC firms are in the form of still toiling away with antiquated techniques that will take forever to deliver tangible results, if at all, TBS is single- greater web handedly revolutionizing the multi-billion dollar Internet traffic, sales, marketing industry! The fact that TBS is the leading expert, revenues and pioneering the newest strategies and techniques available in profits. the internet marketing arena means that our clients are also clearly ahead of the curve and well ahead of their competition.
  12. 12. Proven SEO Results Clients that have engaged TBS for “Organic SEO” have enjoyed unprecedented search engine ranking results – Here is a small example snapshot of those results: Party Supply Company Moved to Page 1 of Google in less than 90 days Keyword phrases: “party supplies” & “party supply” Web Conferencing Company Moved to Google’s Page 1 within 45 days Keyword phrases: “webinar” & “webinars”
  13. 13. Proven SEO Results Online Check Sales Company Moved to Google’s Page 1 within 3 months Keyword phrases: “photo checks” & “checks” Telecom Auditing Firm Moved to Google’s Page 1 in under 40 days Keyword phrases: “telecom audits” & “telecom audit” Record Storage and Management Company Moved to Google’s Page 1 first position within 1 month Keyword phrase: “record scanning”
  14. 14. Proven SEO Results Nation’s Leader in Colloidal Silver Products Moved to Google’s Page 1 in 35 days Keyword phrase: “colloidal silver” Answering Service Company Moved to Google’s Page 1 in under 1 month Keyword phrases: “answering service” & “answering services”
  15. 15. Conclusion There is simply no better way to get your company noticed and highly ranked either “organically” or as a Better website “Sponsored Link” on the major search engines than by visibility and good employing ThinkBIG’s proven techniques and old fashioned brand strategies. When these two distinct strategies are name awareness is working in concert, the results are generally well above the best, most sure industry norms. Better website visibility and good old fashioned brand name awareness is the best, most sure fired way to increase fired way to increase online sales, revenues and profits online sales, available today! Typical SEO and PPC strategies are revenues and profits often antiquated and largely ineffective. By engaging available the internet marketing experts at, you can and will put your company well ahead of your competition and well ahead of the overall search engine marketing curve.
  16. 16. ThinkBIG Clients Are Talking Inc. (TBS) was founded by Marc Arner and PJ Cammarata who recognized they could clearly fill a niche in a very lucrative and enormous market serving the thousands of clients confused and dissatisfied with the results of typical Internet Marketing strategies. TBS has a very diverse clientele spanning all industries that are now better able to take full advantage of the internet as it is quickly becoming the most popular and effective marketing and advertising medium in the world today. Using some of the sharpest minds in the internet marketing sector, TBS has developed extremely unique, world class processes in search engine optimization SEO and PPC that are unprecedented and light years ahead of its competition. TBS is a privately owned company with Headquarters in New York and Arizona with regional offices throughout the world. Over the years TBS’s co-founders have gained a reputation for providing clients with unparalleled customer service along with an extremely high level of invaluable Internet Marketing industry expertise. TBS has developed extremely unique, world class processes in search engine optimization SEO and PPC that are unprecedented and light years ahead of its competition.
  17. 17. ThinkBIG Clients Are Talking “Our company competes in the highly competitive area of legal marketing. Thanks to Think BIG's system we have seen a significant jump in our ranking on both Google and MSN. Based on these results, I firmly believe that offers a solid product that produces quantifiable results.” Nate Robinson - An Attorney For You “Think Big has literally done what they said they would do, which is refreshing to say the least in today’s business environment. I applaud their efforts and look forward to a long and lucrative relationship. Because of the solid SEO results they’ve delivered, I now use ThinkBIG for my PPC campaigns as well with excellent results. If needed, I will also act as a reference for the Think Big team.” Frank Key, President - Purest Colloids, Inc. 200 Broadhollow Road, Suite 207 • Melville, New York 11747 Phone (888) 300-1496 Fax (480) 522-3500
  18. 18. In the News Website Optimization Firm Creates More Website Traffic PR NEWSWIRE Posted: 2007-07-05 10:16:10 NEW YORK, July 5 /PRNewswire/ -- has taken the orthodox SEO market and turned it on its proverbial head. In fact, Think Big has its so-called competition scratching their collective head trying to figure out what they're doing. Most SEO companies are using typical SEO methods that take a year or more to help a client achieve high search engine rankings. Think Big is a website optimization firm on the leading edge using new Web 2.0 techniques such as social networking, blog marketing, video blogging and strategic inbound linking which is literally showing many of their client's high search engine rankings within just 90 days. The end result of this unique strategy is clearly more website traffic and visibility, but that's just the tip of an enormous iceberg. Think Big cannot be bunched in with all the SEO firms out there because they are by no means a typical SEO firm. What they are doing however, is clearly leading the pack in this new era of Web 2.0 internet marketing, web advertising and brand name recognition and awareness. They are on the cutting edge of a brand new genre where expert internet marketing and brand name enhancement just so happen to culminate in their clients websites being quickly noticed by the search engines. This unique strategy of internet marketing often results in unprecedented, very high and very quick search engine ranking results for clients. Any company with a website that wants to increase business and recognition is always looking for new strategies to generate more website traffic which in turn will create more visibility, sales, revenues and profits. What's more is that Think Big's approach has been getting clients highly ranked on the major search engines organically as opposed to the client paying Google , Yahoo and or MSN for that lofty status. A high organic listing has been proven through multiple studies to be more effective and beneficial than paying the search engines for a sponsored link position using a pay per click methodology. In fact, a recent Penn State study showed that the eyes of over 80% of those involved in the research gravitated to an organic listing first while only 6% chose to click first on a sponsored link. Another important benefit of a highly ranked organic listing is that the consumer tends to perceive those companies listed organically as being the leading authorities in their market space which of course is invaluable and highly sought after by any company in a growth mode. The bottom line is that a good website optimization firm like will not only create more website traffic for your organization but they will also help you to brand your company as the leader in your industry.
  19. 19. In the News
  20. 20. In the News Search Engine Optimization Firm Develops New Methodology NEW YORK, July 3, 2008 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone wants to create more web traffic, but finding a very progressive and forward thinking search engine optimization firm that is fast, dependable and affordable is not an easy task. Simply put, most SEO firms are still using antiquated methods that no longer work to get clients highly ranked. ( based in NY, WA and AZ is on the cutting edge of a newer and more effective Search Engine Marketing strategy that is comprised of four powerful components, 1) Search Engine Optimization 2) Strategic Inbound Linking 3) Blog Marketing and 4) Social Networking. ThinkBIG's co-founder and Managing Partner, Marc Arner has formulated a unique and valuable understanding of how the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN respond to various social networking/Inbound linking strategies. The architect of this proven strategy, Mr. Arner has developed a state of the art, leading edge internet marketing process that is routinely getting 95% of clients a page 1 organic ranking on the major engines within 90 days. This proprietary method has its roots firmly planted in Web 2.0 using corporate blog marketing, strategic inbound linking and social networking strategies that are now gaining a great deal of popularity around the world. When asked about this technique, Marc Arner said, "Most SEO firms are experts in one, two or even three areas of internet marketing, but very few if any have a deep understanding of how all the important components that make up a solid Internet Marketing campaign should be seamlessly woven together in sync. It's that broad level of understanding that really separates ThinkBIG from the pack."
  21. 21. In the News Search Engine Optimization Firm Develops New Methodology Continued… "Many organizations of various size and scope throughout industry have struggled for years trying to figure out how the search engines operate, what criteria is used to rank websites and most difficult of all, how to get a website highly ranked 'organically' on the major search engines such as Google. has mastered this technique and is now one of the fastest growing Internet Marketing companies in the world with revenues increasing at a staggering rate of 20% per month," said Managing Partner PJ Cammarata. Web 2.0 or the "humanization of the internet" has changed everything when it comes to Internet Marketing. With the advent of blog marketing, video blogging and social networking in general, an entirely new industry has emerged lead by many new popular, social media websites such as: YouTube, My Space, Facebook, Craigslist, StumbleUpon, Digg, LinkedIn and Wikipedia to name just a few. Unlike in years past, website owners around the world can now rest easy knowing that there are knowledgeable experts in the Internet Marketing field such as who can help them with all of their web related needs especially the most formidable of which is increasing their online visibility via the major search engines. Creating value in a website, putting it front and center so that potential customers can find you within seconds has forever changed the way the world does business.