Insomnia Natural Treatment - Natural Ways To Cure Insomnia


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Tension, nervousness, sleeps disorder, sadness and medication are some of the main causes of insomnia. Taking of hot bath before going to sleep is one of the best natural way to cure insomnia.

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Insomnia Natural Treatment - Natural Ways To Cure Insomnia

  1. 1. Dharmanis.Com
  2. 2. • Most of the people few times in their life may experience insomnia. • According to the study, it is found that around 10% of the population in the world are experience chronic insomnia and about 50% are effected to some extent. • Insomnia is not an illness or disease but it is a sign of something else. • Insomnia is defined as habitual sleeplessness or not being able to drop sleeping or both. Dharmanis.Com
  3. 3. • Insomnia can be contributed to the quantity and quality of sleep that an individual gets. • Generally there are three types of insomnia. • This first is transient insomnia that lat a week or less. • The second is short term insomnia that last between 1 to 3 weeks and the third type of insomnia is chronic insomnia that last more than 3 weeks. Dharmanis.Com
  4. 4. • According to the study tension, nervousness, sleep disorder, sadness, medication, caffeine and stimulant food or drink, changes in environment or changes in daily routine are few of the major causes of insomnia. • Few general symptoms of insomnia include poor coordination, problem in remembering things, stay asleep, bad moods, problems concentrating when awake and trouble staying awake at the time of driving. • Discuss below are some of the natural ways that you can used to cure insomnia: Dharmanis.Com
  5. 5. • Stick to a normal sleep program: Go for proper sleep schedule is one of the best natural ways to cure insomnia. • Sleep before 12 am in the night and get up early in the morning. • This will facilitate you to get back in a normal sleep rhythm and cure insomnia naturally. • Avoid naps: Avoiding naps is another best natural way to treat insomnia. • Napping throughout the daytime can create it harder to sleep at night. • If you feel that you have to get a nap than limit it to 20 to 30 minutes. Dharmanis.Com
  6. 6. • Limit alcohol and caffeine: Avoid drinking of alcohol and caffeine is an effective natural treatment of insomnia. • Avoid drinking alcohol in the late afternoon because it makes you sleepy. Alcohol also obstructs with the quality of sleep. • Hot Bath: Taking of hot bath before going to sleep is another best natural way to cure insomnia. • This is helpful to raise your body temperature in the late sunset so that it will be capable to fall at bedtime. Dharmanis.Com
  7. 7. • If the temperature of your body falls than it is a sign of bedtime. • Exercise: Doing exercise regularly is used as the best insomnia natural treatment. • Exercise provides your body the movements that it requires to assist you relax and sleep healthier at night. • To cure insomnia, you are advised to do exercise regularly up to 15 to 30 minutes. • Drink warm milk: Drinking 1 glass of milk daily is best way to cure insomnia. Dharmanis.Com
  8. 8. • Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to sleep will help to relieve your nervous system. • Along with these natural ways, using of Aaram capsule is another best way to cure insomnia. • Aaram capsules are the most useful method to cure insomnia and fight this serious problem. • It performs by improving your psychological health, sharpness, alertness and memory. Dharmanis.Com
  9. 9. • The natural herbs present in this capsule are used to avoid depression, nervousness, mental despair and tiredness. Dharmanis.Com
  10. 10. • Aaram capsule is used as the best insomnia natural treatment that helps to improve your internal functions of the body and cure insomnia naturally. Dharmanis.Com