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HotelSquare (One place to search for Hotels and travel agents)


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Presentation for final round in OpenDataApps Challenge (Nasscom and NIC). One place to search for Hotels and travel agents.

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HotelSquare (One place to search for Hotels and travel agents)

  1. 1. HotelSquare “making travel Safe”
  2. 2. idea “No reliable data regarding hotels and agents present in the internet”
  3. 3. Vision “One place which bridges the gap between government of tourism and travellers in India.”
  4. 4. HotelSquare Open Data (ministry of tourism) Website (Web App) API for developers Android APP
  5. 5. Architecture Open Data Cloud (Windows Azure + Node.JS) API (JSON data) HotelSquare Website / Web App (Responsive and Robust) Mobile Apps for all platform Android, Windows Phone, iOS
  6. 6. Features One place to search Search by city, state, name, street, pin code Search both Hotels and Travel Agents in India See the interior of hotels directly from the Website Call, send email, get direction directly from the APP(mobile only) Both have user friendly interfaces and are very easy to use.
  7. 7. HotelSquare API API can be used by other developers to integrate our sites functionally in their apps and create awesome apps Our HotelSquare Android App uses this API HotelSquare API is built using Node.JS making it to handle thousands of requests in an instant.
  8. 8. Future Plans • To make a nation wide hotel and travel agents portal with the help of government. • To make One place where users can get access to travel news, travel suggestions and also be able to review the hotels they visited. • Eventually bridging the gap between government and travelers. • One app to make travelers journey safe and easy.
  9. 9. Questions