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  1. 1. How to Organize a Blogathon for a Brand?
  2. 2. @SMWBangalore #SMWBangalore @dhempe @tinucherian @nivedithg @aravindbk
  3. 3. Bloggers Mindset On Social Networking Bloggers prefer Google Plus after Facebook & Twitter. What kind of a Blogger are you? Google Plus finds more interest from tech bloggers. Pinterest catching up fast among bloggers, leaving LinkedIn behind by both tech and non tech bloggers. 1 @SMWBangalore #SMWBangalore @dhempe @tinucherian @nivedithg @aravindbk
  4. 4. “Blogging” involved as one of the main ingredients of a campaign is not inspiring but it goes to show that the brand is ready to invest in community Inspiring campaigns that appealed to me!!! 1 The Bangalore Blogathon by Bombay Store: Passionate Bloggers :themes about ‘Namma Bengaluru’ 2 lucky winners get gift vouchers Rs. 5000/- & Rs. 2500/-. post your blog link on The Bombay Store Facebook page Shortlisted based on the originality and passion would be ’ taken on a ‘Tour-de-store on 1 MG Road Mall. A simple yet beautiful campaign designed well to get bloggers to do the word of mouth for the brand. The brand engaged community on Facebook with more than 5000 fans!!! & lot of content around Contemporary & Traditional shopping experience!!! @SMWBangalore #SMWBangalore @dhempe @tinucherian @nivedithg @aravindbk
  5. 5. “Blogs are also increasingly practical: Rather than simply air opinion or speculation, let consumers compare vehicle spec..” 2 Mahindra XUV500 Incredible Stories Blogging Campaign bloggers were invited to share an incredible experience they had while on a holiday or a road trip Mahindra launched the ‘Incredible Stories! Blogging contest Campaign had a : grand prize – an Apple iPad2 & the runner’s up prizes - Mahindra Great Escape Holidays & Amazon Kindles. The Facebook brand page built a community of XUV500 fans that had already managed more than 250k of them. @SMWBangalore #SMWBangalore @dhempe @tinucherian @nivedithg @aravindbk
  6. 6. What makes a great blog? (a) Design (b) Content (c) Reader Interaction? Blogger’s commenting system is built-in, while Word Press is infinitely superior regarding spam protection Comments are, in my opinion, what define a blog hoping for some traffic…….. @SMWBangalore #SMWBangalore @dhempe @tinucherian @nivedithg @aravindbk
  7. 7. Facebook gets the maximum traffic for bloggers and it comes as no surprise when it is the largest social network in the country!!! The traffic stats remain more or less the same for tech and non tech bloggers. Brand Blogger Interaction According to Bloggers… 2. 30% of prefer that other than phones, they should be contacted by Facebook followed by Email &Twitter. Only 23% of non-tech bloggers prefer that they should be contacted by Facebook and another 28% want it by e-mail. 1. Dell tops the charts when it comes to engaging with bloggers.. 3. Majority of bloggers spend less than 5 hours of blogging per week & technology bloggers are the most active ones. The tech bloggers spend 40 hours per week. @SMWBangalore #SMWBangalore @dhempe @tinucherian @nivedithg @aravindbk