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keith Haring for kids


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pop art for kids

Published in: Education
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keith Haring for kids

  1. 1. POP ART
  2. 2. Keith Haring • Keith Haring was born the 4th of May, 1958 in Reading, Pennsylvania. • As a child, Haring was fascinated by the cartoon art of Walt Disney. • He spent many hours drawing with his father, an engineer whose hobby was cartooning.
  3. 3. Can you find Pennsylvania on the map?
  4. 4. Growing up KEITH wasn’t interested in most of the art he saw at the galleries. “ TOO FORMAL.” Keith was more interested in the pop art : cartoons, comics etc. Boring Pop Art
  5. 5. The subway artist During the 1980’s Keith began his career in Art in the New York underground.
  6. 6. Keith was inspired by the graffiti art in New York.
  7. 7. Characteristics of his drawings Figures surrounded by rhythmic lines that make them apperar vibrating or moving.
  8. 8. POP SHOP • Keith opened two shops one in Tokyo (Japan and another one in New York, Soho. • Haring saw the Pop Shop as an extension of his work, a fun boutique where his art could be accessible to everyone.
  10. 10. Look at some of his artworks
  11. 11. google images: iw=1366&bih=641&oq=keith+haring+&gs_l=img.12... 0.0..0.0....0...1ac..27.img..4.27.1120.UTw76dC98B4&q=keith%20haring#imgdi i=_