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Agustín Ibarrola The Oma's forest


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An art project for kids

Published in: Education
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Agustín Ibarrola The Oma's forest

  1. 1. OMA’S FOREST BY Agustín Ibarrola
  2. 2. Agustín is a painter and a sculptor
  3. 3. • Agustín was born in Basauri, Vizcaya in 1930. • He studied at the “Escuela Oficial de Artes y Oficios” in Bilbao. • After that he received a scholarship and moved to Madrid to study at Vázquez Díaz workshop. He was a co-founder of a group of artists called “57”. They were experimental and they revolutionized the world of the plastic art.
  4. 4. Can you find Vizcaya on the map?
  5. 5. • He experimented with various materials throughout his career, such as waxes, railway sleepers, cartons, cast iron, tree barks and calcareous stones.
  6. 6. Where does Agustín Ibarrola find his inspiration? • ‘There are caves near my house that were inhabited and in which there are paintings from thousands of years ago. I am influenced by these paintings and I am influenced in general by the remains of other times, the dolmens, the Celtic constructions….’ Santamañine cave:
  7. 7. • In the eighties, he began to work on the pines of a forest near his house, in the area of Valley of Oma (Vizcaya). • There Agustín created one of the greatest universes of art. • One of his most famous works of art is “El Bosque de Oma”.
  8. 8. • Another of his best known sculptures is "The Cubes of Memory", in the Port of Llanes (Asturias).
  9. 9. • He has received numerous awards, among them the French Prize of Criticism in 1966 and the Gold Medal of Fine Arts in Madrid in 1993.
  10. 10. Let’s see some of his artwork: • search?client=firefox- b&biw=1024&bih=657 &tbm=isch&sa=1&q=ob ra+de+agust%C3%ADn+ ibarrola&oq=obra+de+a gust%C3%ADn+ibarrola &gs_l=img.3...31792.40 514.0.40808. g.. #imgrc=_
  11. 11. Now let’s paint like Agustín Ibarrola. • MATERIALS: Wooden pegs, clay and paints. Let’s recreate one of Agustín Ibarrola sculptures called “el bosque de los tótems”.
  12. 12. Let’s paint tree branches follwing Agustin Ibarrola desings. • MATERILAS: Tree branches, and paint. Try to paint the branch with similar designs like Agustín Ibarrola did.
  13. 13. OUR OMA’S FOREST. Let’s paint our school’s trees.