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Arthroscopic Surgical Instruments


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Arthroscopic Surgical Instruments

0 Deg. , Dia. 4 x 175mm
30 Deg. , Dia. 4 x 175mm
70 Deg. , Dia. 4 x 175mm
Hook- Scissors, Straight 0 Deg.
Upward 15 Deg.
Downward 15 Deg.
Left Curved 30 Deg.
Right Curved 30 Deg.
Punch Forceps
Straight 0 Deg.
Upward 15 Deg.
Left Curved 30 Deg.
Downward 15 Deg.
Right Curved 30Deg.
Grasping Forceps with Tooth, Straight 0 Deg.
Banana Shaped Knife 3 x 92mm
Rose Shaped Knife 3 x 92mm
Rasp 3x 92mm
Meniscus Cutter 3 x 92mm
Probe 3 x 92mm
Ligamentous Cutting Knife 3 x 92mm
Hooked Knife, Straight 7 x 92mm
Curette 5 x 92mm
Cup Shaped Curette 5 x 92mm
Knife , Contra Angled 45 Deg.
Trocar Needle
Dia.5 x 175mm
Dia.5.7 x 175mm
Light Guide Cable Dia.4 x 1800mm
Suction Tube
Dia. 2.5 x 155mm
Dia. 3 x 155mm
Dia. 4 x 155mm
* The entire set comes with a Dynamic Carry Case (as seen in the slide show above)
* Email us for Arthroscopic Surgical Instruments Catalouge

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Arthroscopic Surgical Instruments

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