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Texas Language Consortium


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In order to “keep foreign languages alive and flourishing,” several private institutions of higher education, including Schreiner University, collaborated to form a language consortium for the purpose of expanding opportunities for students to learn languages that help them become global citizens.

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Texas Language Consortium

  2. 2. Why should you learn a foreignlanguage?
  3. 3. Rationale Mission Statement National foreign languagereduction The foreign language paradox Interest in more languageofferings while lacking
  4. 4. New Pedagogical Approaches? Live Size Video Communications System Teaching several campuses simultaneously Test administration, group work, book clubdiscussions, Stammtischactivities, office hours, pen pals Survey results
  5. 5. Survey18 students responded, five rankingsAssignments contributed to my appreciation and/or understanding ofthe subject matter: Agree - 27.8% Strongly Agree - 72.2%My interest in this subject matter increased as a result of taking thiscourse:Neutral - 11.1% Agree - 5.6% Strongly Agree 83.3%I have gained valuable knowledge and/or skills as a result of takingthis course:Neutral - 5.6% Agree - 22.2% Strongly Agree - 72.2%The technical aspects worked well:Disagree - 5.6% Neutral - 22.2% Agree - 55.6% Strongly Agree -16.7%
  6. 6. SurveyWeb and library resources were easy to access:Neutral - 5.6% Agree - 50% Strongly Agree - 44.4%The discussion sessions worked well:Agree - 55.6% Strongly Agree - 44.4%I feel the professor of the course genuinely cared about me succeeding:Agree - 5.6% Strongly Agree - 94.4%Would you take a course that integrates students and faculty from other campusesagain: Yes - 100%Do you feel taking a course that is taught by a professor from a different campusenhanced your academic progress:Yes – 83.3% No – 16.7%
  7. 7. Student Outcomes More schedule variety More choices Raise intercultural awareness Raise interest in studying abroad Interaction amongst various campuses Interaction with new professors New skills (conferencing, work studies)
  8. 8. Institutional Outcomes Outreach to more students Collaboration opportunities Guest speaker opportunities Offer a class that might not makeit on our campus alone Speaker series, conferences
  9. 9. Short-Term Goals On-site visits at LCU and TWU NITLE Symposium Academic Showcase Intermediate German Increase online opportunities (homework) Stammtisch Monthly meetings of instructors
  10. 10. Long-Term Goals TLC schools offer a sequence of four semestersof foreign language instruction as part of the core Linking a travel component to foreign languagecourses More languages Establishing a German minor at SU Establishing a German major at SU Interdisciplinary teachingapproaches (History, English)
  11. 11. The TLC Partners Texas Wesleyan University (French) Concordia University (Mandarin Chinese) Texas Lutheran University (Spanish) Lubbock Christian University (Portuguese) Schreiner University (German)
  12. 12. TLC Faculty Profile: FrançaisSteven Daniell, PhD, Dean of the School of Arts and Letters (TWU)Alma Mater: University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignStudy abroad: Paris (1year, assistant d’anglais), Québec City (1summer)Research: Contemporary French-Canadian LiteratureVice President of the American Association ofTeachers of FrenchNamed Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiquesby the French Education Ministry
  13. 13. TLC Faculty Profile: FrançaisSteven Daniell, PhD, Dean of the School of Arts and Letters (TWU)Three Best TLC Experiences:1. Enthusiastic students, especially on the distance sites2. Good colleagues across the state3. Reconfiguring teaching style to the classroom set-upChallenge:Adapting to the Smart BoardQuote:La langue révèle l’âme de sa société. (Language reveals the soul of itssociety.)
  14. 14. TLC Faculty Profile: EspañolChris Dickens, M.A., Visiting Professor (TLU)Alma Mater: Texas State UniversityStudy Abroad: Mexico, Costa Rica, BrazilResearch: 2nd Language AcquisitionThree Best TLC Experiences:1. The recognition and appreciation I get from my colleagues forworking with the consortium2. Being encouraged to explore new online teaching resources3. Getting to know Steven!Challenge: Adapting to new teaching style and occasional technicalproblems
  15. 15. TLC Faculty Profiles: 中国普通话Patricia Schiaffini, PhD, Southwestern University and ConcordiaUniversityAlma Mater: Stanford University (MA), University of Pennsylvania(PhD)Research: Contemporary Tibetan Writers, Modern Chinese LiteratureTeacher-trainer consultant, founder andpresident of a non-profit organization话
  16. 16. TLC Faculty Profile: DeutschSilke Feltz, M.A., German And English Instructor (SU)Alma Mater: OFU Bamberg, GermanyStudy Abroad: Columbia, SCThree Best TLC Experiences:1. Creating a holistic learning experience with on-site andoff-site students2. Being a part of a big collaboration from the verybeginning on3. Becoming a cultural ambassador beyond SchreinerChallenge:Speed and camera tracking
  17. 17. Academic Advisors:Please consider the TLC classes whensigning students up for a foreign language.
  18. 18. “La distance n’y faitrien; il n’y a que lepremier pas qui coûte.”(Marquise du Deffand)
  19. 19. Silke Feltz, M.A.Schreiner University