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Documention i

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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  1. 1. Documention of interactive features: 1.) An XML image gallery has been used (with the help of config_shapeshifter.xml) with interactive and autoplay features to give visual information of the technical board & college. Strategic and conspicuous placement of the image scroll buttons has been done in order for the user to identify the location of these buttons to their functions. Key elements in optimization of this feature are size of image, size of image scroll buttons and speed of automatic scroll of images. This feature gives a more clear picture (literally) of the features and elements that are about to be introduced by the Home page. 2.) Javascript (jquery.js) has been used to move the pages vertically (vertical slider) which gives all the needed information in one static background. its like One Page, Infinite Possibilities. This helps the user to identify that his clicking of the button corresponding to his choice has been validated and he is being navigated to the page of his choice, in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 3.) A CSS script called light.css has been used to highlight buttons over which the user places the mouse cursor in vermillion. This helps the user to identify that this action of his has been detected and is a form of live feedback which lets him know he has done the right action. 4.) A “recent news” footer made using Javascript has been placed near the bottom of the page which provides the user with latest news on activities/events of the technical board. The user can choose to hide this feature by pressing the button provided near the bottom right corner. This provision of live news apart from static information about the board gives a user a better idea of the board’s activities. 5.) In the Events and Clubs pages, elements are provided with a black-and-white thumbnail image that turns into a colour image when the user places the mouse cursor over it. This has been done using CSS. Suggested interactive features: 1.) Introduction of a newsletter feature in which the involved club of the board sends an e-mail containing the latest news/activities of that club to a user who subscribed to this feature at regular intervals of time (eg. weekly). 2.) Response forms - response forms allow visitors to feedback straight from the page. We hide the e-mail address to prevent farming of the address. 3.)JavaScript - add further features using free JavaScript - for example add current time and date, visitor data capture (counters) etc. using the web builder interface. 4.) Online Poll 5.) Dynamic Events Calendar (editable by user) 6.) Online Message Boards