Collamed - connect docs&patients


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Collamed - an web application for IIT guwahati dispensary, connection doctors, patients and receptionist.

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Collamed - connect docs&patients

  1. 1. Project undertaken by S.Nitish 06020517 Sajin Kumar 06020518 Punit Mathur 06020514 Project Guide:Prof. Debkumar Chakrabarti
  2. 2.  Working Brief User Survey Communication Features Position Prototype
  3. 3. Design User testingProblem area User study Feedbacks Final Output
  4. 4. To design and develop an platform, operated by the patient,receptionist and doctor, which would inform the patients about their meeting time with the doctor. This platform will also Provide a communication platform . A reference place for patients Total collaboration and usage of data and work
  5. 5. After the user survey following problems were found out: Key Focus: the receptionist has to search for a particular record details on piles of cards one he/she receives a Absence of efficient data collaboration Patient does not get a direct feedback Not knowing the exact or approximate meeting time Handling of emergency situations
  6. 6.  Patient registers at the reception Gets his number PATIENT Receptionist feeds in the name and number in his list. RECEPTIONIST
  7. 7.  Doctor gets the data about the patient from the receptionist.  Sends information to the platform when the consultation period of a particular patient is over.DOCTOR RECEPTIONIST
  8. 8. INTERFACE  Receptionistsends information about patient’s name, number and status to the platform. RECEPTIONIST
  10. 10.  User testing with the platform developed High fidelity prototype Final prototype, implementation and real time testing with concerned users and real environments. Results and conclusions
  11. 11. -The entire software package-- Video tutorial-- tutorial manual--3D-model of the Display panel-- Testing Results of the softwaredeveloped-- Feedbacks for further discussion
  12. 12. DoctorReceptionist data The doctor canupdated to the edit/view the datadoctors interface provided Colla- med Reception patientThe receptionistfeeds the data The patient hasavailable to him/her privileges only tofrom the patient view the data
  13. 13. The testing of the final model and the feedbacks received from thedoctor and the receptionist are compiled as follows “ the searching feature is impressive …. “ “ the current system is longdata collaboration and editing existing .. “ “ the will go a long way … “ “ a patient appointment booking system, but not used much here at iit …“ “ the patient calling system idea is good … “ “ A limitation of this feature is … a doctor will prefer hand written notes on the prescription and wont take pain to type it out …. “
  14. 14. Name Number StatusRavi Shankar 4 (in)Rohit Mehra 5 (10 min)Priyanka 6 (20 min)Abhinav Singh 7 (30 min)Akansha 8 (40min)
  15. 15. Name Number StatusRohit Mehra 5 (in)Priyanka 6 (10 min)Abhinav Singh 7 (20 min)Akansha 8 (30min)Charu Sharma 9 (40 min)
  16. 16. Name Number StatusRohit Mehra 5 (in)Neeraj Kumar 12 (10 min)Priyanka 6 (20 min)Abhinav Singh 7 (30 min)Akansha 8 (40min)
  17. 17.  The research and the studies given above have been concluded as a successful solution that has been tested in the hospital at IIT guwahati. The results and analysis have been successful. The existing system has been made more interactive in the modifies system. The feedbacks from the hospital management staff and the doctors have been very encouraging and are looking forward for its implementation.
  18. 18.  The following the scopes of improvements in the current system: An arrangement for SEARCH. A more interactivity between the doctor and the receptionist Patient doctor communication media.
  19. 19.  Thechanges that can be incorporated in the current modified system: A quick arrangement for the doctor to write which can be digitally recorded his prescription and diagnosis.