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  1. 1. Global Group of Institutions (GGI), Lucknow A Summer Training Report On STUDY techniques OF SALES PROMOTION OF THE WEEK Submitted for partial fulfilment for award of Master of Business Administration DegreeSUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BYMr.HEMENDRA SHARMA ASHWANI KUMARDEAN MBAFACULTY OF Roll NO.1173870007MANAGEMENT GAUTAM BUDHH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW, INDIA 2011-2013 0
  2. 2. Acknowledgements This project is an outcome of the support and encouragement provided by a number ofpeople at Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. that embodies some of the best aspect of Indiancorporate world .I would like to express my sense of gratitude to the company for giving me thisvaluable learning opportunity and for allowing me to conduct this summer project .I sincerelythanks my project guide Mr. SANJEEV SHARMA, Sales Manager, Malayala Manorama Co.Ltd. for guiding me through out the project and helpful in furnishing the required information.I am very grateful to our Mr. Hemendra Sharma (DEAN FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT)and all faculty members for their excellent guidance in the completion of my project work.I would also like to thank my colleagues who were working with me during the internship inMalayala Manorama Co. Ltd. for their corporation & support during the entire period. 1
  3. 3. PrefaceThe practical training is a life of a management student. In modern world, the importance ofmanagement is increasing day by day. Industrial training provide a student sufficient knowledgeto develop an education to connect theory and practical.I am student of M.B.A. being a part of our syllabus. I have taken training from “MalayalaManorama Co. Ltd.” .I am very glad to represent this project report before you as it involvesmy hard work, experience as well as co-ordination of all staff members.Such type of training is very helpful to management students as it helps in strengtheningconfidence and gives experience to check the theoretical knowledge. Ashwani Kumar 2
  4. 4. DeclarationI hereby declare that the project report entitled “Study Techniques Of Sales Promotion Of“THE WEEK’’ submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of “Master ofBusiness Administration ” at GLOBAL GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS , LUCKNOW is myoriginal work and not submitted for the award of any other degree, fellowship or any othersimilar title or prizes. ASHWANI KUMAR MBA 3rd SEMESTER 3
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  7. 7. TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGES. NO. PARTICULARS NO. 1. Introduction 6-9 2. Company Profile 10 – 15 3. Product Profile 16 - 21 5. Subscription details of the week magazine 22 - 24 6. The Week Magazine 25 - 33 7. SWOT Analysis 34 - 37 8. List of book stalls participating in display scheme 38 - 39 9. Research Methodology 40 - 43 10. Data analysis 44 – 70 11. Conclusion 71 – 72 12. Recommendations 73 – 74 13. Annexure 75 – 77 14. Bibliography 78 - 79 6
  8. 8. INTRODUCTION Brief description about the projectThe project has been made by conducting a survey of about 400 people. A questionnaire hadbeen designed for the purpose and individuals were asked to fill the same. After this eachquestion has been discussed with its implication or relevance to the topic. The answers to eachquestion have been analyzed and then the respective findings have been discussed. Thereafter Ihave provided my recommendations on the analysis and the findings and have tried to suggestsome of mine viewpoints so as to promote the sales of the magazine and also to expand themarket share.While working with the project it was found that: Majority of the people have a know-how of “The Week” magazine but still a large percentage of the people are still unaware of the existence of this magazine as well as it‟s belongingness to Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. Promotion programs through subscriptions have come out as the best way to expand the sales of The Week magazine whereas retail sales is also more or less desired the same way for expansion of the sales whereas institutional sales is not considered as the best method.Today is the world of internet and technology, which is renewing itself day by day, hour by hourand second by second and in such a kind of atmosphere it becomes quite a bit difficult for printmedia to establish itself in the market especially when every second adds a news and this newsat the same time appears on the various news channels and the web pages of different sites. Thus,in such a competitive and modernized world wherein, one side, we have the ages-old print media 7
  9. 9. where you have to wait at least for some hours to know the news and, the other side we have theinternet and the various e-sites to enrich every bit of second with an updated news, it is a work ofgreat reward for Malayala Manorama Company Ltd. to be the No. 1 publication house and thattoo, with growing popularity and growing number of readers for it‟s various products, be itManorama Yearbook, The Week Magazine , Vanita Magazine, The Man Magazine, variousnewspapers or Magic Pot and also for keeping the interest of the people alive in print media stilltoday.“The Week” magazine is a weekly product of Malayala Manorama Company Ltd. and it is aGIEM-  G- General  I- Interest  E- English  M- MagazineThe Week magazine has strongly rooted itself in the South Indian market but it still has tostrengthen it‟s position in the North India wherein it‟s two strongest competitors „India Today‟and „Outlook‟ are still dominating. Thus a survey of 400 people has been conducted with anobjective of knowing how this magazine can be promoted and what are the best ways to deliverit ,so as to maximize the number of readers. The survey was conducted by taking 400 people asthe sample size belonging to different age groups and having different incomes and occupation.The summary of the study can e described through these points:  Promotion of the week magazine has been carried out since past so many times but still a major part of the population is unaware of this magazine and most the people who are aware of it read other magazines such as India Today and Outlook. 8
  10. 10.  According to the study, the contents of The Week magazine have still to have their own uniqueness and also has to prove it‟s degree of catering good information. VISIONThe most successful and admired magazine company, which means that we are the mosttrusted company, the easiest to deal with, offer the best value for money, and set thestandards in the industry.9
  11. 11. OBJECTIVE  Determining the factors that allure a reader to subscribes to a business magazine.  Awareness about The Week among reader in Lucknow.  Weekly journals having highest and 2nd highest reader ship in Lucknow. VALUEValues that we observe while we work:Integrity Innovation Customer centric People Care One for all and all for ones TeamworkJoy and SimplicityThe best way for the promotion of the magazine, as it comes out through the study, is through thesubscriptions.People prefer to have subscriptions for the short term period rather than for long term duration. 10
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  13. 13. Company Overview: Malayala Manorama and CompanyDate of Establishment 1888Revenue Not AvailableMarket Cap Not AvailableCorporate Address K K Road, Kottayam, Kerala - 686001, IndiaBranches Not AvailableManagement Team George Jacob – DirectorOwner Malayala Manorama GroupHeadquarters KottayamWebsite manoramaoline.comOverview A wholly owned family enterprise, Malayalam Manorama is an ISO 9001 company. It is Indias largest circulated regional newspaper. It has nine units in Kerala and three units outside Kerala. It is the first newspaper for which offices are connected on a high speed Wide Area Network using the fibre optic cable network of the DOT. 12
  14. 14. The product offering of Malayala Manorama & Company includes The Week, Bashaposhini, Karshakashree, Manorama Weekly, Manorama Annual, Vijayaveedhi , Vanitha, Vanitha Hindi, Kalikkudukka, Magic Pot, Balarama, Balarama Digest, Amar Chitra Katha, Thozhilveedhi, Knowledge Adventure CDROM, Hindi Year Book, English Year Book, Tamil Year Book, Malayalam Year Book, Bengali Year Book and Malayala Manorama Newspaper. The company publishes in five different languages.Malayalam Manorama (Malayalam: ) is a popular Malayalam daily with avery strong readership in Kerala, India. The Manorama group, which manages the newspaper,also runs the Manorama Yearbook, largest circulated yearbook in the region. MalayalamManorama, which first appeared on 14 March 1890, as a weekly, currently has a readership ofover 16 million, with a circulation base of over 18[lakh]] copies. Malayalam Manorama is verypopular among Christians and the supporters of the Indian National Congress party in Kerala.Manorama is acclaimed of its highly attractive page layouts. The Malayalam word "manorama"roughly translates to "entertainer". The Week (India), an Indian weekly is also brought out by theManorama Group. Manorama Yearbook is yet another popular yearly publication by theKottayam-based Manorama group. 13
  15. 15. History Of MALAYALA MANORAMA COMPANY LIMITEDA joint stock publishing company, destined to acquire the status of the first joint stock publishingcompany of Republic of India, was incorporated by in 1888 by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai at,then a small town in the Kingdom of currently, a part of Kerala state, India. The first issue ofMalayalam Manorama was published on 22 March 1890 from the press owned byMalankara Metropoltan H.G. Joseph Mar Dionysius of the Orthodox Church. The nameMalayalam Manorama was chosen by the poet, Raghavan Nambiar, Villuvarvattathu fromTiruvalla. Kerala Varma granted the symbol which is a part of the Travancore kingdom symbol.In a period of two years, from the date of incorporation until the publication commenced, thecompany witnessed several challenges. It also publishes an information oriented monthly calledTell Me Why.Editions Kottayam Thiruvananthapuram Kozhikode Kochi Thrissur Kannur Kollam Palakkad Malappuram Pathanamthitta Bangalore Mangalore Chennai 14
  16. 16. Mumbai Delhi Dubai BahrainThe newspaper is criticised for its number of advertisement space. The newspaper is known forgiving more importance to advertisements and less importance to news.The manorama group arealso open promoters of capitalist policies and shows strong opposition to socialism.Timeline 1888 Malayalam Manorama founded 1890 First issue of Malayalam Manorama was published on 14 March 1892 Publication of Bhashaposhini commenced 1901 Malayalam Manorama becomes bi-weekly 1904 Kandathil Varghese Mappillai, the key figure passes away on 6 July 1915 Malayalam Manorama commences publication of daily World War I supplements 1918 Malayalam Manorama becomes triweekly on 2 July 1928 Malayalam Manorama becomes a daily from 2 July 1929 On 29 May, Akhila Kerala Balajana Sakhyam formed 1930 Malayalam Manorama‟s first Annual Number appears 1937 Commencement of Malayalam Manorama Weekly from 8 August 1938 Travancore state proscribes Malayalam Manorama on 10 September o An issue appears on 14 September from the state of Cochin- from the Kunnamkulam press of the Orthodox church. 1939 K. C. Mammen Mappillai was convicted and imprisoned on trumpeted charges of 15
  17. 17. corruption and fraud 1941 Mammen Mappilla released after being absolved of all false cases 1947 From 29 November, Malayala Manorama re-commences regular publication 1950 Installation of the first rotary press 2007 Becomes the only regional language daily in India to cross 15 lakh copies.JournalistsProminent journalists who have worked with the Manorama daily or other Manoramapublications include Vaikkom Chandrasekharan Nair, E. V. Krishna Pillai, E.V. Sreedharan, T.V. R. Shenoy, K. Gopalakrishnan, Babu Chengannoor, K. R. Chummar, Moorkoth Kunjappa, K.M.Tharakan, T. K. G. Nair, K. G Nedungadi, VKB (V. K. Bhargavan Nair) Others includeThomas Jacob and Joy Sasthampadickal who are currently working. 16
  18. 18. PRODUCT PROFILEThe Week is the countrys most respected business daily, being the first choice of seriousbusiness readers. The magazine believes in free, fair and independent journalism and strives toinculcate these values in its editorial staff. The journalism practiced by The Week lays equalstress on quality, credibility and accuracy. 1. First page consist of the headlines, news of the last day. On the top of the page, there is a line, which indicates the volume number, publishing centers from where this magazine is being printed. 2. Below that line there is the header “The Week” in association with Financial Times of London. 3. On left side of the whole page there are certain columns like In Brief, Market watch and opinion poll. 4. On the bottom right corner of the page there is a sole add generally. 5. Second and third pages consist of the news related to the Economy. 6. There is a separate page for International news and State news. 7. Tenth and Eleventh page generally consist of Issues & Insights and Opinion respectively. Next is the back page. 8. After back page, a different section called Money and Markets comes which contains all the news related to currency, daily stock market fluctuation and also about the commodity market. This section is completely made for money and markets only, to give the detailed news of each and every factor. 17
  19. 19. MAJOR PRODUCTS OF MALAYALA MANORAMAMALAYALA MANORAMA DAILY Largest circulated and read regional language newspaper daily in India. Circulation: 1.54 million(ABC Jan-Jun 2010) Readership: 8.837 million (IRS 2010 Round 1) Cover price: Rs.3.50 (Sunday: Rs 4.00) Periodicity: daily Language: MalayalamMALAYALA MANORAMA WEEKLYLargest circulated weekly newspaper in India. Circulation: 6.17 lakhs (ABC Jan-Jun 2010 ) Readership:22.94 lakhs (IRS 2010 Round 1) Cover price: Rs. 4.00 Periodicity: weekly Language: Malayalam 18
  20. 20. VANITHA : MALAYALAM Largest read and circulated Women‟s magazine in India. Circulation: 4.79 lakhs(ABC Jan-Jun 2010) Readership: 30.67 lakhs(IRS 2010 Round 1) Cover Price: Rs. 14 Periodicity: fortnightly Language: MalayalamBALRAMA:Largest read and circulated children‟s weekly in India. Circulation: 2.74 lakhs(ABC Jan-Jun 2010) Readership: 21.24 lakhs (IRS 2010 Round 1) Cover price : Rs. 8 Periodicity: weekly Language: MalayalamVANITHA – HINDI One of the major women‟s magazine in India. Circulation:1.74 lakhs(ABC July- Dec 2010) Readership:7.90 lakhs (IRS 2010 Round 2) Cover price: Rs. 20 Periodicity: monthly 19
  21. 21. Magic PotLargest selling magazine for nursery school children in India. Circulation: Not available(ABC Jan-June 2010) Readership: 0.92 lakhs (IRS 2010 Round 1) Cover price: Rs. 12 Periodicity: Fortnightly Language: EnglishMANORAMA YEAR BOOK: EnglishLargest circulated yearbook in India. Circulation: 2.44 lakhs (ABC Jan- Dec 2009) Readership: Not available in IRS/NRS Cover price: Rs. 130/- Periodicity: annual Language: English 20
  24. 24. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS OFTHE WEEK MAGAZINESubscriptions for The Week magazine can be: Short term subscription. Long term subscriptions.Short term subscriptions are for a period of 6 months whereas long term subscriptions are for 1year, 3years or 5years. Attractive gifts are given to the subscribers with these subscriptions.Subscriptions are the best way for the promotion of The Week magazine and these are helping alot to build up the position of the magazine. The summer trainees were to do the promotionthrough the 6 monthly subscription plans.The various subscription plans are describe:5 YEAR’S SUBSCRIPTIONTotal issues of The Week magazine offered in 5 years (52*5) : 260New stand price of 260 issues (260*52) : Rs. 5200Discount on 5 year subscription (50% of 5200) : Rs. 2600Thus, subscription cost of 5 year subscriptions (5200-2600 : Rs. 2600Gift: GE Cordless Phone/leather bag pack, Mrp : Rs. 1395/1595Balance amount : Rs.1205/1005Cost per copy (1005/260) 23
  25. 25. Copies to be delivered through courier : Rs.3.863YEAR’S SUBSCRIPTION Total issues of The Week in 3 years (52*3) : 156 New stand price of 156 issues (156*20) : Rs. 3120 Discount on 3 year subscriptions (45% of 3120) : Rs. 1421 Subscription cost of 3 year subscription : Rs. 1699 Gift: Beetle Caller ID Phone or 3 year subscription TMY/ : Rs.995/720 1year TM Balance amount : Rs.704 Cost per copy Copies will be sent by courier : Rs.4.511 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION Total issues of The Week in 1 year : 52 Newstand price of 52 issues : Rs. 1040 Discount on 1 year subscription : Rs. 441 Cost of 1 year subscription : Rs. 599 Gift: TraveBag : Rs. 240 OR 1 year TMW// Leather Wallet : Rs. 240 Balance amount : Rs. 399 Cost per copy Copies will be sent by courier : Rs. 7.67 24
  26. 26. 6 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION Total no. of issues in 6 months : 26 Newstand price of 26 subscriptions : Rs.520 Discount on 6 months subscription : Rs. 190 Cost of 6 months subscription : Rs. 330 Gifts: I Manorama Yearbook and 1 Britannica Encyclopedia CD Cost per copy almost free Copies will be sent by courier : Rs. 330 25
  27. 27. “THE WEEK” MAGAZINE„The Week‟ is India‟s fastest growing G.I.E.M i.e. General Interest English Magazine. It‟speriodicity is one week. It has about 3.5 lakh readers and is under continuous growth in thenumber of readers. Cover price of this magazine is Rs. 20. The Week is fastest growing newsmagazine having a circulation both nationally and internationally. It is written and designed to befast, clear and concise and easy to follow magazine for every educated home and concernedcitizens. It is packed with latest news and views from every corner of India plus highlights fromwhole world.THE WEEK CONTENTSThe Week magazine has a wide variety of contents which cover great range of articles from allthe fields may be it is the: cover story, aperitif, letters, current events, special reports, states can, development , society, 26
  28. 28. art and style, cinema, forecast, global village, etc the sexes time out biz buzz last wordCOVER STORYColumn of cover story covers the most talked about topic of the week or any such topic which isvery sensitive and needs to be given special attention, maybe it is related to politics, society,business or art or style. This column covers a long description of the topic chosen and alsointerviews regarding the topic from eminent personalities of the concerned fields and also someother related information.APERITIFThis is the column where small articles covering news from all over the country and which areworth mentioning are published. These articles are very small and are of just two or threesentences long. These articles give a brief idea of the various happenings which went bythroughout the past week. This column also contains a sub-column called Power Point whereSachidananda Murthi,Resident Editor, Delhi, puts his words into ink on any specific issue. Thereis also a column of milestones which covers milestones set by the various personalities in 27
  29. 29. different fields. Aperitif also covers one more sub-column point blank which covers the quotesas said by eminent personalities of the world and which has been found worth mentioning.LETTERSColumn of „Letters‟ contains letters from the readers of The Week magazine regarding variousqueries related to any field.CURRENT EVENTSAs the name suggests this column gives the information regarding the most recent events thattook place throughout the world. Thus, this magazine acts as a very good informative diary forall the people who love to be updated with the newest information.ART AND STYLEThis column is a very beautiful and very colorful column and depicts the imaginative power ofthe human kind and shows beautiful works of art and style by various artists, who may befashion designers, interior designers, painters, various other technological designers. India is aplace where art is worshipped and columns like this provides the worshippers with a sense ofcontentment when they get to see such beautiful imaginations personified on paper. Thus,overall, this is a very good column to make people be a fan of this magazine.STATESCAN 28
  30. 30. States can contains an article on any specific news of particularly one state from all over India.The news may be of any kind whether it is political unrest in U.P. or attacks on non-maharashtrians in Maharashtra.SPECIAL REPORTSpecial report focuses mainly on drawing society‟s , administrators‟, officials‟ and everybodyelse‟ attention on a most sensitive issue which has to be taken utmost care of and which needsimmediate actions to be taken to be brought onto the path required.CINEMACinema is the column which desires to fulfill the wants of Bollywood and Hollywood lovers andprovides them with spicy news from all the corners of the world related to the cinema world.SOCIETYThis column of The Week magazine brings to the front the various issues related to the societyand thus develops people‟s concern regarding that issue and hence makes the society a bit awareof any injustice being done to anyone, any environmental damage, any flaw going on in anysystem, any wrong being done to society, the various social evils or any other thing.FORECASTForecast as the name suggests gives the horoscope of people belonging to different zodiac signs.The predictions are made by Mr. K.K. Vamanan Nampoorthiri. 29
  31. 31. THE SEXESIt is the column wherein the famous writer, Shobhaa De speaks about any issue putting her ownviews and her own thoughts into words.TIME OUTThis column gives the news about the various events or shows or other things like seasonal wearsetc. which have soon begun or are about to begin and thus forces people to go for these things assoon as possible and that is how the name goes like.BIZ BUZZThe column of Biz Buzz gives the news of the corporate sector and talks about the variouschanges going on in the bigger companies throughout the world, their CEOs, their GeneralManagers and the growing competition and the job opportunities created, if any.LAST WORDLast Word is the column wherein people like Amjad Ali Khan, Mahesh Dattani and Jon Stockput their views regarding some issue, from India and the whole world, at the last page of TheWeek magazine. This is the article that ends up the weekly news magazine.THE WEEKTHE WEEK was launched in 1982. It is one of the products among the 27 products of theMANORAMA GROUP. It itself is the Brand Extension so has no other Brand Extension.The sales have now touched the figure of 10.98 lakhs in today‟s date. The sales figures are as 30
  32. 32. follows.YEAR AVERAGE WEEKLY FIGURES (LAKHS)2010 7.55 Lakhs2011 8.72 Lakhs2012 10.92 LakhsCurrent 2012 1.98 LakhsExpected at the end of 2012 Above 2There was a fall in sales in 2012. This fall was due to the iLucknowease in information boom i.e.there are approximately 25 news channels across the nation, which provide the same news, andwithin a few minutes.For e.g. when there were bomb blasts all the news channels provided the same news with videoclippings in no time. And so there was no point in printing the same report after a week.People started losing interest in reading, as the same news didn‟t seem interesting to themafterwards. Even the economy wasn‟t proper and people were busy and tensed with theirtensions and hence the sales started declining. To overcome this loss the prices of the othermagazines were Lucknow eased from rs.30 to rs.35.The logic behind Lucknowe asing the price even when the sales were declining was that lesscopies sold at a higher price helped them to cope up with the losses. But THE WEEK preferredto stay at same price.They felt that keeping price low will benefit their magazine and they were right to a certainextent. And so the scene is changed. Seeing the current situation the sales are expected to riseabove 2 lakhs in the end of this year. 31
  33. 33. Distribution: -THE WEEK has its distributors all over India. According THE WEEK the subscriptions aremore profitable to them as the user is locked for a particular period and is habituated to readingthe magazine and likes to continue it further. Out of every 100,99 people subscribe THE WEEK.Their assured subscriptions are 80,000. They offer 26% discount to the newsstand sellers anddon‟t give them any return protection whereas they take all the unsold copies. They decide thenumber of copies to be published depending on statistics of Audit Bureau Circulation, marketcondition, contents of issue, cover page etc. their present figure is 1,80,000.Advertisements Expenditure:The profit margin of the company is 15% per year. According to them there should be at least17-20 pages of advertisements for a magazine to run on no profit no loss basis. The ratio kept byTHE WEEK is 30:70.i.e. 30%advertisements and 70% news.While taking the advertisements, preference is given to advertisements regarding services likebanks, financial institutions, educational institutions, insurance companies etc.They do not take liquor and friendship advertisements. They take advertisements of 2competitive companies e.g. NOKIA & SAMSUNG for the same issue as it doesn‟t matter forthem.Promotions:THE WEEK gives advertisements in magazines like Times of India, Hindustan Times. They alsoadvertise on CNN, CNBC, and NDTV in form of barter. I.e. the channels show theiradvertisements and THE WEEK prints their advertisements.Hoardings, posters and banners of the upcoming issue are always put at various places in thecountry. This helps in capturing new readers as the subject covered in the issue is displayed 32
  34. 34. beforehand.They also provide sponsorships fro the college events, as THE WEEK is popular in studentscommittee. They have sponsored events of IIT Mumbai, NM, Wilson College etc. They do thisin cash or kind or both.Customer delight services value Propositions)They provide free gifts with their subscriptions like Leather Wallet with one-year subscription,Timex Watch with 3 years subscription and digital diary with 5-year subscription.They also constantly give offers like Scratch and Win, King of Offers, Sporting Offers, Khel Reand so onFeaturesFirst Punch: - Here political news is conveyed by funny pictures.Quotable Week: - Statements of some famous personalities are quoted.Letters: - Letters written by the people regarding the previous issues, their opinions areexpressedControversy: - Highlights up the controversy going onDevelopment: - Development made in some states i.e. taking people out of their problems.State Scan: - It includes main scan in the state.Cover Story: - This has the detail story of a current topic or situation. 33
  35. 35. Writers world: - Information about new books etc. is givenGlobal Village: - Global News is published. The news published is very rare.Forecast: - The forecast is given by a very famous person i.e. K.K.VAMANANNAMPOOTHIRI. It is one of the main features, which is provided only by THE WEEK amongthe GIEM (General interest English magazines).The introduction of this had also lead to a tremendous I Lucknow ease in the sales. A persongenerally goes straight to this page and then the rest of news.We were told that Mr. Damodaran of UTI when once met Mr.Pinakki Chattopadhya marketingmanager of THE WEEK told him that he and his wife read first the forecast and they had done agood job by introducing this feature.Mr. Pinakki Chattopadhya immediately gave him the offer that „why don‟t you advertise yourUTI on just next page „And the same moment the deal was done.The page was sold for 40 lakh for a year. So we always see the UTI advertisement just oppositethe forecast page.MarketsTheir main markets include metro politant cities in which first is Delhi then Mumbai, Chennai,followed by the rest. In other words North then West then South and East in the end. Thismagazine is also available all over India.Cover PageThey keep their cover page same throughout the nation. They had changed it only once in case ofJay Lalitha as the news was more effective in south and not in rest of India. They had theKashmir‟s cover in rest of India 34
  36. 36. Selection of NewsIf there is only one news, which can be printed, and there are two news one political and othergeneral, then meeting is held as to which is to be selected i.e. which is more effective to thepeople. But mostly it is the general news as THE WEEK is a General interest English magazine 35
  37. 37. SWOT ANALYSIS S W Company Reputation High price Quality of analysis Less no. of pages Honest and in-depth reporting Less add on supplements Distribution effectiveness 36
  38. 38. O T Foreign tie-up with Financial times Market downfall London Competitors may further lower the priceThe overall evaluation of the company’sS--strength, W-- weaknesses,O-- Opportunities, and T--threads.Strength: The company publishes The Week magazine, which has a daily readership of approximately 120,000 and daily circulation of 217,764 (IRS 2007). In its endeavor to provide its readers with greater value, it has revamped its existing supplements and added new ones to its portfolio, offering a daily supplement catering to specific target audiences. The Week is read by the decision & policy makers. 37
  39. 39. The Week stands for reporting that stresses accuracy and credibility, comment that is informed, independent and fair, and journalism that is rooted in ethical conduct and defined by a sacrosanct bond with the reader. The Week has a 200-person editorial team that is led by Sanjaya Baru, and includes well- known journalists like AK Bhattacharya, Sunil Jain and Shyamal Majumdar. The Week’s stable of specialist contributors includes some of the sharpest minds writing on economics and business. Among them: Bimal Jalan, former governor of the Reserve Bank of India; Shankar Acharya, former chief economic advisor, Government of India; Deepak Lal, professor of economics, UCLA; Suman Bery, director-general, National Council of Applied Economic Research; Abheek Barua, chief economist of HDFC Bank; Nitin Desai, former chief economic advisor and former under-secretary general at the United Nations; Surjit Bhalla, chairman of Oxus; Arvind Subramanian, professor at the Peterson Institute of International Economics; M. Govinda Rao, director of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy; AV Rajwade, well-known foreign exchange consultant; and Arvind Singhal, chairman, Technopak It has a market presence for past 35 yrs. The Week publishes a variety of periodicals in the automotive, lifestyle and business categories. Titles include Indian and Asian Economy, BS Motoring and Indian Management. BS Motoring has total circulation of 80,000 copies per month (2007). The majority of periodicals are published on a monthly basis.Weakness: Lack of product awareness and brand equity.38
  40. 40. Single product as a business magazine in magazine section. Absence of proper advertisement and promotion. Not proper facility to deliver the newly subscribed copies instantly. Opportunity: Magazines only reach 35% of the adult population, of which 65% is literate; there is significant room for growth. The sheer number of publications has created fierce competition which has kept prices low which in turn has caused publishers to depend more on advertising revenues. Threats: ET the top most players in Business magazines comes with lower subscription rates and also has combo offer with TOI. Other combo offers as Business Line with The Hindu and HT Mint with HT. LIST OF BOOK STALLS PARTICIPATING IN DISPLAY SCHEMES.NO. NAME OF BOOK STALL NAME PLACE 1. MORDERN BOOK STALL VINOD ARORA JANPATH 2. VISHAL PATRIKA VISHAL NEAR UMRAO CINEMA 3. SUBHASH PUSTAK BHANDAR SONI OPP. CHARBAGH 4. PANDIT PUSTAK BHANDHAR DIXIT CHOWK 5. S K PUSTAK BHANDHAR VIJAY CHOWK 6. AMIT PUSTAK BHANDAR AMIT DALIGANJ 7. MANNU BOOK STALL MANNU HAZRATGANJ 39
  43. 43. RESEARCH METHODOLOGYTITLE:To determine customer-buying behavior with a focus on market segmentation for MalayalaManorama Co. Ltd.TITLE JUSTIFICATION: 42
  44. 44. The above title is self explanatory. The study deals mainly with studying the buying pattern in the insurance industry with a special focus on THE WEEK MAGAZINE. The various segments of the markets divided in terms of magazine Needs, Age groups , Satisfaction levels etc will also studied.SIGNIFICANCE TO THE INDUSTRY: This is a limited study which takes into consideration the responses of 100 people. This data can be explorated to take in the trends across the industry. The significance for the industry lies in studying these trends that emerge from the study. It is a rapidly changing and evolving sector. People are only beginning to wake up to its vast possibilities. A study like this can attempt to guide the future of the industry based on current trends. SIGNIFICANE FOR THE RESEARCHER : To facilitate and provide all the useful information of the company, the magazine industry and also provide marketing ways, methods of THE WEEK MAGAZINE. SAMPLING METHODOLOGY SamplingTechnique: Initially, a rough draft was prepared keeping in mind the objective of the research. A pilot study was done in order to know the accuracy of the Questionnaire. The final Questionnaire was arrived only after certain important changes were done. Thus the sampling came out to be judgemental and convenient. 43
  45. 45. Sampling Unit:The respondants who were asked to fill out questionnaires are the sampling units. Thesecomprise of employees of MNCs, Govt. Employees, and Self Employed etc.Sample size:The sample size was restricted to only 100, which comprised of mainly peoples from differentregions of Lucknow due to time constraints.Sampling Area :The area of the research was Lucknow . LIMITATIONS OF THE RESEARCH 1. The research is confined to a certain parts of LUCKNOW and does not necessarily shows a pattern applicable to all of Country .A small number of 100 also does not show the pattern of the whole city. 2. Some respondents were reluctant to divulge personal information which can affect the validity of all responses. 44
  46. 46. 3. In a rapidly changing industry, analysis on one day or in one segment can change very quickly. The environmental changes are vital to be considered in order to assimilate the findings. 4. The training period was very less.1) PRIMARY METHOD:Survey is done through QUESTIONNAIRE taking 4OO people as a sample size of every agegroup with different qualifications and professions and of several salary packages of both „TheWeek‟ readers and non-readers of „The Week‟ in mixed form in consideration.2) SECONDARY METHOD:Interview method is also adopted. This is done while interviewing various readers of „The Week‟and other magazines. This stage occurs only after preparing QUESTIONNAIRE, i.e. afterpreparing questionnaire I asked, 400 customers of both non- WEEK readers and WEEK readersabout The WEEK magazine, various questions mentioned in the questionnaire in order toaccomplish my survey work. 45
  48. 48. NOTE: The following pie charts show the percentage of people surveyed of different agegroup, qualification, profession and income group. AGE 2% 10% 15-25 30% 58% 25-40 40-50 50-60 QUALIFICATION 0% 16% 14% Under Graduate Graduate Post Graduate 70% Others 47
  49. 49. PROFESSION Student Business Salaried Others 5% 20% 45% 30%NOTE: In the Chart, Others include Doctors, practicing Chartered Accountants,and Agents etc. INCOME GROUP 4% 3% 10% 35% 0 <25000 <50000 <75000 48% >75000NOTE: In the chart, 0 income group include the students surveyed who do not earn. 48
  50. 50. SAMPLE SIZE: The survey was conducted with the help of questionnaire taking 400 peopleas a sample size of every age group with different qualification and profession and of severalsalary package like 48% people surveyed are earning less than or equal to Rs.25000, 10% areearning less than or equal to Rs.50000, 4% of them are earning less than or equal to Rs.75000,3% of them are earning greater than or equal to Rs.75000 while 35% of them have no earnings asthey are students. The people surveyed are of different qualification like 16% of people surveyedare post graduate, 70% are simply graduates among whom there are 58% of the peopleinterviewed aged less than or equal to 25, 30% of the people aged less than or equal to 40, 10%of them are less than or equal to 50 and 2% of people are up to an age of 60 years. Thesurvey includes the people of different profession too like 20% of the peoplesurveyed are salaried people, 30% of them are in business, 45% are students while5% of them includes Doctors, C.As etc.Q.2 Do you know about “Weekly News Magazines”? (i)AWARE (ii) UNAWAREImplication of the questionThe purpose of this question to the people is to know about the awareness of the weekly newsmagazines among the public. This question helps to judge as to how many people are stillunaware of the weekly news magazines. 49
  51. 51. Awareness of weekly magazines 11% aware unaware 89%SAMPLE SIZE:According to the survey of “THE WEEK” magazine, which is done with the help of 400 peopleas a sample size of every age group with different qualification, profession and of several salarypackages, it is found that- (i) 89% of people interviewed said that YES they know about the weekly news magazines. (ii) 11% of the people interviewed said that NO they don‟t know about weekly magazines. 50
  52. 52. FindingsThus, as per the survey results we found that majority of the people are having a basic idea ofweekly news magazines. Also through the survey it was found that most of the salaried classpeople and students are aware of weekly news magazines either they are published in HINDIlanguage or in ENGLISH language.RecommendationsAfter analyzing the answers of the interviews I would like to recommend “Malayala ManoramaCo. Ltd.” to make the remaining 11% of the population which includes businessmen as well,aware of the weekly magazines, especially “THE WEEK” magazine and thus to expand its sales.Q.3 Do you read weekly news magazines? If YES, then which one of these? A. THE WEEK B. INDIA TODAY C. OUTLOOK D. OPEN E. OthersImplication of the question 51
  53. 53. The purpose of this question is to know the percentage of the people who read different weeklynews magazines like The Week, India Today, Outlook, Open or others and which magazine isbeen read most by the readers. Reading habits of people surveyed 2% 3% 17% India Today Outlook The Week 55% Open 23% OthersSAMPLE SIZE:Whole surveying on the 400 people of different age groups and qualifications, who havedifferent professions and income, it was found that (i) 74% of the people interviewed read weekly news magazines. (ii) 26% of the people surveyed do not read any weekly news magazine.The percentage of the people who are customers of the different news magazines is likewise- i. INDIA TODAY- 55% ii. OUTLOOK - 23% iii. THE WEEK - 17% 52
  54. 54. iv. OPEN - 3% v. Others - 2%FindingsThus analysis of the answers given by the people surveyed, it was found that majority of thepeople are reading weekly news magazines. Also, the second part of the question shows thatmajority of the people read India Today; thereafter they read Outlook and then “The Week”magazine. Thus “The Week” magazine is lagging behind the two magazines and has to competewith these two major selling magazines.RecommendationsThus, through the study it can be recommended that the Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. shouldconcentrate on expanding its share in the weekly news magazines market and try to give the bestproduct to the customers through the best features, it should also go for an extensivepromotion program so as to acquire a larger market share.Q.4 Do you know about “The Week” magazine? (i)YES (ii) NOImplication of the questionThis question has been included in the questionnaire to know as to how many people i.e. whatpercentage of North Indians are aware of the existence of “The Week” magazine, since it is amajor publication in South India and has emerged from the South Indian markets and still a lot ofpeople find themselves unaware of this magazine. 53
  55. 55. Knowledge of the existence of The WEEK magazine 35% YES NO 65%SAMPLE SIZE:Through the survey, it was found that- (i) 65% of the people said Yes, that they know about “The Week” ,magazine. (ii) 35% of the people show there unawareness about “The Week” magazine.FindingsThus as per the results of the survey it is found that majority of the people know about “TheWeek” magazine but still many of them do not have any information about this magazine.Recommendations 54
  56. 56. After analysis of the survey it can be recommended that Malayala Manorama Company Limitedshould go about with advertisements and promotion programs especially in Northern regionsince many people react as if they have heard the name of the company and the magazine for thefirst time where as on the other hand India Today and Outlook are quite popular with the peoplesurveyed.Q.5 Would you like(i) to subscribe, or(ii) buy the magazine from a retail store. 55
  57. 57. Implication of the questionThrough this question we aim to know the general mode through which the customers buy themagazine and we can thus know a better way to deliver the magazine. Having the magazine through retail or subscriptions? 38% 62% subscriptions retailSAMPLESThrough this question, it was found that _ (i) 62% percent of the customers have the propensity of buying the books through subscriptions. (ii) 38% of the customers like to buy the magazine from a retail store. 56
  58. 58. FindingsThus through this study we can find that majority of the customer find it beneficial to get themagazine subscribed rather than buying these from the retail stores.RecommendationsLooking at the above analysis, I would suggest Malayala Manorama Company Ltd. to try toexpand its business more into subscription and make the good promotional schemes so as tocover majority through the subscription.Q.6 What other gift / discount will be better other than MANORAMAYEAR BOOK for 6 months subscription? (i) SUNGLASSES (ii) T-SHIRT 57
  59. 59. (iii) SET OF PENS (iv) DISCOUNT OF 20% (v) MANORAMA YEAR BOOKImplication of the questionThis question implies you that how many % of the people wants these gifts & discount with thesubscription by the company. 5% 15% 20% Sunglasses t-shirt Set of pen discount of 20% 35% Manorama year book 25%SAMPLESThrough this question, it was found that _ (i) 15% of peoples want sunglasses. 58
  60. 60. (ii) 40% of peoples want t-shirts. (iii) 25% of peoples want set of pens. (iv) 20% of peoples want discount. (v) 5% of peoples want Manorama Year BookFindingsThus through this study we find that more % of people want t-shirt more than any other things.Q.7 “The week” Magazine provide us with information from different fieldsmay be it is politics, art or science, society or fashion etc. do you find thesecontents sufficient enough to provide you with good information? 59
  61. 61. (i)YES (ii)NOImplication of the questionThis question implies us to know as to what % of the people who read “The week” magazine aresatisfied with its level of information and the various contents. Are the contents informative? 33% Yes No 67%SAMPLE SIZE:Through this survey, it was found that: 60
  62. 62. (i) 67% of people who read “The Week” magazine was satisfied with its matter content while, (ii) 33% of people are not satisfied with the matter contentFindingsThrough this question it was analyzed that majority of the readers of “The week” magazine weresatisfied with the contents of information of this magazine and that they found this informationas really useful, investing and sufficient enough to quench their thirst for knowledge while 33%of people still found the magazine unable to provide them with the required information.RecommendationsAfter analyzing this data, I would like to suggest Malayala Manorama Company Limited to getthe surveys and research work done at a large scale so as to find out what are the contents or theinformation in which the magazine is lagging behind and find out the ways to improve.Q.8 Do the contents of “The Week” magazine bear any similarity to thecontents of any other magazine? 61
  63. 63. (i)Yes (ii) NoImplication of the questionThrough this question, we can deduce as to how much percent of the people find uniqueness in“The Week” magazine and how much percent of the people find similarity in the contents of“The Week Magazine”. Do the contents bear any similarity to other magazines? Yes No 46% 54%SAMPLE SIZE:Analyzing the answers to the above questions, it was found that- 62
  64. 64. (i) 46% of the readers of “the week” magazine found that the contents of magazine were some or the other way similar to any other weekly magazine, whereas(ii) 54% of the people found the contents as different from others.FindingsAfter analyzing the answers for the above questions it was found that nearly half of thepopulation still feels that contents of “The Week” magazine have resemblance with any otherweekly magazine and thus has still has space for making its own identity well established. Thusit has a lot of room to improve and be the best amongst the weekly magazines.RecommendationsThus, I would like to suggest Malayala Manorama Company Ltd. that it should go forinnovating some of the contents of the week magazine which become a completely differentand interesting taste for the readers so that they keep their loyalty with the magazine.Q.9 In your opinion, which feature of “The week” magazine attracts youmost to read this magazine? (i) Prompt delivery of the news. 63
  65. 65. (ii) The column of “COVER STORY” every week. (iii) Column of cinema. (iv) Column of business.ImplicationThe purpose behind asking this questioning is to know which feature of “the week “ magazine isthe cause of the inclination towards the week magazine and how can the company improve otherfeatures so as to make other features equally good. Feature of The Week magazine that attracts the most. 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% prompt delivery column of cover column of cinema column of of news story every week businessSAMPLE SIZE: 64
  66. 66. (i) Analyzing the above question, it was found that, 60% of the readers of the week magazine found prompt delivery of the news as the best feature which attracts them to read this magazine. (ii) 20% of the readers found the “COVER STORY” column as the best part. (iii)15% of the readers found the “Business” column as the best part. (iv) 5% of the readers found the “cinema” column as the best part.FindingsThrough the above analysis it was found that major feature of attraction for all the readers wasthe prompt delivery of actual news and that is a good sign for the future of this magazine.RecommendationsI would suggest the Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. to keep 100% accuracy in delivering the actualnews as well as to make other columns such as the business column or the cinema column moreattractive & appealing.Q.10 Which type of subscription of “The Week” magazine would you like tohave- 65
  67. 67. 1. Short –term (6 months)2. Long term (1yr/3yr/5yr)Implication of the questionThe purpose of asking this question is to know of how much percent of the people find short-term subscriptions as beneficial for them and how much percent find long-term subscriptions asbeneficial. Type of subscription preffered short term subscriptions long term subscriptionsSAMPLE SIZE: 66
  68. 68. After going through the answers for the above question it was found that:(i) 77% of the people wanted to have short-term subscriptions.(ii) 33% of the people wanted to have long term subscriptions.FindingsAfter analyzing the answers for the above question it was found that most of the people wantedto have weekly magazines through the short term subscription sale while only 33% of the peoplewanted to have the magazine through the long term sales. Thus, we can deduce that most of thepeople either do not have sufficient funds to go for long term subscriptions or they do not haveenough loyalty towards the magazine.RecommendationsThus, I would like to suggest the Malayala Manorama Company Ltd. that it should try to developbrand loyalty by providing good news as well as proper delivery of the magazine to thecustomers and also by catering to the needs of the readers.Q.11 Do you feel that creating awareness among public about weekly newsmagazines through extensive promotion programs would lead to growth inweekly magazines usage? 67
  69. 69. 1) YES 2) NOImplication of the questionThe purpose of asking this question is to know whether the extensive promotion programs arefruitful or not, and whether the promotion programs lead to an expansion of the business or not. would promotion programs lead to growth in weekly magazines usage? 35% Yes 65% NoSAMPLE SIZE:On analyzing the above question it was found that: 68
  70. 70. (i) 65% of the people surveyed said yes, the promotion programs would lead to a growth in the usage of weekly news magazines. (ii) While remaining 35%of the people said that they don’t think that these promotional programs are of any use for the growth in the number of readers.Findings of the questionThrough the analysis of the above question it was found that majority of the people feel thatextensive promotion programs are really beneficial to expand the market as well as to developinterest in the people towards weekly news magazines. While some people are still of the viewthat such programs are useless as far as the expansion of the market of weekly magazines isconsidered.Recommendations of the questionAfter going through the analysis and findings of this question I would like to suggest theMalayala Manorama Company limited that it should keep on coming up with new promotionalprograms so as to make the existing readers loyal as well as attract new customers. 69
  71. 71. Q.12 Which medium of promotion would you like to suggest to the MalayalaManorama Company Ltd., whose product is the “the week” magazine, so as tobe successful? Institutional sales Retail sale Subscription saleImplication of the questionThe purpose of asking this question is to know as to which medium of sales is most profitearning for the organization or which medium is preferred most by the public for getting themagazine whether it is through subscriptions or through retail or through institutional sales. Medium of promotion best for The Week magazine. 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% subscriptions retail instituitional sale 70
  72. 72. SAMPLE SIZE:On analyzing the analysis of the answers for the above question it was found that: (i) 40% of the people preferred to have the magazines through the subscriptions (ii) 38% of the people preferred to have the magazines through the retail sale (iii) 22% of the people preferred to have the magazine through the institutional sales.Findings of the questionAfter analyzing the answers for the above question it was found that almost similar percent of thepeople that is nearly 40% of the people were in favor of promotion programs through thesubscriptions and the same percent in favor of promotion through retail sales while only 20% ofthe people favored promotion through institutional sales. Thus, it was found that most of thepeople feel that promotional programs are a better way to bring an increment in the sales of themagazine and thus this method can be considered as most effective way of promoting the salesfurther.Recommendations of the questionAfter all the analysis I would like to suggest that for the promotion programs the companyshould go for promotional programs all throughout India and sub-urban areas where it still has toestablish itself which would surely help it to grow faster. 71
  73. 73. Problems regarding sales promotionThe topic i.e. Sales promotion of The Week magazine has been chosen because of two particularreasons. The very first reason as to why this particular topic has been chosen is that I was giventhe task of getting the subscriptions done for The Week magazine during my summer training.These subscriptions were for a period of 6 months and while undertaking my task I haddeveloped a keen interest of knowing the popularity of this magazine since I did not get manypeople who were aware of this magazine and of those who were aware were not the readers ofthis magazine, though Malayala Manorama Company is the largest publication house of Indiaand this magazine is very popular in South India. So in order to find an answer to these questionsI went with up the topic. Also as I was to approach people regarding the subscriptions, it becameeasy for me to move about with the survey.The second reason as to why I chose this topic was that getting the subscriptions done for anymagazine was a kind of promotional scheme and since I was to get the subscriptions done I wasin a way promoting the sales of this magazine. And so choosing this topic as my summer trainingproject was not a tough job. 72
  74. 74. 73
  75. 75. Conclusion Through the survey it was deduced that most of the people are aware of the weekly news magazines, specially the salaried class and the students. Majority of the people surveyed are reading weekly news magazines and the most preferred magazine is India Today, thereafter people prefer reading Outlook and then comes „The Week‟ magazine, which is at the third position as found through the survey. Majority of the people have a know-how of “The Week” magazine but still a large percentage of the people are still unaware of the existence of this magazine as well as it‟s belongingness to Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. Some of the people found that the contents of The Week magazine as not so informative as are the contents of other magazines like Outlook or India Today. Majority of the people prefer having a subscription in comparison to retail buying. Also, the subscription periods favored by them are of the short term rather than of long term. People who prefer The Week magazine choose it because of prompt the delivery of this magazine. Promotion programs through subscriptions have come out as the best way to expand the sales of The Week magazine whereas retail sales is also more or less desired the same way for expansion of the sales whereas institutional sales is not considered as the best method.74
  76. 76. 75
  77. 77. RECOMMENDATIONS According to the analysis of the survey, I would like to recommend to the Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. to make people aware of the “The Week” magazine so that at least all the people have a consideration of this magazine whenever they are to buy or subscribe the magazine. Some of the contents of the week magazine need to be innovated and made more attractive so as to make it a differentiated product in the weekly magazine market. Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. should go extensive promotional programs as well as for advertisements through various Medias. Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. should try to expand its sale through covering the magazine market through subscriptions especially short term subscriptions. I would suggest the Company to deliver actual news with 100% accuracy and to make the columns of business and cinema more attractive and appealing. It should provide good service and properly deliver the copies to the customers and also cater to the needs of the readers. Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. should come out with new promotional schemes especially through subscriptions so as to keep existing readers loyal as well as attract new customers The company should go for extensive promotion programs especially in sub-urban areas so as to maximize its sale since sub-urban areas give the space for a new market wherein most of the competitors are still to find a way. 76
  78. 78. 77
  79. 79. QUESTIONNAIRENAME: ................................................Q.1)AGE? QUALIFICATION ? PROFESSION? MONTHLY INCOME?15-25 UNDER GRADUATE STUDENT <2500025-40 GRADUATE BUSINESS <5000040-50 POST GRADUATE SALRIED <7500050-60 OTHERS OTHERS <75000Q.2) Do you know about “Weekly News Magazines”? (i)YES (ii) NOQ.3) Do you read weekly news magazines? If YES, then which one of these? F. THE WEEK G. INDIA TODAY H. OUTLOOK I. OPEN J. OthersQ.4) Do you know about “The Week” magazine? (i)YES (ii) NOQ.5) “The Week” magazine belong to Malayala Manorama Company limited, the largestpublication house of India. Do you know that? (i)YES (ii) NO 78
  80. 80. Q.6) “The week” Magazine provide us with information from different fields may be it ispolitics, art or science, society or fashion etc. do you find these contents sufficient enough toprovide you with good information? (i)YES (ii) NOQ 7) Do the contents of “The Week” magazine bear any similarity to the contents of anyother magazine?(i)Yes (ii) NoQ.8) Would you like(i) to subscribe, or(ii) buy the magazine from a retail store.Q 9) In your opinion, which feature of “The week” magazine attracts you most to readthis magazine? (i) Prompt delivery of the news. (ii) The column of “COVER STORY” every week. (iii) Column of cinema. (iv) Column of business.Q 10) Which type of subscription of “The Week” magazine would you like to have- Short –term (6 months) Long term (1yr/3yr/5yr)Q.11) Do you feel that creating awareness among public about weekly news magazinesthrough extensive promotion programs would lead to growth in weekly magazines usage? (i)Yes (ii) NoQ.12 Which medium of promotion would you like to suggest to the Malayala ManoramaCompany Ltd., whose product is the “the week” magazine, so as to be successful? Institutional sales 79
  81. 81. Retail sale Subscription sale80
  82. 82. Bibliography magazine-listmens-magazinemagazinesubscriptionindian-magazine.html
  83. 83. 82