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Enterprise Collaboration - 1


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In this presentation, I wanted to share some of my views with you all regarding Enterprise Collaboration. This blog focuses primarily on Vision for Enterprise Collaboration but the following blogs would talk about Process, Tools, Privacy and Security and Other Considerations.

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Enterprise Collaboration - 1

  1. 1. Nitin Kohli Enterprise Collaboration Vision Nitin Kohli
  2. 2. AGENDA Nitin Kohli • Basics • Vision: The What? • Process: The HOW? • Tools • Privacy and Security • Other Considerations • Other Examples
  3. 3. Basics Nitin Kohli Your Employees: Your Customers: • Are you giving your internal customers  • Are your competitors building better  (employees) the right tools to develop  relationships with customers than  relationships with your customers? you? • How fast can your employees respond to  • Do your customers trust you? D t t t ? feedback / complaints by your customers? • Since when did customers trust their  • Your employees are your frontline or  perceptions of you more than your  internal customers, how are you helping  internal customers how are you helping competence? p them do their job?  • Is it harder to sell a product to your  customers even when it’s a “win‐win”  situation for both parties?
  4. 4. Basics Nitin Kohli The Golden Rule Community and  What do Employees  Trust and  Employee  care about?? Loyalty for  Satisfaction Employer Visibility + Credibility = Profitability Collaboration,   What do Customers  Trust and  Trust and Community and  care about?? Competence Customer care
  5. 5. Basics Nitin Kohli Why is Credibility and Visibility so important?? • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Abraham Maslow, 1943) •S i lB l Social Belonging includes links with social environments such as community, co‐ i i l d li k ith i l i t h it workers, who you work with and satisfaction.  • Community Belonging represents access to resources including adequate income, Community Belonging represents access to resources including  adequate income,  employment, educational and recreational programs, and community activities.  • If Social and Community Belonging are done right, “ego‐status” can be boosted too.  Build Trust Be Visible What does that mean for us? Share With  Build  Your  Relationships Community
  6. 6. VISION Nitin Kohli Relationships  are the Focus Platforms are  just the means
  7. 7. VISION Nitin Kohli What is Collaborative Enterprise Framework ? • Interaction between people i b l • Distributed communications • Real Time • Access to resources • Productivity goals • Structure
  8. 8. VISION Nitin Kohli Be Personal and Build trust through  Be Personal and Build trust through giving consistent value  This is where that “face” meets the current and  potential customers personally and in a more  personal social media environment leading to  more personal relationships and gets feedback. more personal relationships and gets feedback
  9. 9. Vision Nitin Kohli Be Personal and Build trust through giving consistent value  Behind the firewall, through applications such as Yammer Behind the firewall through applications such as Yammer
  10. 10. VISION Nitin Kohli Create Win Win Situations for the company and its clients Create Win‐Win Situations for the company and its clients •Once the homework is done in building trust and relationships •Client are more prone to discussing solutions which are in interest of both parties •More $$ in the bottom line + You create evangelists for your product and company