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Ansible for Automation


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Presentation carried out by Nitin J Mutkawoa, blogger at at the Developers Conference 2019 at Voila Hotel, Bagatelle, Mauritius.

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Ansible for Automation

  1. 1. Devops Engineer @ Who am I ? @TheTunnelix
  2. 2. Why Ansible ? • Provisioning, Configuration, Deployment, CI/CD, Security, Orchestration and what NOT? • Agentless and easy prerequisites. • Ansible Modules can be written into any language (Bash, Python, Ruby, Go etc..) • Compatible with Linux, Solaris, Other Nix, Windows, HP-ILO, Raspbian etc.. • Ansible overtaking Chef, Puppet as top cloud Configuration Management tool - • Ansible on CLI and GUI. (Ansible Tower /AWX) • Sincere lover and give you comfort to sleep at night.
  3. 3. Get Started with Ansible ? • Prerequisites when using Ansible. • Start with a basic installation. • Ansible Ad-Hoc commands. • Some Terminologies: Playbook, Tasks, Modules, Roles, Handlers, Variables, Templates, Groups, and Vault. • How to read an Ansible Playbook? • Writing simple Ansible Playbooks for Ping and Copy. • Audience: Discussions about ideas.
  4. 4. Read Ansible Documentation • Versioning and Documentations. • Participation in mailing list. • • Improving Playbooks. • Ansible-galaxy • Ansible-doc • Ansible-pull • Ansible-vault
  5. 5. Deep Diving in Ansible • Ansible on Production: 1. Sudo 2. Ansible Vault 3. Verbosity 4. Dry Run mode • Variables. • Jinja Templates.
  6. 6. The Ansible Craziness • Feed your customers with Ansible. • Auditing and Security. • Ansible-CMDB. • A bridge between Ansible and apps development. • Creating of JSON using bash script and Ansible.
  7. 7. Help and Questions Thanks… And don’t forget to join us at: & Follow me at