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3dengagementformula 140127035302-phpapp01

  2. 2. ?????????????? INTRANET ENGAGEMENT HOW? WHY? WHAT?
  3. 3. r e l l i K IDEA... Better collaboration More productivity Bye-bye silos Greater innovation Faster time-to-market Endless sunshine
  4. 4. Meanwhile, back on planet earth... The marketing department appears to be blowing off the intranet. And the sun doesn’t always shine.
  5. 5. hello...? Damn! It’s dark in here.
  6. 6. THE TECHNOLOGY MUST SUCK! SUCKNESS Dude, Your digits, like, totally suck. Are you feeling me? Seriously, I’m thinking you byte man. SUCKITUDE SUCK CITY SUPER SUCKAGE SUCKWADS
  7. 7. ENGAGE MENT ISSUE? Or it is possible we have an
  8. 8. What if we could MEASURE ENGAGEMENT?
  9. 9. No, seriously. What if we had a 3D ENGAGEMENT FORMULA?
  10. 10. The 3 dimensions of engagement INTEREST INTERACTION ADVOCACY
  11. 11. The first dimension: INTEREST
  12. 12. How to get users to GET & STAY ONBOARD. Measure interest Number of users How often they visit
  13. 13. Why users might be UNINTERESTED. Don’t know about the intranet There’s nothing in it for them There’s nothing new there
  14. 14. 3 ways to increase INTEREST. 1. Market the intranet and make it more visible 2. Highlight its value 3. Keep users updated
  15. 15. The second dimension: INTERACTION
  16. 16. Convert interest into INTERACTION. Measure the passive majority Time spent Pages visited Most people will be passive visitors.
  17. 17. Stimulate the ACTIVE MINORITY. Get 20:20 visibility into interaction Likes, comments, new posts and ratings Going up or down?
  18. 18. 4 ways to increase INTERACTION. 1. Develop a content strategy and activation calendar 2. Run promotions 3. Respond to contributors 4. Conduct user testing
  19. 19. The third dimension: ADVOCACY
  20. 20. Make your people ADVOCATES Assess advocacy How people engage others Create a scoring system
  21. 21. 3 sources for greater ADVOCACY. 1. Apply all the steps suggested to this point 2. Increase the WOW factor of your UX and content 3. Highlight active users and advocates
  22. 22. Understand the 3 dimensions of engagement: INTEREST INTERACTION ADVOCACY Learn more now...
  23. 23. Expand the value of your intranet. FREEEBOOK. <<< Download this thing.
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  26. 26. hey... Wasn’t that enlightening?