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  • The quality of education provided is a key factor influencing the decision of students to enrol at HEI (Higher Education Institutions). In 2009, the NAAC found only 11% universities and colleges meeting the metrics to qualify for a Grade A ratingLack of significant number of good quality institutes results in an abnormal rush of students to apply for the few good ones
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    1. 1. Y 2011 PRESENTS
    2. 2. 02 WELCOME Roman Poushkar Managing Director “We are offering you education and career development programmes as well as outstanding support that will motivate and inspire you, giving you knowledge and skills that lead directly to your personal success. Our courses portfolio is designed for all educational levels and professional experiences. Our programmes are relevant to the demands of modern business and constantly evolved to bring you the best in education around the world. We are committed to your personal and professional growth.” PREMIER STUDY
    3. 3. 03 OVERVIEW Indian Higher Education PREMIER STUDY
    4. 4. 04 Indian Higher Education Sector The higher education sector in India has witnessed high growth over the past few years and today India boasts of more than 26,000 Higher Education Institutes (HEI) higher than any other country. For example the Number of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in US is 6,706 and in China 4,000 However, high QUANTITY does not mean high QUALITY PREMIER STUDY
    5. 5. 05 Quality of HEI in India The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) evaluates quality of universities and colleges across parameters including: 11.2 Curricular Aspects 67.6 Teaching-learning & Evaluation Research 21.2 Consultancy & Extension Grade A Grade B Grade C Infrastructure & Learning Resources Student Support & Progression Only 475 universities and colleges are acknowledged to completely meet the required standards of an Indian HEI. Governance & Leadership Very few Indian universities can meet demanding international standards. Innovative Practices PREMIER STUDY
    6. 6. 06 Global Rankings for HEI Global rankings for higher educational institutions have gained importance over the last decade. These rankings identify and acknowledge institutes which have developed into Centers of Excellence (CoE) across countries. India Russia Quacquarelli Symonds, 2010 Overall number of the worlds Times Higher Education, 2010 top 200 universities 2011 Brazil Webometrics, 2011 Singapore Most influential ranking produces worldwide are •Shanghai Jiao Tong‟s Academic Ranking of World Hong Kong Universities China •Webometrics •Times Higher Education Rankings Australia •Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Rankings •Financial Times (for business qualifications) Japan Irrespective of the measure used, most of the locally prestigious Indian higher Canada educational institutes do not features significantly in any of the listing. Times Higher Education Rankings (2010) and Webometrics Rankings (2011) of UK top 200 global HEIs do not include any Indian institute. Only Quacquarelli Symonds, 2010 includes 1 university – IIT Bombay among the US top 200 HEIs across the globe. 0 50 100 150 PREMIER STUDY
    7. 7. 07 GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY Enhance the value of your Degree. Get valuable international work Right study strategy can be cost Enrich your academic experience experience during your study. effective way to gain overseas degree. through the world best teaching It is your chance to become a global Witness your personal growth, build techniques and environments. citizen. self-confidence and independence. Expand your employment Develop international networks, which Acquire the „soft‟ skills that are just as opportunities – your income potential. industry values highly. important as your academic ones. PREMIER STUDY
    8. 8. 08 TOP STUDY DESTINATIONS18%The United States received 10% The United Kingdom is a 7% The third place is sheared by 5% Significant numbers ofthe most, with 18% of all second destination for Australia, Germany and foreign students wereforeign students worldwide international student with France with 7% of total enrolled in Canadawith nearly 700,000 10% of all foreign students international student (5%), Japan (4%), the Russianinternational students each globally. population for each country. PREMIER STUDY Federation (4%) and Spainyear. (2%) in 2009.
    9. 9. 09 Most Important Factors What are the most important factors influencing where you and other potential students from India choose to study? The language spoken and used in instruction determines in which country a student chooses to study. As result, the leading destination for Indian students are UK, US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. 1 Cost of Tuition Funds Prospects Quality of 2 Quality of Education Needed to for PR Education Show 3 Cost of Living 4 Opportunity to Work WHAT DO YOU Opportunity Cost of 5 6 Safety Prospects for PR VALUE MOST? to Work Cost of Visa Living 7 Funds Needed to Show Cost of Cost of 8 Cost of Visa Travelling Tuition Safety 9 Cost of Travelling PREMIER STUDY
    10. 10. 10 Which Country to Go to? Our research of Average Total Cost of Study for international student includes Living Cost and Tuition Fees: •The Living Costs surveyed include accommodation, food, transport, clothing, fuel, power, telephone and other additional costs. The figures for living costs are based on the average expenditure by actual international students surveyed in the five countries. •The Tuition Fees is the middle range fee, between the minimum and maximum fee. Average Total Cost of Study Comparisons per Year Overall number of the worlds top 200 universities 2011 1 US$ = 50 INR US$ INR Lakh New Zealand 17,270 8.6 How many universities in top 200: Canada 23,878 11.9 1. US – 75 out of 4861 Australia 26,163 13.1 2. UK – 23 out of 152 3. Canada – 11 out of 83 UK 31,105 15.6 4. Australia – 7 out of 47 5. New Zealand – 3 out of 8 USA 60,348 30.2 PREMIER STUDY
    11. 11. 11 How We Rank Each Destination? You can gain important work experience UK higher education is a global leader. The most important factors that we tookthe salaried job placement. when Highest concentration of world class through into consideration ranking each destination were quality of Safe environment universities. UK valued by employers. Large Indian community British degrees recognised worldwide and highly progress, visa application education, affordability, career Wide range of job opportunities. process, student satisfactory and Transparent Visato get permanent opportunity procedures as result almost UK degree accelerates your career progress. no Visa rejections. The Total Cost of study is high but many cost residence. United Kingdom Low amount of Funds Needed to Show for your effective options are available. Visa. Good quality education system. High concentration of world class Australian degrees recognised universities. worldwide Canadian degrees recognised AU Opportunity to get permanent residence. CA worldwide Opportunity to get permanent Reasonable tuition fees and living residence. cost. Low tuition fees and living cost. Australia Wide range of job opportunities. Canada Wide range of job opportunities. Transparent Visa procedures. Safe environment Very advanced education system. Six universities in the top 10 world Eight universities, three of which US rankings. US degrees recognised worldwide and highly valued by employers. NZ appeared in the top 200 rankings.  Affordable living costs. Low tuition fees. US degree accelerates your career Opportunity to get permanent progress. residence. Safe environment Safe environment United States Over the past few years, it has relaxed New Zealand its student visa rules. PREMIER STUDY
    12. 12. 12 ONE SOLUTION How does the higher Which course is the best How much will it cost? education system work in value for my money? Are any scholarships different countries? What course to choose to available? Where my current achieve my goals? How do I apply for a visa qualification be recognised? Where can I study? and/or work permit? What programmes are When do I apply for the Can I work during my study? available? course? Can I apply for permanent What are the fees? How do I apply? residency? PREMIER STUDY
    13. 13. 13 WE PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION FOR OUR CUSTOMERS ACROSS THE WORLD. We are a leading education and career consultancy firm with the Head Office based in London and its run by British management. We help students and professionals to access courses which will give them a competitive edge in today‟s challenging job market and enable them to pave the way for a major career and social status change. MISSION & VALUES “Our mission is to promote high quality education, to help individuals with any academic, professional, economic and social backgrounds to achieve their career aspiration and enable them to maximise returns on their investment in education from anywhere in the world.” “Our values are to act ethically, fairly, honestly and with integrity at all times. We encourage the same practice in our customers and business partners.” PREMIER STUDY
    14. 14. 14 NUMBER ONE CHOICE Career focused advice. Admissions to universities No fee charges for most of and top rated colleges. our service. Job oriented courses. Programme Portfolio covers Overseas offices for student Scholarship ranging from 10 all discipline and subjects. support. to 100%. Experience Staff. Full support before, during Guaranteed salaried job placement. Customised services. and after your study. Refund Guaranteed. British management. ...and many more PREMIER STUDY
    15. 15. 15 Our Services We help individuals with ANY ACADEMIC, PROFESSIONAL, ECONOMIC and SOCIAL BACKGROUNDS. Our client range from SCHOOL LEVEL students to MANAGING DIRECTORS of companies. Develop Your Career Strategy Provide English Courses Together we develop your short and long term If your English language skills are inadequate to career strategy to effectively achieve both your satisfy programme entry requirements we can professional and personal goals. prepare you for the IELTS test. Career Coaching Courses Secure maximum bursary We provide career coaching We help you to secure maximum scholarship for programmes, including personal development your study. courses and workshops focused on CV, cover Produce VISA support documents letter writing and interview preparations. Once you have made the required payment Find Suitable Programme directly to the tuition provider, we produce the We find the most suitable programme for you necessary documents for your VISA application. according to your profile, budget and preferred Assist with VISA paperwork destination. We assist with all the paperwork to obtain your Take Care of Application Process VISA. This process is diligently supervised by We process your documents and acquire the our London based certified immigration enrolment letter from the educational institution. solicitor. Conduct English Test Ongoing Support We can conduct English tests on behalf of some Once the VISA is received, we organise your Universities if you do not have relevant travel and arrange accommodation. We offer certificates such as IELTS or TOEFL. you ongoing support during and after study period. PREMIER STUDY
    16. 16. 16 Our Programme Portfolio We are very selective about the Universities and Schools we present to make sure you get maximum benefits from your study course. Our Programme Portfolio ranges from top 5 in the world Master Degree to Vocational Courses. SCHOOL LEVEL UNDERGRADUATE POSTGRADUATE Boarding Schools Foundation Degrees Pre-Master Courses Access Programmes Higher National Professional Language Courses Certificates and Diplomas Qualifications Courses Postgraduate Certificate Summer Schools Professional and Diploma Courses Vocational Courses Qualifications Master Degree Bachelor Degree Programmes: MSc, MA Programmes and MBA Academic and Professional Doctorates PREMIER STUDY
    17. 17. 17 SPECIAL OFFERS MBA PG DIPLOMA ACCA+MBA HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ACCA – 3.5 years programme MBA – 1 year programme 12 month Study + 12 month Study + Total duration: 4.5 years 9 month Paid Placement 12 month Paid Placement Total fee for 4.5 years: £6,500 Total fee: £6,500 (5.5 Lakh) Total fee: £5,500 (5.5 Lakh) + FREE NEW iPAD MSc MSc DIPLOMA NURSING ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL CUISINE 9 month Study + 9 month Study + 9 month Study + 6 month Paid Placement 12 month Paid Placement 12 month Paid Placement Total fee: £6,500 (5.5 Lakh) Total fee: £6,500 (5.5 Lakh) Total fee: £4,500 (3.1 Lakh)