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  • Integral part of the agent desktop. Treats every social interaction just like other incidents for consistent management, routing, follow-up and reporting. Assesses sentiment through patented technology, so you can prioritize follow-up based on urgency.
  • All linked into the common contact record (ability to see community profile, reputation, activity, etc. in the contact record) and incident management (escalation), with integration points for knowledge base (being able to include community posts in answers).Related: Social knowledge base (knowledge collaboration) allows customers to contribute their thoughts/opinions/experiences to the official answers, as well as rate and subscribe to the discussion related to the answer.
  • Our newest addition – coming in November 2010. RightNow CX for Facebook brings the full power of RightNow CX to Facebook – web self-service & knowledge base (find answers), crowd-service (community discussions/peer-to-peer support, rating, ideation, moderation etc.) and agent-assisted service (ask a question directly, Cloud Monitor capabilities, etc.)
  • Key Messages:RightNow CX is built from the ground up with the customer at the center of the experienceRightNow CX is a modular, multi-channel customer experience solutionRightNow CX includes RightNow’s innovative self-learning knowledge foundation which infuses every customer interaction with relevant and consistent knowledge to provide the basis for a positive customer experienceDetailed Background Info:RightNow CX is a customer experience suite that includes a set of applications to address the three key customer experiences, ensuring a seamless experience, regardless of the number or type of interactions initiated. CX marks the shift from solutions that focus entirely on internal operational efficiencies to solutions that focus externally and deliver superior customer experiences that drive revenue and increase efficiencies. RightNow Web Experience applications seamlessly integrate into an existing web infrastructure for a fully branded online customer experience. When consumers visit a website they should be able to quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. The web experience must be interactive, engaging, and branded to create “stickiness.” Finally, a comprehensive web experience should allow a customer to seamlessly transition across web self-service, mobile devices, agent online and telephone assistance based on their needs. RightNow Social Experience applications integrate social media into an organization to promote its brand, address customer concerns and drive revenue. Increasingly, opinions are being formed and decisions being made about products and services without company involvement – on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook and in online communities. Companies need to have a presence on the social web, must engage with customers across social communities and must take advantage of the power of the social web (rather than being at its mercy). RightNow Contact Center Experience applications deliver superior customer experiences and efficiencies across phone and multi-channel interactions, including voice self-service. When a customer picks up the phone – either to speak with an agent, or interact through voice self-service – they must be able to quickly and efficiently achieve their goals. Agents need to be knowledgeable and IVR menus should be intuitive, even speech-driven. RightNow CX also includes RightNow Engage, a set of applications that delivers deep customer insights and enables proactive, relevant customer communications, which build loyalty and drive revenue across the horizontal business processes of sales, marketing and voice of the customer. These capabilities, which span web, social, and contact center experiences include:Marketing – for proactively engaging with your customers with personalized and relevant communicationsSales – for revenue generationVoice of the Customer – for gathering actionable feedback at every stage of the customer journeyAnalytics – for deep customer insights and actionable business intelligence  Underlying RightNow’s CX applications is the RightNow CX Cloud Platform, which provides a set of foundational elements that infuse knowledge (both from your customer and your company) across the entire suite and provide integration and mission-critical SaaS in support of a superior customer experience.  In-Person Experience – In-person experiences are a very important element for our many of our clients (retail, government, higher education, etc). Although face-to-face is not the focus of our technology, our strategy is to leverage RightNow CX to enhance those face-to-face experiences.
  • Idga right now social imperative

    1. 1. © RightNow Technologies, Inc.Creating a Superior SocialExperience to Enhance Employeeand Citizen EngagementNitin Badjatia, Director, Customer Experience Strategy,RightNowJohnna Strahle, Manager, Correspondence,Navy Federal Credit UnionOctober 20, 2010
    2. 2. © RightNow Technologies, Inc.The Social ImperativeNitin BadjatiaOctober 20, 2010
    3. 3. OutlineThree major trendsThe RightNow approachNavy Federal Credit Union’s successConclusionQ&A
    4. 4. Trend 1: The explosion of the social web
    5. 5. Facebook has 500 million members.3rd most populous “country”
    6. 6. 10% of all online minutes
    7. 7. >
    8. 8. Trend 1: The explosion of the social webThe opportunity
    9. 9. © 2009 RightNow Technologies, Inc.Syndicate social knowledge
    10. 10. Unify interactions
    11. 11. Trend 2: Fragmenting
    12. 12. Conversations are fragmented, across channels
    13. 13. Starts on twitter…
    14. 14. 15…moves to Facebook…
    15. 15. … and can spread everywhere
    16. 16. The opportunityTrend 2: Fragmenting
    17. 17. Detect relevance from ambient streams ofinteraction
    18. 18. the important conversations
    19. 19. Trend 3: Comingling of operationalprocesses
    20. 20. Constituent interactions are no longer linear
    21. 21. The opportunityTrend 3: Comingling of operationalprocesses
    23. 23. The RightNow approach
    24. 24. the important conversation
    25. 25. RightNow Cloud Monitor: Listen & RespondTwitter • YouTube • RSS •Facebook • CommunitySentiment DetectionUnlimited SearchIncident ManagementMultiple Channels
    26. 26. 27Build communities of interest
    27. 27. 28Super user
    28. 28. 29Enthusiast
    29. 29. RightNow Support CommunityGet help Ask questions LearnDiscuss
    30. 30. 31Innovation communitiestp://
    31. 31. 32Insight
    32. 32. 33Feedback
    33. 33. RightNow Innovation CommunitySubmit an ideaTest conceptsMake a request
    34. 34. RightNow CX for Facebook
    35. 35. RightNow CX for FacebookPropose an ideaFind answersAsk an agentNov2010Ask the communityMonitor, track,moderate, reportShareCollaborate
    36. 36. Social Supported by the Power of RightNow CXVoice ExperienceManagementMulti-ChannelAgent DesktopWeb Self-ServiceMobileChat and Co-BrowseEmail ManagementSupport CommunitiesInnovation CommunitiesCloud MonitoringCustomer FeedbackService Sales MarketingAnalyticsKnowledge FoundationApp BuilderMission Critical Operations
    37. 37. Navy Federal Credit Union
    38. 38. Serving Those WhoServe the Nation
    39. 39. About Navy Federal Not for Profit Financial Institution Over 3.5 million members $41 Billion in Assets More than 200 offices around theworld
    40. 40. Why Social Media• We serve where you serve• Build Member Relationship• Connect using Member’s PreferredChannel - Not Ours
    41. 41. Surprises from Monitoring Employee Posts Security Member reactions
    42. 42. Conclusion
    43. 43. (Social) Operational Processes Must…Stretch across controlled, hosted, and earnedenvironments… and mobile tooOperate seamlessly across channelsSwitch to and weave together with adjacentprocessesConnect to customer conversations andsocial behaviors (moments of truth)Be responsive, proactive, and nimble
    44. 44. Q&A
    45. 45. Thank you!